3 Red Hot Trends in Online Marketing for 2012 - Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge


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I think it is fair to say that we (business community) are all slowly starting slip away into the festive spirit. So instead of beating away on the usual drum, we thought we might take some time out to share with you some of the hardcore tools and trends that will rock your online marketing in 2012.

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3 Red Hot Trends in Online Marketing for 2012 - Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge

  1. 1. 3 Red Hot Trends in Online Marketing for 2012 - Keep Your Business on the Cutting Edge©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. I think it is fair to say that we(business community) are allslowly starting slip away intothe festive spirit. So insteadof beating away on the usualdrum, we thought we mighttake some time out to sharewith you some of thehardcore tools and trendsthat will rock your onlinemarketing in 2012.After our weekly mastermind session we have compiled three, hot ticket items thatyou should be using in your online marketing for 2012;1. Mobile Marketing – Google’s Click to Call Phone ExtensionsIt is estimated that over 46% of online Australians now own a mobile smart phonedevice. These figures being quoted in July 2011, I dare say that by the year end itwill be over 50%.Google being the world class innovators they are, have recently released anawesome new inclusion to their paid advertising model called click to call phoneextensions. This cutting edge new product is available now in Australia and is onlydisplayed on mobile devices.Instead of offering a traditional website link to click on when your ad is shown tothe user they are now offering a clickable phone number to call your business. WithClick to Call Phone Extensions, you get charged from Google when somebodycalls your business. Someone who is searching for your products or services froma smart phone device is most likely seeking an instant contact with your business.How powerful could this be for your business?Hot Tip: If you are not already considering mobile marketing for yourbusiness then we suggest you get serious about exploring this emergingoption in 2012.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. 2. Website Live Chat – The technology has AdvancedLive chat technology has been pottering around the internet for quite some timenow. Most of you would be familiar with it being used predominantly by largercorporations to offer their customers some kind of live, interactive support via theweb and to cut down on their call centre staff. Well let’s just say that times havechanged.The technology running behind the scenes with live chat has turned into an onlinemarketing masterpiece. The following features are now available when using someof the better providers of live chat software like live chat inc; Tracks every visitor entering and leaving your website in real time. Pro-actively initiate chat with a visitor or react to a visitors request to chat Information given about every visitor – Their location, referral source, time on page/s and keyword/s entered to find your website, plus more.Can you imagine how powerful this data could be for increasing your website salesconversions?Targeted selling opportunities to every visitor to your website all while offering afantastic customer experience with live chat.Hot Tip: Do not be over excited and initiate a chat with a visitor too earlyduring their visit to your website. Wait until their time on page has reached acertain level before initiating a chat. A helpful offering of advice could quicklybe seen as a spamming sales approach if they are not given the time toconnect with your products or services beforehand.3. Pre-Emptive Reputation Management – Be Proactive not ReactiveFor all successful business owners, careful planning across all facets is the key tolong lasting success of your business. Managing your online reputation should beconsidered a vital part of your online marketing and broader marketing planrespectively. You might be surprised at the amount of business owners who do nothave control over the first page rankings in Google and other search engines whensomebody types in their brand name. Can you remember the last time a©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. disgruntled customer called or visited your business with a complaint? Or maybeyou can recall hearing about a business that has come under recent scrutiny in themedia?These two examples both represent serious opportunity for online news sources ortechnology savvy customers to encroach on your online brand. This largelyunknown service called search engine reputation management is saving the necksof many business owners who are proactively working towards protecting theironline brand. This service is seriously more affordable when sought in a proactivemanner rather than a reactive manner.Hot Tip: If you wait until the bad man bites, your overall sales and marketingconversion will suffer. Particularly more important if you have a large offlinemarketing budget that is driving your customers online to search for yourbrand!We hope to have enlightened you all with some serious opportunities to move youronline marketing in an upward trend during 2012. If you need some advice on anyof the items listed above or general expert opinions concerning the onlinemarketing for your business then pick up your smart phone and call us now.We are available weekdays during business hours on 1300 899 851 or follow thelinks to our contact form on the website.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4