Online Advertising: Making the Most of Your Voice and Dollars


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Thinking about advertising on Facebook or AdWords? Learn what it costs and how to maintain your brand’s voice through the process.

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Online Advertising: Making the Most of Your Voice and Dollars

  1. 1. Want to start advertising on Facebook and Google AdWords,but not sure about the cost - or how to maintain your brandsimage? Treat this SlideShare as a quick how-to!OnlineAdvertising:Making the Most of Your Voice & Dollars
  2. 2. There are two types of Facbeook ads:• Ads that encourage users to ‘Like’ a Facebook page.• CPM/CPC ads that link to the advertiser’s website.Were going to focus on the second kind...AdvertisingonFacebook
  3. 3. $1 per day and up.Here’s how advertising works onFacebook: You determine a dailyor lifetime budget. That budgetallows you to pay the cost per1,000 impressions (CPM) and/orthe cost per click (CPC).The minimum cost per click is$0.01.AdvertisingonFacebookSo what’s it cost?Per Click and Up
  4. 4. Many of us have become totallydesensitized to Facebook ads.If you aren’t totally turned off bythe sea of voices on Facebook, youneed to make sure yours is strong –which, by the way, doesn’t meanyou’re trying to sell, sell, sell!Focus on building connectionswith people.AdvertisingonFacebookFinding your voice…
  5. 5. AdvertisingonFacebookThe Value of Facebook AdvertisingUltimately, only you can answer that question. Trial and erroris a part of just about any advertising campaign. Experimentwith Facebook advertising to see if it works for you.
  6. 6. Similar to Facebook, pricing forAdWords is all over the map.Your maximum CPC might bejust $0.20, depending on thekeyword.The downside, however, is thatas your advertisement becomesmore successful, Google willincrease the per-click cost.AdvertisinginAdWordsWhat does it cost?Success ofcampaignorkeywordsCost per Click$$$$$
  7. 7. Voice’ isn’t as important onAdWords as it is on Facebook andother social networks.However, you still want to be surethat your company’s personalitycomes through in the advertisement.Be sure to check out our tutorialSlideshare on how to write a greatPPC ad before you get started.AdvertisinginAdWordsFinding your Voice
  8. 8. Again, you’ll find out through trial and error.Google is always offering coupons of some sort to entice businessowners to sign up.Currently, they have a coupon for $75 of additional advertising whenyou spend $25.AdvertisinginAdWordsThe Value ofAdWords Advertising
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