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Leading Digital Marketing Companies in Australia Are Taking Viable Steps to Increase Online Sales


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The leading digital marketing company in Australia, Oracle Digital, declares its intention to provide existing and prospective clients with the most feasible internet marketing tools to increase online sales.

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Leading Digital Marketing Companies in Australia Are Taking Viable Steps to Increase Online Sales

  1. 1. Leading Digital MarketingCompanies in Australia Are Taking Viable Steps to Increase Online Sales©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. The leading digital marketing company in Australia, OracleDigital, declares its intention to provide existing and prospectiveclients with the most feasible internet marketing tools toincrease online sales.Oracle Digital, an expert SEO company in Perth, has explained how using the internet canhelp a company gain more profits through the use of marketing tactics and proceduresthat do not only limit expenses, but also ensure a high return of investment (ROI). This isin consonance with statistics showing that going online has been found to bring morebusiness opportunities and generate more sales in the long run.Just recently though, one of the biggest companies in Australia, Myer, announced itsintention to close some of its stores and reduce its floor space in order to focus more ongaining online sales commensurate to 10% of the company’s total revenue. Thiscommitment to improve its online sales is reflected by its plan to build its own distributioncentre in Victoria - once it reaches its sales expectations accordingly.Bernie Brookes, the Chief Executive Officer of Myer, stated in a press briefing that thecompany expects online sales to reach around $4 billion by the year 2015 – which meansthat the waiting time before the building of its $10 million distribution centre may be evenshorter.Brookes further stated that among the company’s plans is to enhance its sales-per-squaremeter, the optimisation of its numerous online stores – all for the purpose of boosting theopportunities and business transactions that the virtual world brings.In another press briefing, the CEO said that part of their marketing plans for the currentyear is to focus on Christmas shoppers. This is why the company has been offeringdifferent early discounts and promos for the most popular gift items and options for thewell-celebrated occasion.Brookes further explained, "What we look at firstly is toys, and they are up on last year,we then look at Christmas trim, we then look at cosmetic gift packs and fragrance packs,hampers and all of those are up from a couple of percent to double-digit growth" .With this new trend of businesses going online – it can be gleaned that using the WorldWide Web is a primordial business step that every business must take, in order to gainmore profits for the business.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. Clint Maher, the Head of Operations for Oracle Digital, could not agree more. He hasstressed that, “Taking advantage of the internet is essential in order to be in line with thecurrent trend and latest technical and marketing advancements. Today, most prospectivecustomers use the internet for their purchase preferences, either in search for the best giftoptions, restaurants, travel agencies and even spas. This is why businesses shouldseriously consider utilising it. Besides, with internet marketing, costs are considerablyless, and have a bigger potential for obtaining substantial profit for your business.”Business experts believe that in order to ensure that a business is able to reach its fullpotential through internet marketing - there is a need to make use not only of the mostefficient SEO tactics and marketing procedures, but also of the most ethical processes aswell.Oracle Digital is known for having the most helpful and ethical on-page and off-page SEOprocedures, social media marketing tactics and other internet marketing tools that havebeen specifically designed to help businesses, whether big or small, to succeed in theircampaigns.If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Perth’s internet marketingcompany, Oracle Digital. You can call them at 1300 899 851. Better yet, visit their siteat©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3