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  1. 1. MA DR ID B y : G e m a Wy c k o ff
  2. 2. Madrid in central Spain  Madrid is a very dynamic city.  Se llaman madrileños.
  3. 3. Democratic Government with a King  The king of Madrid is King Juan Carlos de Bordon.  He’s pictured to the left, kissing the pope.
  4. 4. La Plaza Mayor  This building is the original building built in XVII.  It contains nine arches.  It was used as a bullring.  In the Inquisitión it was a place of execution.
  5. 5. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza
  6. 6. Don Quixote el libro de Miguel Cervantes
  7. 7. The Prado Museum
  8. 8. Food in Madrid
  9. 9. Little Madrid