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COB ESPC18 - Rich PowerApps with offline support


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A presentation I gave at ESPC 2018 (the European SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference) about enterprise PowerApps. Focus areas include how to implement offline support, how to connect to on-premises data, and various tips for performance and management. I also talk about what I find to be the most important PowerApps functions from the list of 150+ that can be used in PowerApps formulas.

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COB ESPC18 - Rich PowerApps with offline support

  1. 1. Enterprise PowerApps – Rich Apps with Offline Support and On- Premises Data Chris O’Brien (MVP) Independent/Content and Code
  2. 2. Use Excel-like formulas – not code To do Formula “Next” button to change screen Navigate(MyScreen, ScreenTransition.Fade) Add item to SharePoint list Patch(MySharePointList, Defaults(MySharePointList), { FirstName:TextInput1.Text, LastName:TextInput2.Text } ) Add record to local collection (cache) ClearCollect( SelectedProducts, { ID: ProductID, Name: ”XT1000” } )
  3. 3. Not required
  4. 4. The mobile experience PowerApps app must be installed from App Store Apps appear within the PowerApps app
  5. 5. Types of PowerApps Canvas apps Model-driven apps Customised SharePoint list forms
  6. 6. Customising SP forms vs. canvas apps Customised SP forms: Other considerations:
  7. 7. CASE STUDY APP Pilot/crew leave requests
  8. 8. The scenario POC for airline pilots (leave requests) Flying a plane is the perfect time! Offline support Ability to connect to on- premises data
  9. 9. DEMO – Leave Requests PowerApp
  10. 10. Flow
  11. 11. Implementing the PowerApp Key findings Some surprises
  12. 12. Functions for SharePoint data Patch • Add list item Collect • Fetch list item Update • Update list item Delete • Remove Multi-page forms Person/Group fields Taxonomy fields
  13. 13. A Patch command in our app
  14. 14. A Patch command in our app (formatted)
  15. 15. Implementing offline support Pattern Poll for local record – LoadData/ForAll PATCH if connected Navigate to confirmation screen
  16. 16. On-premises data gateway Considerations
  17. 17. Working with data Connection is hit when: Data-related functions: Connection (e.g. a database) Data source (e.g. a table)
  18. 18. Using a Gallery control for navigation The pattern On start - define collection of screens (with ClearCollect) Gallery OnSelect - lookup screen from selected item, then navigate
  19. 19. DEMO – Implementing offline and integrating data
  20. 20. PowerApps tips Performance, key functions, responsive apps
  21. 21. Tips – key PowerApps functions To do Use Set a global variable available across all screens Set() Set a context variable in a single screen UpdateContext() – and also Navigate() Change screen Navigate(), Back() Save a local record (e.g. for offline) Collect(), ClearCollect(), Update – use SaveData() to store Open a web address/app Launch() Get data on current user User() Display a message banner Notify() 150+ functions in total. See: us/powerapps/formula-reference
  22. 22. Tips Get used to: Lots of fiddly work to generate PATCH command  Adding a “debug screen” with labels showing variables etc “Declarative” variables Variables and If statements NOT:OnLoad-If(X){Label1.Visible=true}else{Label1.Visible=false} INSTEAD:Label1.Visible=if(X,false,true) Conditional display Adda“rule”tocontrol,usepaneltoconfigurewhatpropertieswhichshouldbeset(e.g.Visible=false)
  23. 23. Be careful loading data sources Tips - performance us/blog/tips-for-a-maintainable-extensible-app us/blog/performance-considerations-with- powerapps/ Consider not loading OnStart (slow app load) Load into local collections and consume those Use Concurrent() if appropriate (e.g. multiple data sources) Using a Connector? Avoid multiple trips to the server
  24. 24. Tips - using PATCH with SharePoint fields To do Use Update a choice/lookup from a dropdown Paternity_LengthOfPaternityLeave: { '@odata.type':"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors. SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference", Value: ddlPaternityLeaveDuration.Selected.Value, Id: 1 } Update a person field currentUser: { '@odata.type':"#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors. SharePoint.SPListExpandedUser", Claims:"i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(User().Email), Email:User().Email, JobTitle:".", Picture:"." }
  25. 25. Responsive canvas apps Adapt to screen size – not just phone/tablet choice + -
  26. 26. PowerApps - the good
  27. 27. PowerApps - the bad
  28. 28. PowerApps - the ugly
  29. 29. My favourite recent/upcoming features Available or in preview • PowerApps web part in SharePoint! • New size/layout options - choose size OR use responsive (with formulas) • Improved performance – parallel data load, faster SharePoint forms • App checker • ALM – solution export/import • Up to 20MB offline storage • Message panel (Notify function) Jan 2019 • Better debugging – e.g. in middle of formula (Jan 2019) • Easier cascading dropdowns (Jan 2019) • Friendly SharePoint names in formulas
  30. 30. Takeaways PowerApps can be VERY transformative for an org with lots of forms/processes Very easy to get apps onto mobile devices “Simple” requirements can sometimes be difficult to implement 1 2 3 4 PowerApps are going to continue to evolve!
  31. 31. Resources us/blog/
  32. 32. Thank you!!  Any questions? @ChrisO_Brien