Objective Digital Case Studies


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Some examples of our successes with clients in Sydney.

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Objective Digital Case Studies

  1. 1. Objective Digital case studies Objective Digital 1300 85 80 15Level 10, 220 George St Sydney, NSW, Australia http://www.objectivedigital.com Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  2. 2. Case Study: Leading financial institutionWeb redesign projectThe task:A leading financial institution engaged Objective Digital on a project to redesign itspublic facing website.The approach:A User Centred Design approach to redesign the public facing website:• Phase 1 – Needs & requirements specificationThis included an expert review, competitive review, stakeholder interviews, card sortingexercises, and customer research consisting of focus groups and phone interviews.• Phase 2 – Interface DesignFollowing an interface design workshop, the information architecture and wireframeswere developed for the site in a collaborative manner.• Phase 3 – Prototype buildOur web development partner, Rage Communications, built a prototype in HTML.• Phase 4 – Usability testingThe prototype was tested to ensure user needs and expectations were met. Thisallowed the client production costs to be kept to a minimum as changes were madeprior to build.The outcome:Objective Digital worked together with the client to develop a user centric website. Aset of user tested wireframe templates were provided, so future additions to the siteare also largely covered. The website is currently being built, and they are now workingwith Objective to adopt a User Centred Design approach across their other sites. Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  3. 3. Case Study: Asthma Foundation NSWWeb redesign projectThe task:Asthma Foundation NSW engaged Objective Digital to conduct a User Centred Designapproach to the redesign of their website. The objective was to provide evidence basedinformation via a more engaging, user friendly interface that is easy to navigate.The approach:• Phase 1 – StrategyThis included a strategy workshop, review of existing research, a competitive review and asocial media strategy (which we subsequently used to source participants for the research).• Phase 2 - ResearchWe defined user descriptions, onducted offline research (via stakeholder interviews, cardsort and focus groups) and online research (via an online survey, cardsort and IA testing).• Phase 3 – Interface Architecture and Wireframe DesignFollowing an interface design workshop, the information architecture and wireframes weredeveloped for the site in a collaborative manner. These were then handed over to adeveloper.• Phase 4 – Usability TestingOnce the prototype was built, we conducted usability testing, with eye tracking, to uncoverany final issues that needed to be rectified before sending the site live.The outcome:Objective Digital worked with the Asthma Foundation NSW to utilise best practice UserCentred Design principles to develop a well planned and highly usable website. UsabilityTesting of the prototype uncovered very few usability issues, significantly reducing the costof the website build. Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  4. 4. Case Study: Local-e local governmentWeb redesign projectThe task:Objective Digital were engaged to work closely with Reem Abdelaty at Local-eto conduct usability research on the needs of local government website users,and develop a set of ‘user centred’ designs which would be used as websitetemplates for over 30 local government sites.The approach:User Centred research including a competitive review, stakeholder interviews,focus groups and card sorting exercises to determine the needs andrequirements of the local government website users.The outcome:Objective Digital developed a set of local government website wireframes whichrepresented the needs of the users. These wireframes were then graphicallytreated and are now in the process of being built for a number of NSW councils.“James and his team choose to work collaboratively with their clients to ensurethat their needs are being met. I have found James to be professional, savvy,supportive and creative, and would recommend him and his team to anyone.”Reem Abdelaty, Local-e Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  5. 5. Case Study: Cancer Council NSWExpert usability reviewThe task:Objective Digital were engaged to conduct an expert review ofthe NSW Relay for Life site for the Cancer Council NSW.The approach:An expert review of the live Relay for Life NSW site wasconducted, focusing specifically on four different areas:- Orientation- Exploration- Activities (such as find a team)- AccessibilityThe outcome:We presented a detailed expert review report providing the “Cancer Council NSW would like to thanksCancer Council NSW with analysis and descriptions of the Objective for the extremely helpful expert reviewissues, actionable recommendations and sufficient they did for Relay for Life website in Februarydocumentation to improve the site at the next redesign. 09. The report was very thorough and identified both strengths and weaknesses of the current website in plain English. It was also useful having recommendations as to how weaknesses in design, usability and functionality could be addressed and we will be incorporating all the feedback in our planned redesign.” Emma Gibson, Cancer Council NSW Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  6. 6. Case Study: News Digital MediaEye tracker rental for usability testing on Carsguide.com.auThe task:News Digital Media rented a HD wide-screen Tobii T60XL Eye Tracker fromObjective Digital, and conducted a series of usability tests on the Carsguidewebsite. Carsguide used eye tracking to evaluate user’s experience of crosspromos in print to online as well as user’s experience of online story pages.The approach:At the CEBIT Expo, 40 participants were tested to see how they interacted withprint cross promos to online. A second session tested external participants tosee how they interacted with online story pages. The participants were given aset of tasks, and their actions were recorded using the Tobii eye tracker.Tobii studio was used to generate heatmaps and gazeplots for further analysis.The aggregated heatmaps easily identified the areas of the page layouts thatreceived the most attention from participants. Gazeplots were utilized tounderstand the common patterns associated with order of fixation across thelayouts. The HD wide-screen Eye tracker was effective for testing both largerformat full display print pages as well as long scrolling story pages online. “Using eye tracking helped our user experience team to conduct usability testing across print andThe outcome: online products with a multidimensionalResults from the print cross promos to online test, and the online story test, perspective. Understanding the patterns of behaviorindicated which layouts attracted the most attention from participants. related to consuming our content is key to ourIndividual gazeplots were useful for comparing the patterns of reading business. Adding eye tracking to our testingbehaviour down the page, elements that attracted attention and those that methodology enabled us to present engaging datawere revisited. back to our business teams in order to make design decisions.” Scott Bryant, News Digital Media Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  7. 7. Our Testimonials“The eye tracking systems allowed us to deliver a top notch web design that meets the needs of our customers. To cap it offhis knowledge and skill made the process very easy to manage. Highly recommended.” James Watts, Macquarie Bank“I have used Objective Digital for both IA and usability testing on several occasions, on large scale projects for companiessuch as Macquarie Bank and YUM! James and his staff are knowledgeable and collaborative and I would recommend them toany company or agency looking for IA or usability testing services.” Stuart Edwards, Head of Strategy, Profero“Ive worked with James, through his company Objective Digital, on a number of projects that Deepend has been involvedwith. James and his team, in my opinion, are at the top of their game and offer a suite of specialised services that few otherexperience architects can offer. I would not hesitate to recommend them for help in that area and look forward to workingwith them again personally. Regards, Matt.“ Matt Griffin, Managing Director, Deepend“As the User Experience Engineer at Vignette I engaged James and Objective Digital to provide user testing services. Jamesand his team provided a first class result at a competitive rate. Their analysis and recommendations were instrumental inhelping us take action to improve the usability of Vignettes products. I would definitely use their services again in future.”Tym Lawrence, Vignette“I have now worked with James for almost two years and in that time have found him to be extremely creative, original andthorough, as well as being very supportive. He has become a mentor and a valuable resource I can call on to provide claritywhen its required.” Reem Abdelaty, Local-e“I have known James and worked closely with him for the last 5 years. James is a highly skilled and motivated individual. Oneof James many skills which always stands out to me, is his ability to develop relationships on all levels” Anthony Banek, GroupGeneral Manager, Blue Central and OzHosting.com Objective Digital Pty Ltd
  8. 8. Contact detailsObjective Digital Pty LtdABN 98 123 747 188Tel 1300 85 80 15Web ObjectiveDigital.comBlog UsableWorld.com.auJames Breeze, CEO Click toEmail jbreeze@objectivedigital.com Contact JamesMob 0410 410 494 for a referee today!Level 10, 220 George StreetSydney NSW 2000 Objective Digital Pty Ltd