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Coaching Skills: GROW Model Questioning


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Without Questions, there is no Coaching.

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Coaching Skills: GROW Model Questioning

  1. 1. CoachingSkills:Questioning ofGROW ModelBy Sirirat Siriwan,Results Certified Coach,NeuroLeadership Group,
  2. 2. PossibilitiesQuestionsUnderstanding
  3. 3. 2 Types of Questions Problem-focused Solution-focused
  4. 4. Problem-Focused Questions What happened? Who is responsible for this? Why this happened? Who did this? What are your obstacles?
  5. 5. Solution-Focused Questions What would you like to see? How do you feel about it? What do you learn from this? How can we move on from this? What would be the options? What will you do as the first step?
  6. 6. Coaching by Questions To understand situation To explore options To identify actions
  7. 7. Coaching is not‘Consulting’.For Coaching, to dig in the problemmay be interestingbut may not be useful.
  8. 8. A Good Coach can ask Solution-focused questions to createunderstanding of current realities
  9. 9. Do you Remember?Many people said ‘change yourthinking, change your life.’That’s correct.
  10. 10. Coaching is the process andcommunication skill to help peopledevelop their ways of thinking.
  11. 11. So, what are the questionscoach should ask to developpeople thinking?
  12. 12. GROW Model Questions
  13. 13. G-’Goal’ Questions What do you want to achieve? What is your desired outcome? What would you like to see in thenext 6 months?
  14. 14. R-’Realities’ Questions Where are you now? How far is it to achieve your goal? What do you think about this? What is your motivation to achievethat? What are the impacts of thissituation?
  15. 15. O-’Options’ Questions What are the possible options tohelp you move forward? What is your plan? How can you make your visioncomes to reality?
  16. 16. W-’Will’ Questions What will be your first step? How will you do it? When will you start? What kinds of resource do youneed?
  17. 17. Sirirat SiriwanTrainer and CertifiedCoachTrainer of Leadership, Coaching,Presentations Skills Results Certified Coach,NeuroLeadership Group, Member of International CoachFederation (ICF) Leadership Team of ThailandCoaching Institute
  18. 18. Sirirat SiriwanTrainer and CertifiedCoachContact Coach Sirirat SiriwanBe Winning ConsultantCo.,Ltd.Tel. 66 2 438