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Welcome to the World Hostel Conference 2012 in Jerusalem


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Welcome to the World Hostel Conference 2012 in Jerusalem!
The World Hostel Conference 2012 arrived in one of the oldest cities in the world – Jerusalem, Israel.
Thanks to all participants from all over the world, to all Sponsors of the conference, all volunteers, and friends - you made this conference happen! We hope you enjoyed another great conference and we would be glad to welcome you for next World Hostel Conference 2013 in the city of Boston.

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Welcome to the World Hostel Conference 2012 in Jerusalem

  1. 1. • Welcome to Jerusalem, Israel!• Celebrating 11 years of conferences for the hostel industry• Our conference partners• Participant information• Overview of the conference• Schedule
  2. 2. Special Thanks Organizers and Sponsors• GoMio team – Michael, Dani, Matthias, & Jaclyn• Abraham Hostel Team – Yaron, Gal & Maoz• Sponsors
  3. 3. Sponsors
  4. 4. Participant Information• Total number of participants – 158• Countries represented – 28• Different companies represented – 110• Participation by continent: – North America - 16 – Europe - 73 – South America – 2 – Asia – 65 – Australia - 2
  5. 5. Overview• Fostering the development of the hostel industry – Worked to organize presentations and discussions related to operations, marketing, technology, regulations, and social media• Connecting people - Tried to bring together people from the industry.• Sense of community - Organized events that allow us all to interact and get to know each other.