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Question 3

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Question 3

  1. 1. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback? By Aaron McGreevy
  2. 2. Q1. What genre of music do you normally listen to ? From this Question I got a general idea of the genre that the participant listened to this would help me as if they listened to Classical or Rock they might not be familiar to the Rap genre or know the generic conventions. Most of the people that took it however listened to either rap or similar genres such as R&B or Hip Hop which in some case have some similar conventions. However my secondary audience that I asked listened to different genres such as Pop, Drum and Bass and even Reggae, which are completely different to Rap. The reason I choose this question is if I found the genre that they listen to then they are more likely to understand the conventions and know what I could improve or what worked well as they would of seen many videos of the same genre.
  3. 3. Q2. After watching my video what genre would you say it fits and why ? 100% of my Primary Audience knew that the Genre of my music video was Rap the reason for this was probably due to the costume and performance of the artist. When my Secondary answered this question they more or less got it however some said it was Hip Hop and others said it was Grime which is a hybrid or Rap. But all my audience got the idea which suggest that my video follows conventions which is good. Also tells me that there was nothing included which was not generic so when I was doing my research and planning it was accurate such as my audience expectations. This is an important question as if they can accurately know what the genre is then it lets me know that I need to add more conventions e.g. more jewellery or girls.
  4. 4. Q3.What age would you say it appeals to most and why? When my audience was asked what age it appeals to most the majority of both my Primary and Secondary said the 18-25 range the reason they said it stated at 18 was because the video contained my actor smoking which you need to be 18 to buy so it would not of been appropriate to try and make it appeal to an audience below the age of 18. Another reason someone said that it should appeal to that age range is because the age of the actor is 18 so the audience will be able to relate to him if they are of a similar age. I had my own target audience and if the people I asked said it appealed to them then I no that I have sold and advertised it in the right way.
  5. 5. Q4. Do you feel that both my Music video and Digipak are generic to the rap genre? Both my Primary and Secondary audience both agreed with the point that after viewing both my Digipak and Music video as well as my poster advert that it fits the rap genre. One particular person (Mark 19) said that in the poster is clearly shows what genre it is for example the costume as well as the font and which is included in the Digipak and at the start and end of the video. Someone from my secondary audience said that the fact they link is generic and that the Digipak he is wearing a watch and holding money which fits the rap genre (Emily 40). From this question I learned that my both my video both and Digipak contained props and costume that can easily be related to the rap genre even if you don’t watch many videos which means that I contained enough conventions for the viewers to know this and my video is as conventional as others on the market.
  6. 6. Q5. Do you think there is a link between my Music video and Digipak ? Similar to my last question all of the people I asked agreed that there is a clear link between my video and Digipak one person said the most obvious link which is that the main artist appears in both so just my recognizing him you can clearly link which is good as I wanted my artist to be the main focus of everything which is why he is in every picture in the Digipak as well as every scene in the video. Also someone from my Secondary audience said that the main theme is a black background with the white text with the exception of the inside of the Digipak with the two pictures of him in front of the wall which standout. This is good positive feedback as it tells me that I have clearly linked both of my products and it noticeable that they are both connected. Also the fact that people said they can both be tied together shows that when promoting the new album for my artist the video and ancillary tasks are both convential not just one or the other.
  7. 7. Q6. What message/meaning do you get from the music video? The main message that people got from the music video was that he is a struggling artist which was poor and working on a checkout until he got signed then could afford expensive cars and clothes. The majority of my Primary audience understood the narrative of the song however some of my secondary audience did not understand this aspect of the video and one particular person (Jim 36) said that it just looked like a standard music video so maybe I should of presented it in a better way or tried to represented him being rich in a better way. What I learned from this audience feedback is that the narrative was strong and the filming in my video clearly got across the message that I was trying to achieve was received by the audience. If the message was not understood or clear then it is down to me as I was in charge of the video but the majority of the viewers did which shows it was understood.
  8. 8. Q7. If there was one thing that you could change about the video what would it be ? A lot of the people said that they would add girls into the video this was mainly my Primary audience said this as they must watch rap videos and know that this is a main convention. They also added that girls dancing in the background would of made it more conventional and also made him appear richer and more powerful having loads of girls round him which many rap artist try to represent in their videos. That was the main thing people said that they would change one other person said that they would have the main artist Lian wearing more jewellery such as chains. After this criticism I then went and retook the pictures for the ancillary tasks and had the artist wearing a watch and holding money to make it more generic.
  9. 9. Q8. If the Started from the Bottom Album was released would you buy it ? Out of the 20 people I asked 10 a primary and 10 secondary 15/20 people said that they would buy it this is encouraging feedback as it tells me that people enjoyed the Album. However saying that they wouldn't buy the album does not mean they did not enjoy the video just that it may not the type of music they like for example one person from my Secondary listened to Pop so is not used to rap so that may be a reason that they would not buy the album. The results are still encouraging as 75% said they would show which shows that my advertising appeals to two types of audiences both Primary and Secondary but more to the younger which was my main target audience.
  10. 10. Q9. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate my Music Video and Digipak The average rating of the last question was 7.8 which means a lot of my audience liked my video and Digipak. This question does not help me but does however give me a brief idea of what my audience think. It was mostly my primary audience that rated it higher which what I aimed the video at so shows that it appeals to my main target audience. The only thing that I learned from the question of the audience feedback was that both the tasks work together to promote my artist and that most people would buy it.
  11. 11. What I learnt from the Questions After reviewing the results that I gathered from the survey that I carried out I have learnt much from the feedback. First of all I sent an email to all the students in my media class with a link to my survey. After it was completed by several I started seeing patterns in the results and are as follows that many people could identify the genre very clearly through both costume and props and some even said performance. They also said that the age the it appeals to most is 16-20 but most said the 18 age mark which was the age of the actor playing the artist. This is all positive feedback as this is all what I had aimed to get across such as the narrative and the meaning behind the music video they all got the general narrative. They also agreed that there was a link between the Digipak and video, however I did ask a secondary audience how are not particular target e.g. an older audience and they where still able to identify the genre which shows even people who do not normally watch them particular music videos can still identify the genre. Another way in which the feedback for my coursework was that in the survey the people I asked where honest giving good points and bad points which gave an idea of what to improve and what to keep the same an example of this was that one person said that the Digipak was good but did not link the poster so I changed it to link.