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Report On The Hostel Scene from Israel


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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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Report On The Hostel Scene from Israel

  1. 1. Israel  and  the  Middle  East The  next  backpacker   world  hotspot!?
  2. 2. Who  am  I? Partner/ManagerAbraham  Tours: Abraham  Hostel  Tours  to: Jerusalem:Israel,  West  Bank,  Jordan,  Egypt 72  rooms 220  beds400  People  on  tours  per   85%  average  occupancymonth Tripadvisor  #1  (90%) Hostel  World  #1  (92%)
  3. 3. Israel  and  the  Middle  East The  next  backpacker  world  hotspot!?Presenta>on  Outline1. Stats  &  Numbers  2. Suppor>ng  Factors                Local  /  Regional3.     Discouraging  Factors4.   Regional  Poten>al
  4. 4. Stats  &  Numbersa. Total  number  of  tourists  in  2010:    3.5  million      b. Number  of  Independent  tourists:       525,000  (15%)-­‐1,050,000  (30%)
  5. 5. Local  Suppor>ng    Factors: Sites  and   Proximity   Intro  of   Modern  Religion acQviQes to  EU Low  cost   Infrastr-­‐ Holy  Sites Airlines ucture Current    3.5  billion   Natural   London Vueling Security  ChrisQans,   Wonders A-­‐dam AirBalitc SituaQon Culture Berlin Tuifly Muslims   Nightlife Paris: Easy  Jetand  Jews  in   -­‐  4  hour  flight Air  Berlin the  world Weather
  6. 6. Regional  Suppor>ng    Factors Regional   PotenQal Small  RegionProximity  &  Accessibility   to  Major  Regional  Sites   (Petra,  Pyramids,    
  7. 7.  Discouraging  factors:a.              Terrorism  and  regional  instabilityb.            Expensive  in  comparison  to  regionc.              Nega>ve  public  image
  8. 8. Conclusion:                     Security The  next  backpacker  Israel           Trends world  hotspot!?                   Marke>ng