Coach Approach to Leadership - Conversations for Success


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Defining coaching for leaders, and a guide to coaching conversations for successful leadership using a 'coach approach' what, why and how of coaching for leaders

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  • So often goals are not aligned and people don’t know the what and why of the vision and strategySo often we set up conflicts between individuals and teamsWe need creativity to develop new approaches and move forwardSuspicion and hidden agendas are destructiveTraining has a ‘lag’ coaching is immediate in figuring out new ways forwardChallenging the status quo and established ways of doing things is healthy
  • Coach Approach to Leadership - Conversations for Success

    1. 1. Coach Approach to Leadership<br />What’s Coaching?<br />A Definition:<br />Coaching is a deliberate process using focused conversations to create an environment for individual growth, purposeful action and sustained improvement<br />
    2. 2. Why Coaching?<br />Benefits and Effects<br />Goal orientated – so we all know where we are going and why!<br /> Facilitates collaboration – so we can work together effectively<br /> Encourages creative thinking – for tough times and tough targets<br /> Develops trust, openness and honesty – so we all understand <br /> Promotes ‘just in time’ learning – and doesn’t rely on ‘training’<br /> Challenges positively – so we can co-create our future<br /> Delivers results through people – there’s no other way!<br /> Motivates individuals, teams and organisations to succeed <br />
    3. 3. Coaching Environment<br />Developing Trust<br />If our intentions are positive we will create a positive environment<br />Positive<br />Intention<br />We need sufficient, appropriate relationships with our people for trust to develop<br />TRUST<br />Words<br />And<br />Deeds<br />What we do must<br />match what we say<br />Relationship<br />Jan van der Hoop<br />1-4<br />
    4. 4. Coach Approach to LeadershipBehaviours that work!<br /><ul><li>Empowering others
    5. 5. Focus on People AND Task
    6. 6. Generates ideas and solutions
    7. 7. Motivates and fulfills
    8. 8. Creates sustainable performance
    9. 9. Use on customers and partners too</li></ul>Coaching<br /> Celebrate success<br /> Challenge old thinking<br /> Monitor performance<br /> Provide feedback<br /> Provide continuous support<br /> Remove the barriers to success<br /> Provide opportunities for development <br /> Show a commitment to high standards<br />Be clear about the organisation’s mission and purpose<br /> Listen to people’s ideas and opinions<br />Give encouragement, recognition and praise<br /> Create an environment of trust<br />Provide resources to do the work<br />Be very clear on your expectations of others<br />Managing<br />1-3<br />
    10. 10. Coach Approach to LeadershipFlexibility of behaviours<br />Be Flexible<br />Operate according to the needs of the “person and situation” <br />Less directive, more inclusive<br />Less telling, more questions<br />More directive<br />More telling<br />Fewer questions<br />Based on Daniel Goleman,<br />Using Emotional Intelligence<br />
    11. 11. Coach Approach to LeadershipFundamental skills<br /><ul><li>Listen beyond the words
    12. 12. to the needs, wants and motivations of your people
    13. 13. Use powerful questions
    14. 14. to engage thinking, and generate ideas
    15. 15. Choose appropriate style
    16. 16. according to the needs of different situations</li></li></ul><li>Coach Approach to Leadership - Conversations for SuccessQuestions / Approaches that bring the GROW model to life!<br />Will<br />Goal<br />Get focused!<br />Whose agenda is it?<br />What’s the outcome<br />Why is that important?<br />What are our measures of success?<br />What’s the plan of action?<br />What’s success look like?<br />What are the milestones?<br />What support do you need?<br />What’s your commitment?<br />Reality<br />Options<br />What ideas do you have?<br />What’s possible?<br />What’s the potential?<br />What are the real choices?<br />What are the implications?<br />What might get in the way?<br />What’s going on?<br />Who’s involved?<br />What’s the history?<br />What’s the current situation?<br />What’s happened so far / already?<br />What’s the GAP related to the goal?<br />Outcome, Gap, Clarity, Agreement, Action, Commitment<br />
    17. 17. Coach Approach to LeadershipSustaining Progress and Success <br /><ul><li>Commit to regular, focused time with your people
    18. 18. Use your own coaching to discover and create appropriate actions
    19. 19. Be curious – use questions effectively
    20. 20. Challenge people positively
    21. 21. Move to action always
    22. 22. Be aware of your intention in all things, and at all times
    23. 23. Encourage, praise, reward
    24. 24. Be a role model
    25. 25. Learn, share and implement</li></li></ul><li>Coach Approach to LeadershipSummary<br />