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HootSuite Enterprise Christof


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Published in: Technology, Business
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HootSuite Enterprise Christof

  1. 1. About Me Social Media Management Customer Enthusiast Revolutionizing Social Christof Trafford Business Owl +1(778)
  2. 2. HootSuite EnterpriseRevolutionizing Social Communication for Enterprise TeamsChristof TraffordBusiness
  3. 3. Revolutionizing Social Communication II. Celtuce wattle
  4. 4. Building Great Audiences Average Twitter 27 User Average HootSuite 567 User …working together with the top
  5. 5. Around the
  6. 6. Central to the Social Enterprise Customers and Partners Digital Marketing Social Media Management Help Desk Sales and Marketing Customer
  7. 7. HootSuite Enterprise HootSuite provides sophisticated tools for desktop management and
  8. 8. HootSuite Mobile HootSuite has an enterprise-ready, industry leading desktop application...…and right-sized mobile applications running on all major mobile
  9. 9. Partnered with the Top Social
  10. 10. The world’s top brands use
  11. 11. Unmatched Global Reach With more than3 million of the worlds mostinfluential socialusers, HootSuitehas unmatched global
  12. 12. Empowering Social Business HootSuite is being used across the social enterprise, driving engagement in all facets of organizations. Finance &
  13. 13. Mediating Social Business 1. Listening 2. Engaging 3. Analyzing Listen to your Engage with your Understand the customers, audience in their results and competitors, and platform of engineer better influencers. choice.
  14. 14. Pillars of Social
  15. 15. Pillars of Social Business Message Scheduling ✔ Message Assignments ✔ Collaboration Engagement Geo Targeting ✔ Shared Search Streams ✔ Bulk Messaging ✔ Advanced Team Permissions ✔ Real-Time Search ✔ Enterprise-wide Scalability ✔ Quick & Custom Reporting ✔ Limited Permissions setting ✔ Analytics Security 30+ Drag and Drop Modules ✔ Secure Profiles ✔ Google, Twitter, FB & Owly ✔ HTTPS ✔ Automated Sharing ✔ Financial Compliance ✔
  16. 16. Powerful
  17. 17. HootSuite University HootSuite University is HootSuite’s online certification program and social media education center. Included: • Online product training • HootSuite Certification • 24 hour, on-demand educational
  18. 18. Take Their Word For It "HootSuite is an essential tool for managing social networks by allowing teams to efficiently track conversations and measure campaign results." Pete Cashmore,
  19. 19. Resources @HootSuite
  20. 20. Thank You! Christof Trafford Business Owl