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  • according to mythology it wasn't narada who changed the course of life of valmiki.. it was the saptha rushulu(seven saints). once they were crossing the forest on there way of visiting holy places on the Earth. ratnakar was hiding behind a tree, waiting for his chance to rob travelers. he saw seven saints and attacked them. the seven saints told him that they have no gold or money or any earthily treasure but they have a grater treasure with them-knowledge. they said stealing from others is not a good idea and told to change his course.. and to pray to god to forgive him for all the ill he did. he said as he is illeterate he doesnt know how to pray so they said to him to meditate by saying'MARA'. actually Ma Ra if inverted is RA MA.i.e RAMA.. so when he started to say continuously 'mara'like maramaramara u can do it urself. within few seconds u will observe that instead of saying MARA as u started u r saying RAMA.. so he prayed for a lnog time.. till that time an ant hill was built upon his immovable body.. when the seven sages were returning back from their journey they heard the name RAMA and went to the ant hill and called ratnakar as VALMIKI.. and blessed him that u will b a rushi from now. so once when rushi valmiki was having morning bath he saw two krounch birds being intimately and caring each other. he was enjoying there affection when all of a sudden male bird was hit by an arrow and fell down. the female bird flew down and was crying and trying to lift the male bird and was circling around him and suddenly fell to ground - died beside her partner. seeing this scene valmiki got angry on the hunter and in the angry he told the hunter that he will feel the same feeling of losing some one dear to him. he said this in sanskrit( it started with word ma nishadh...). he was stunned by himself after saying the words.. as he was an illiterate. Suddenly narada appeared before him and told that goddess saraswathi had given her blessings to him due to which he said those word unknowingly. valmiki was so happy to hear that and he inquired naradha that is there any noble man on earth with all goodness. naradha said ' indeed , yes he is lord rama.' and told valmiki to write ramayana {rama+ayana=rama+story).
    and u missed on telling few points your ppt will be good with few more imp points. now its looking like its incomplete.
    if u like to know and make changes then here are the few points:
    1. whats sita's importance
    2.how did rama win the affection of sita.
    3. why rama went to forest when he was to be a king
    4. who the she demon was who tried to seduce rama
    5.why did ravana planned to take revange on rama
    6. why did demons pretended to be deer ?
    7. why did rama took help or monkeys
    8. how did they returned to kingdom? (what happened to ravana and sita. the war was very important in ramayana and u missed mentioning it)
    9. slideshow no. 23 and 24 are some what incorrect.. please try to know the real reason of why he sent sita away ...
    if u want i can help u..
    you can contact me on my id sandyv1276@gmail.com
    may be u were missing few important parts but your work is great... just try to improve it...
    thank you :)
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  2. 2. Who is Valmiki?  He is the greatest poet or the Poet of Poets in India.
  3. 3. He was born along the banks of the Ganges in ancient India to a sage by the name of Prachetasa. His birth name was Ratnakara. Author of RAMAYANA, the very first poem in the Sanskrit
  4. 4. He apparently got lost in the jungles as a child and was found by a hunter who raised him as his own son. When he grew up he became a hunter like his foster father but also took to being a bandit to supplement his livelihood. Once it so happened he met the Maharishi Narada and tried to
  5. 5. He narrated the story of Rama to him and asked him to write it down for posterity. Ratnakara did penance for many years and an ant-hill grew around him. Hence his new name 'Valmika' which in Sanskrit means an ant-hill. He came out of the anthill and penned the great epic.
  6. 6. RAMAYANA
  7. 7. Characters:  Dasaratha – the king of Ayodha; He has three queens, Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumit ra; and had 4 sons, Rama, Bharata, Lakshmana a nd Shatrughna.
  8. 8. Rama – incarnation of the God Vishnu; he is the favorite son of Dasaratha to Kausalya Bharata – son of Dasaratha and Kaikeyi Lakshmana & Shatrughna – sons of Dasaratha and Sumitra
  9. 9. Sita – wife of Rama Ravana – king of Lanka; ruler of the demons Indrajit – Ravana’s son Hanuman – a devoted follower of Sugriva who is the king of the monkey army; he helped Rama to find Sita
  10. 10. King Dasaratha
  11. 11. Kausalya, Kaikeyi, Sumitra
  12. 12. RAMA
  13. 13. Sita chooses Rama to be her husband by putting a garland around his neck.
  14. 14. Dasaratha realizes that he is growing old and he must pass his crown to Rama.
  15. 15. A wicked maiden talked to Kaikeyi and told her if Rama will be the King, she will lose her control to the whole kingdom.
  16. 16. Kaikeyi ask Dasaratha to make her son, Bharata the king instead of Rama.
  17. 17. Kayeiki told Rama the King’s decree.
  18. 18. One day, a she-demon tried to seduce them.
  19. 19. Ravana planned a revenge against Rama.
  20. 20. One of the demons pretended to be a deer. Sita asked Rama to get it for her.
  21. 21. They asked help from the monkey army.
  22. 22. They returned to the kingdom of Ayodhya.
  23. 23. King Rama heard that his wife, Sita has been impure when she was held as a hostage by Ravana.
  24. 24. •He talked to his brother and commanded him to send his wife to the forest and leave her there.
  25. 25. •Sita gave birth to her twins. An old man in the forest let her stay into his house and taught her twins the song “RAMAYANA”
  26. 26. •A feast was held in the Kingdom and everyone was invited. The twins went to join the festival and sing the song.
  27. 27. •The King heard the song and declared that the twins are his sons.
  28. 28. THE END
  29. 29. Powerpoint by: Francinne Gacilo