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Put Your Hostel on the mAPP - Digital Footsteps


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Put Your Hostel on the mAPP - Digital Footsteps

  1. 1. YOU ARE HERE ‘TrekFree’ Mobile Touring: Put your hostel on the mAPP Powered byDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  2. 2. YOU ARE HERE Demographics and Opportunities  The hostel scene has changed dramatically in the last ten years  Hostels are shedding the ‘youth’ image and becoming all ages friendly  World Tourism Organization studies show that travelers are impacting and interacting with local communities, and need more detailed information about the locale  Opportunities abound for hostels and local tour companies to partner to their mutual benefitDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  3. 3. YOU ARE HERE Realizing Greater Profits  Attracting new and repeat customers  Improving/expanding service  Developing new revenue streams  All of the above, without increasing outlays A TrekFree private-labeled mobile app can improve your brand recognition, meet your guests’ touring and financial needs, and open new profit centers for your business.Digital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  4. 4. Smartphones on the Road YOU ARE HERE Travel is experiencing a mobile surge • 29% of travelers have used mobile apps to find flight deals • 30% have used mobile apps to find hotel deals • 15% have downloaded mobile apps specific to upcoming vacations • 85% of leisure travelers use their smartphone while abroad • 72% post vacation photos on a social network while still on vacation Top five uses of SmartPhones while traveling: 1. Take photos 2. Use map features 3. Search restaurants 4. Search activities and attractions 5. Check in prior to flightDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  5. 5. Private-label Mobile Tour App YOU ARE HERE  Branded with your logo  Tours of cities/sites of your choosing  As a free gift or nominal Welcome to the Abraham Hostel We, the staff and owners of Abraham download fee Hostel Jerusalem wish to extend Abrahams biblical hospitality to our time. We have created our dream hostel to support independent travelers  Rich multimedia - audio and in Israel and the Middle East.. video clips about your hostel  Entry point to other revenue producing tours and advertisingDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  6. 6. Innovative Features YOU ARE HERE  Unique mobile technology with built in full multimedia capabilities and multi-layered text for a next generation traveler experience  rich audio and video multimedia  multiple text articles and images for each location  preference driven in-depth contentDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  7. 7. Innovative Features YOU ARE HERE • Roam Free NavTM – Real-time, turn-by- turn navigation with NO INTERNET • RoamFree WifiTM – Offline wifi locator, integrates hotspots into the tour for free and easy access to social media • RoamFree AdsTM – the only location- based advertising that does NOT require an Internet connection • RoamFree Routing EngineTM – easily creates tailored, multimedia toursDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  8. 8. Trekfree vs. the others YOU ARE HEREDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  9. 9. Simple, Elegant… YOU ARE HERE and the most advanced mobile touring technology Download tour Start the tour Navigate and alert guest View the Media Attraction InfoDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  10. 10. Mobile Advertising YOU ARE HERE With Digital Footsteps unique mobile tour solution, you can enhance your brand, increase market share and diversify your revenue streams • Download fees – charge a nominal fee per downloaded app and tours • Direct advertising – banner ads, website links and other compelling information direct to the traveler • Indirect income – via an advertising (local merchants) revenue share with Digital FootstepsDigital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary
  11. 11. YOU ARE HERE• How do independent hostels and boutique hotels from around the world market and brand themselves?• What value do hostel guest places on social interaction, activities and engagement in local culture?• What local attractions and amenities within the neighbourhood would appeal to the hostels target audience?• Whos Staying in Hostels: and what are their needs that we can accomodate - make money on?• I generally talk a lot more than the powerpoint, but I think we should spell it out more.
  12. 12. YOU ARE HEREFor more informationContact: Julie Digital FootstepsTM Confidential and Proprietary