Train yourself part 6


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Making a change means learning something new. Being unprepared or untrained means doing something new. Make a start and do mit now.

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Train yourself part 6

  1. 1. The Hard Part!‘Preparing the Prospecting Plan’ Means - Finding people to sell to
  2. 2. And one to get you started . . . A Four-Week Prospecting CampaignWEEK ONE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridaySelect 5 people Go through your Check around Spend an hour Whom do youwho said they files. Pick 5 and build up a this morning know that is “onwanted to think clients who have the road” most of list of young compiling a list ofover a previous purchased any the week? Are people who prospects not there executives,proposal and product from you secured their first contracted before. you know who arewould let you and see them today about job this year. Call them today – back in town forknow when they Pick promising pleasant surprises the weekend? This Clubwww1. Ifare ready to buy. younger clients may develop. may be the only they are time you can reachNaturally, they who may interested, them. Send a letterdidn’t let you encourage them someday become to 5 clients todayknow – so why to put aside every thing you and illustrate thenot call on each enough time to expect. advantages of theof them today see you. Clubwww1.about Cubwww1
  3. 3. And one to get you started . . . A Four-Week Prospecting CampaignWEEK TWO Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayMake a list of Contact friends in Make a list of Been so busy Have you called oneveryone you met business about parents you know recently that your orphan clientsthis past week.. recently? orphans developing a who are generally you’ve neglectedWhat stores and are buyers whoshops did you stop corporate nest. at home most of other business have kept theirin? Who were the Get from them the the day. Talk to people and products orsalespeople who names of them about professionals right policies in force. Itwaited on you? individuals Clubwww1 and its around your own follows thatWere they shop recently promoted; programs for home and office additional salesowners or store you make with also, try to secure a children – they will location? Spendmanagers? Run them have a goodinto any old company phone appreciate the today checking chance to persist.acquaintances over directory and get advantage of better them for possible Don’t neglect yourthe week who may on the mailing list informed choices involvement with orphans – they maywish to be for company for their children. Clubwww1. be ready to buy.involved in the programs.Clubwww1
  4. 4. And one to get you started . . . A Four-Week Prospecting CampaignWEEK THREE Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridaySelect three or Go back through Everyone dreams “I know a Referred leads arefour of your best the records and about a fruitful prospect but he quality leads.friends and ask pick out five of retirement, but few (or she) is such Build up yourthem for referred the almost-sold people actually take an obnoxious inventory to 50 time to planleads. Ask them prospects and give individual, I’ve names today by financially forabout newlyweds, them another retirement. Whom put off making the calling on centers,newcomers to chance to meet do you know who call.” However, friends, andtown, and couples you. This might be will retire within this family needs policy owners.expecting their just the day when the next 20 to 25 Clubwww1 as See the really “hotfirst child. Call the extra effort will years? Call on much as yours tips” today.on these leads make it a them today and does. Grit yourtoday. Clubwww1 day. offer them a review teeth and call of their future today. needs.
  5. 5. And one to get you started . . . A Four-Week Prospecting CampaignWEEK FOUR Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayDo you know that Get the names of How long has it Review files of What new ideain the past two been since you’ve at least five new addressed a club or programmed used these pastyears only 1 out homeowners and group. This is an clients to call back weeks provedof 4 people in the contact them excellent on. What is your most productive?over-40 age group opportunity to build about clubwww1. next objective to Try it again todayhas been asked to prestige. Develop abuy insurance? real door-opener to be covered as and see whether it future Clubwww1 outlined in your will produce evenChances are clients Meanwhile, business plan. better business.the over-40’s how long has it beenexpenditures for since you’ve donefurnishing a home any cold-canvassare completed: selling or searchedincome is near its for new business? Pick out a definitepeak – but still area today.there are needs forclubwww1
  6. 6. The key to effectivePROSPECTING is theability and willingness to ask enough of the right questions.
  7. 7. The key to successful CLOSING iseffective prospecting.
  8. 8. RememberThe easiest person to sell to... IS The person who can not afford it!