ktu chips hr specialization ktu mba chippy r s research hr mba ir hrm ir and labour laws labour law fourth trimester business and society research methods law industrial relations industrial psychology research methdology trimester 4 first trimester first trimester mba data collection tools scaling counseling mentoring specialization chippy trimester 1 b&s b and s ktu staff rschippy un organised sector organised sector social justice rs chippy individual group change management resistance to change transactional analysis ob resolution conflict adjudications arbitration conciliation settlement human resources labour laws settlements industrial disputes labor law industrial relations and labour laws work design sound motivation theories of motivation motivation emotional quotient emotional intelligence eq iq theories of emotions emotions perceptions theories of learning learning personality psychology unit 3 unit 2 business society government marketing research tools for marketing research survey methods errors in data collection methods of data collection questionaire survey schedule data collection methods variables and its types measurement and scaling case study method types of research research process research problem research methodology research design measurement
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