Seattle scalability meetup intro


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Seattle scalability meetup intro

  1. 1. Seattle Scalability and Distributed Systems Meetup February 27, 2013Braintree + Cloudant
  2. 2. Program• Main session(s)• Community announcements• After-beer• Hashtag #seascale
  3. 3. Braintree: Rails high availability.Braintree is a payment gateway, so downtime directly costsboth us and our merchants money. Therefore, highavailability is extremely important at Braintree. This talk willcover how we do HA at Braintree on our Ruby on Railsapplication.Paul Gross, Braintree@pgr0ss
  4. 4. Cloudant: Scaling provides a globally distributed, documentdatabase-as-a-service that scales from megabytes to petabytes.The most recent t addition is geospatial indexing and queryfunctionality. Ill provide a description of the productmotivation, the technical challenges faced, and theimplementation choices that we made to ensure scalability ofcomplex queries across an arbitrarily large collection of nodes ina shared-nothing architecture.Mike Miller, Chief Scientist, Cloudant@mlmilleratmit
  5. 5. Enjoy a pint on eSage Group!@Sonyas on 1st Ave. WE SPEAK MARKET-ESE! WE BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN IT AND MARKETING (AND WE BUY BEER!) eSage Group helps you extract business value from BIG, small and in-between data in incredibly short time frames. We are hiring too! ☺ Connected Intelligence. Powerful Insights .
  6. 6. After-beer @ Sonyas 1919 1st Ave
  7. 7. Idea for a talk? In general, were looking for a deep technical talk with implementation details about a big system thats production-grade :)