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Decision-making for Software Development Teams - Commit University

  1. Decision-making for Software Development Teams Francesco Strazzullo – COO @ Claranet Italy
  2. Hi! Francesco Strazzullo COO @ Claranet Italy Contact me on LinkedIn
  3. Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Milan, Rome, Turin so wherever you want! We are hiring! → We remote working
  4. Disclaimer
  5. Start With Why
  6. Start With Why
  7. Start With Why How many decisions do you make in a day?
  8. Start With Why "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."
  9. Start With Why Do you ever practice decision-making as a developer?
  10. Start With Why
  11. A Decision-making process Let's focus on Critical Technological decisions
  12. A Decision-making process
  13. A Decision-making process Adapt it to your organization needs
  14. A Decision-making process Make it visual
  15. A Decision-making process
  16. Involve the Right People
  17. Involve the Right People
  18. Involve the Right People
  19. A Decision-making process The impact of your decision should let you understand whom to involve
  20. Involve the Right People
  21. A Decision-making process
  22. Gather Data What kind of data do you need?
  23. A Decision-making process
  24. Gather Data Do you know the "Reason Why" of the product that you're building?
  25. Gather Data
  26. Gather Data
  27. Gather Data
  28. Gather Data
  29. Gather Data In Explore phase 90% of companies fail
  30. Gather Data
  31. Gather Data UX Research
  32. A Decision-making process
  33. Choose NFRs What is a Non-functional requirement?
  34. Choose NFRs "a non-functional requirement (NFR) is a requirement that specifies criteria that can be used to judge the operation of a system, rather than specific behaviours."
  35. Choose NFRs What a software should do VS How a software should be
  36. Choose NFRs
  37. Choose NFRs
  38. Choose NFRs
  39. Choose NFRs
  40. Choose NFRs
  41. Choose NFRs
  42. Choose NFRs Define an Ubiquitous Language
  43. Choose NFRs
  44. A Decision-making process
  45. Compare Solutions
  46. Compare Solutions
  47. Collaborative Decision-Making
  48. Collaborative Decision-Making
  49. Collaborative Decision-Making
  50. Collaborative Decision-Making
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