D I Y Training - 101 HRD - Management - Development - Panning - Getting Started


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Making a change means learning something new. Being unprepared or untrained means doing something new. Make a start and do it now.

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D I Y Training - 101 HRD - Management - Development - Panning - Getting Started

  1. 1. Effort Attitude Work Energy This Training Program is designed for the development of common ‘Goals’.If followed, this program will ensure that continuity, will direction, targets, goals and objectives will produce results that can be duplicated.
  2. 2. Train yourself D I Y - 101 Training For The Unprepared The Under Achiever The UnTrainedThe Person Planning for change
  3. 3. Three Steps To Change
  4. 4. Step One
  5. 5. Step Two No One Likes Change BUTIf you keep on doing what you arealready doing...you will continue to be what you already are.
  6. 6. The Bread & Butter
  7. 7. FirstIf you are reading this and have decided to ‘Train’ yourself, then this could be the firstof many mistakes or the last of a series of big mistakes. Either way training yourself requires an exceptional discipline and ‘sad’ to say, not many people have it or can even begin to understand it.
  8. 8. To begin with need to set a single minded objective and that objective must be to get better and be better at what ever do or are doing.Deciding what steps to take is generally considered the most dificult and hardest step to take....because it is really easy to become a successful failure. Important Reminder If you keep on doing what you are already doing...you will continue to be what you already are.
  9. 9. Time is relative....busy people are always busy and people that look busy are busy looking busy. Simply decide what is important to the task ahead and what is not.Then make a short list putting things in the order of importance to you.
  10. 10. Undrerstanding Understanding is the KEY to developing yourself. What you read and how you put pen to paper will determine the results you achieve.What is right for one person is not necessarily going to be right for another and what is right for me…may not be right for you.
  11. 11. Personal CircumstancesYour situation, family or no family, job or no job, wife or no wife, relatioinship or no relationship. The way you eat, drink and sleep. The habits you have whether for enjoyment or otherwise will determine how successful you will be. Success is not a chance...it is determined by the choices you make and the opportunities you have to action the choices you make.
  12. 12. Step Three Give 100 percent effort...100 percent of the time you allocate for each training session This is important because you will only get out of the program...whatever you put in
  13. 13. 100% Effort Does Not Mean
  14. 14. What You Need To Get Started A Pen A Note PadA Specific Amount Of Time Each Day
  15. 15. Concentration Concentration is the full application of the mind andbody to a particular endeavourwith the complete exclusion of anything not relevant to that endeavour.
  16. 16. Concentration within this program Means.....Identify your Objective.Understand what your Goal is.Decide what it will take to achieve what you expectThen Focus on Meeting that Expectation
  17. 17. Let Us BeginDecide what you want...... ......Then write it down Look at it every day...... Note: Always keep your notes!