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Service Design 2012


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Service Design 2012

  1. 1. • the interaction designprogramme 2012 •• service design course august 2012reconnect our cars •
  2. 2. introduction to the service design course • faculty: Chris downs, alix gillet-kirt, rory hamilton, john lynch Service design is a hot topic in the design world and there seems to be a growing tendency for people to talk (a lot) about what it is. At CIID we want to develop new thinking and opinions about service design, and to be a place where this thinking becomes tangible - doing not just talking. student projects • veer • Momo MIYAZAKI, Andrew stock, KENNETH ALEKSANDER ROBERTSEN Thought Drop • Sara Krugman, Ruben van der Vleuten, Zubin Pastakia This 4-week course has explored the design we are designing. It takes the skills, methods Transit Therapy • of services. It is important to remember and processes of interaction design off Martin Malthe Borch, Antoni Kaniowski, Katie Kindinger that service design is not a discipline, nor the screen, out of devices and places them is it formulated. in the physical world. Tripkit • Razan sadeq, HIDEAKI MATSUI, KAT ZORINA It is the process of designing a service in In designing services the designer must the same way product design is the design consider a wider group of contributors, CarSense • of a product. In these days, where many of providers and users (stakeholders), and Kostantinos Frantzis, Umesh Janardhanan, Andrew Nip the products we design are digital and in- their experience over a longer period of tangible, the distinction between a prod- time. In any service concept the orches- DropCar • uct and service are becoming increasingly tration of many artefacts (touchpoints) MANAS KARAMBELKAR, MARKUS SCHMEIDUCH, ANDREW SPITZ blurred and a purely semantic exercise. on multiple channels is crucial. CarConnect • What is important, however, is that design- ANA CATHARINA MARQUES, Inbal Lieblich, rohit SHARMA ing services widens the context in which 5
  3. 3. Rapid prototyping in context veeer • Momo MIYAZAKI, Andrew stock, KENNETH ALEKSANDER ROBERTSEN Veeer encourages spontaneity on road trips by revealing adventures along the way. “Veeers” are accessible through the mobile app, one of the touchpoints of the service Evidence illustration6 7
  4. 4. Thought Drop • Iterative prototypes Sara Krugman, Ruben van der Vleuten and Zubin Pastakia An in-car communication service that enables drivers to drop off and pick up location-based messages. One of the touchpoints of the service8 9
  5. 5. Transit Therapy • Evidence illustration Martin Malthe Borch, Antoni Kaniowski, Katie Kindinger Utilising the commute as an opportunity to bring together therapists and people seeking therapy in a brand new way; embracing the car as a platform for tranquility and reflection. Adding another layer to Volvo’s 5-points safety guidelines User research10 11
  6. 6. At the heart of the service... Tripkit • Razan sadeq, HIDEAKI MATSUI, KAT ZORINA TripKit is a service that helps you organise and enjoy road trips with friends and friends of friends. It provides a complete array of tools that allows for planning the trip, organising the needs, and en route navigation and communication. ...the roadtrip experience Building prototypes, both physical and screen-based12 13
  7. 7. CarSense • Iterative experience prototyping Kostantinos Frantzis, Umesh Janardhanan, Andrew Nip A service layer for existing car sharing services that helps improve fuel efficiency through changes in driving behaviour. When target efficiencies for the driver are met, they benefit from a decreased rate for taking out the car. For the car sharing service, the improved fuel efficiency has the added benefit of better care of the cars, potentially minimizing the maintenance costs of the vehicle fleet. Testing the social aspect of behaviour change14 15
  8. 8. DropCar • Building prototypes – both tangible and screen-based MANAS KARAMBELKAR, MARKUS SCHMEIDUCH, ANDREW SPITZ DropCar is a co-leasing service that allows you to share the downtime of your car with public services while you are at work. Making the experience tangible – the DropCar welcome pack16 17
  9. 9. CAR CONNECT® In-context prototyping HOME | PROFILE | LOGOUT new service available for volvo S60 LIFE IN YOUR CAR MAPPED OVERTIME CarConnect • CAPTURE DATA AND RECORD YOUR MEMORIES ANA CATHARINA MARQUES, Inbal Lieblich, rohit SHARMA Life in your car mapped overtime. Capture data and record your memories. WEBSITE/DEALER SHOP LOG IN CAR DATA PRE-REPORT DASHBOARD INTERFACE SIGN UP WEBSITE Graphic user interface User testing Building on two existing fetures in v60 PORTABLE NAVIGATION SYSTEM (ULTRA-THIN) PARK ASSIST CAMERA, FRONT BLIND VIEW18 How it works 19 While driving, you and your car capture memories, experiences, and technical
  10. 10. ciid would like to thank volvo HMI & Infotainment Attribute Center in copenhagen and volvo sales department in nærum for their support throughout the course: claus christensen, anna k. olesen, christian hedegaard, Jesper Nolhage, Joakim Christoffersson, Chris Adam... © 2012 Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Toldbodgade 37B DK - 1253 Copenhagen K Denmark http://ciid.dk20