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Asistic Sourcing - China Sourcing Agents


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China Sourcing: Quality Products At Economical Prices

Globalization is functioning in the direction of a globe economic climate with easy transport of items and exchange of innovation in between countries. The developed west counts on quickly establishing economic climates of the eastern for supply of products and basic material. When we talk about the quickly establishing economy of the eastern after that it has to be China. China Sourcing is preferred by leading makers of the world because are well known to all.

The first reason why globe manufacturers look in the direction of China for supply is the low cost finished goods, elements and also maker components. It is advantageous for both the supplier along with the producer. China has shown that it is capable of creating world class items with unequaled quality. Today nearly every supplier has its office in China to facilitate sourcing.

Development is the 2nd factor for business going to China. In the last few years, China has actually been ingenious in creating a number of easy to use products from cellphone handsets to laptops and also electricity light bulbs to quick moving consumer goods. This pattern has actually maintained China in the helm of all world events. Whether it is a plane or household product, Chinese items have a say all over. The 2nd reason is more powerful than the first one. It has established the hegemony of the China Sourcing over the globe.

The new trend offered a drastic adjustment in the sourcing techniques of manufacturers. Formerly they were interested just in the supply of goods but now they are considering getting completed items from China to sell in their home nation. China items are affordable and score high in high quality. These items could function even in adverse condition as well as a result of low price most everybody can buy them. With its ingenious techniques, China has created a market for its products that stretches beyond boundaries and also across continents.

China Sourcing is in the mind of every supplier whether it is in Asia, Africa or Europe. Chinese items assist makers around the world cut down their product price without endangering on top quality. By doing this they can hold up against the competitors and also endure even in financial slowdown. If you are seeking sourcing goods from China then it is a welcome choice. Chinese people have accessibility to the Internet and also you can contact them straight or employ the solutions of a vendor that can prepare all the files, clear all the lawful hurdles as well as bring Chinese products to your doorstep.

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Asistic Sourcing - China Sourcing Agents

  1. 1. Sourcing, Manufacturing and Product Development by Asiatic Sourcing Your China Sourcing Agent Sourcing products from China – as well as other Asian countries including India, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia – can be a tedious and scary process. This is especially true if you’ve never used China sourcing services before. We have many years of experience in this industry, and have worked hard to reduce the risk for all of our customers. In fact, as the premier overseas product development company based in the United States, we offer a unique brand experience with multiple capabilities. Our multi-faceted and highly skilled team can handle all aspects of your project from beginning to completion. The many ways that we can help you include: product development managing timelines clearing customs engineering quality control (QC) designing packaging and much more Many companies and individuals often overlook the value of using a sourcing agent in China. We would (800) 401-0365 HOME CHINASOURCING PRODUCTDEVELOPMENT PRODUCTSERVICES FAQ’S GETQUOTE BLOG CONTACTUS converted by
  2. 2. like you to see exactly how we can help you today. By the time you are through, you’ll understand precisely what we bring to the table and recognize the value and many benefits. Our Personal Mission As a China sourcing agent, Asiatic Sourcing has a personal mission that we live and breathe. And it is our goal to live up to our mission each and every step of the way. We value our clients tremendously and do everything that we can to provide the perfect sourcing from China experience. The key points of our mission statement include: Reducing customer manufacturing risk while doing business overseas. We guarantee to solve any potential timeline issues and do everything in our power to ensure all products are made of the highest quality materials. We create value for our customers. We always look for ways to improve the quality of a product, and work diligently to craft an expert design with cost-cutting measures in mind. Multiple manufacturing options overseas: as we have mentioned multiple times, we are a China sourcing agent. But we also provide sourcing services from other countries in South Asia including: Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. Customer insurance policy: our company provides a customer insurance policy on every order. We take full responsibility for every order in the event that something was to go wrong. We make the manufacturing experience easy and enjoyable. Our customer service staff is second to none, and we work hard to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction during each step of the manufacturing process. All in all, we want our customers to feel safe, secure, and happy about their source from China experience. And we will do everything that we can to guarantee the best experience possible throughout the step-by-step process. Harnessing the Power of a China Sourcing Agent As a team qualified to deliver the best in overseas product sourcing, we have a fully developed system to create products from start to finish. And we can do it all for you, our valued customer, and deliver an experience unlike any you’ve ever had before. How Our Team Can Help Our highly skilled team can help with every part of the manufacturing experience including: prototype development product development engineering selecting the perfect factory sourcing on a global scale managing timelines patent assistance clearing customs retail placement quality control (QC) shipping logistics warehousing marketing material creation designing the ideal packaging for your products help with brand development As you can see, we are a full-service company that goes above and beyond to help you each and every converted by
  3. 3. step of the way while sourcing in China. As a China sourcing consultant, it brings us great satisfaction to help you bring your products to market from the prototype stage all the way to marketing and brand awareness. Our Step-By-Step International Sourcing Strategy As you’ve most likely discovered, international China sourcing isn’t as easy as you may have initially envisioned. But we have developed a step-by-step process that perfectly streamlines the entire experience. Our process includes the following steps: Step One: Information Dissemination – we maintain a corporate office in the US, and you can send all pertinent information to this office including but not limited to samples, drawings, photos and more. Step Two: Evaluation – our team will thoroughly evaluate all of the information sent to us as well as the product. If we do not feel you are ready or prepared for the international sourcing process, we’ll help by field testing the product, developing a prototype on your behalf, and modifying or creating new drawings. Step Three: Selecting a Factory – when they sourcing process is ready to begin, we’ll discover two potential countries that will act as your sourcing agent. We will ensure that the factory has the right setup to properly manufacture your product. And we will evaluate and audit a factory if it is new and we’ve never done business with them before. Step Four: Pricing Structure – we will obtain bids from three factories. This guarantees that you’ll find the best manufacturer at the lowest price. Make the Best First Impression Our graphic design team is sharp and on the ball. We understand that you need to make a fantastic first impression when first bringing your product to market. We understand the value of top-quality graphic design when launching a new product, and recognize that many people often overlook essential elements to the design and marketing message that packaging needs to deliver. You need a package that is going to communicate the right message. Not only does it have to get your message across, but it also needs to deliver an emotional impact that will enhance sales and create a positive outlook for your brand. When we design packages as part of our sourcing services, we keep the following important design aspects in mind: Perception shaping – the packaging will show potential customers precisely where you stand in the marketplace when compared to your competitors. Demographics – our packaging designs will target specific demographics based on your product. Desirability – the packaging will create desirability that fits perfectly in all sales environments. All packaging will embody the values, personality, and qualities that you want your brand to put forth. Are you ready for overseas sourcing? Let us provide our expertise and help you every step of the way! sourcing agent in China – China product sourcing – China suppliers China sourcing agents – India sourcing – Vietnam sourcing – Thailand sourcing – Malaysia sourcing converted by
  4. 4. /* ]]>*/ ©OutsourcingAgent for ChinaManufacturing, Product Development. All Rights Reserved|SEOOutsourcingby Local SEOd O T H E R L A N G U A G E S Select Language ​ ▼ S H A R E U S Google+ +700 Recommend this on Google Like Share 1.2Kpeoplelikethis. Q U I C K L I N K S Home About Us Our MissionStatement Contact Us Terms Of Service Privacy Policy C O N T A C T I N F O Name:* Email:* 5+2 S U B M I T converted by