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Media Distribution and Discovery


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My thoughts on the future of media distribution and discovery.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Media Distribution and Discovery

  1. 1. Thoughts on the Future of Media Delivery and Discovery Chase Granberry @chasers
  2. 2. The History of Me • Born a computer geek 1982 • First computer was an Apple IIe • Never been into programming tho • Went to TCU, majored in Advertising • Wrote a paper on TiVo in 2004 • Which got me more enthused about the Internet than I already was.
  3. 3. TiVo • Public trials began in San Francisco in 1998 • Went public September 30, 1999 • First profitable quarter was Q2 of 2005 • Subscriber base peaked at 4.36 million in January 2006 • As of October 2008, TiVo has 3.46 million subscribers in the US
  4. 4. Current State of the DVR Market • As of 2008 27% of all U.S. households have the ad- skipping devices • Time shifting during prime-time accounts for17 percent of the CW’s viewership over a one-week period • The most time-shifted show is NBC's quot;The Office,quot; where 28 percent of its audience watched it sometime other than Thursdays at 9 p.m
  5. 5. US Broadband vs. The World Japan France Canada United States
  6. 6. So what? • DVRs are computers • Cable TV is Internet • As of 2008 55 percent of the US has broadband • TiVo could have become THE source for Internet content on the television. • So much potential in terms of what cable companies could be offering. Anything, anytime and anywhere.
  7. 7. Mass Media Media in one format, fixed in time and permanent in location. Dead Dying Newspapers DVDs Albums TV Shows Lack of bandwidth is the lifeline for traditional video.
  8. 8. DVRs and cable co.’s have failed us. Now what?
  9. 9. Bandwidth is distribution, what about discovery? • With so much out there how do we find what we want? • How do we discover something new? • Text is easy to index and search, but it requires demand first. • What about video?
  10. 10. Old Discovery Method
  11. 11. New Discovery Methods
  12. 12. Simple Is Better
  13. 13. Social Networks Enable Discovery and Generate Demand • To be useful though, networks need a critial mass. • You need friends there to be beneficial. • Are we there yet? • Lets look at some data...
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. Enabling Social Mass Media
  16. 16. Active sharing through efficient networks enables ambient media discovery.
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