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20 Janurary Entreprenurship BA Hons for taster


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20 Janurary Entreprenurship BA Hons for taster

  1. 1. Entrepreneurship BA (Hons) UCAS Code: 2G14 M
  2. 2. Competence Entrepreneurship learning process; strong theory knowledge, networking and practical entrepreneurial skills, personal development and emotional intelligence. 3 years of leadership practice immersed in real world challenges. Vision Hub for international entrepreneurial networking and innovative business practices Product/benefits Create value to relevant stakeholders; Developing leaders in entrepreneurs; Partnering teamwork, collaboration, trust, openness and mutual respect Style Innovative, inspirational, motivational, transformational, zeal, zest, exploratory, supportive, enthusiastic, passionate Mission Educational provider creating value in society: -Developing young people to be responsible within own transitional life and to be impactful within society; - Offering young people the opportunity to make differences in the world Values -Trust; - Team spirit; - Learning by doing; -Building and maintaining relationships - Experimentation -Team Academy values Social dimension Functional dimension Mental dimension Spiritual dimension Mastery of your own destiny through real learning Our BRAND
  3. 3. Our Brand Social dimension Innovative, impactful individuals knowing their role in society Functional dimension Economicallly impactful, socially meaningful and sustainably innovative entrepreneurship and employment Mental dimension Freedom and responsibility to reach their potential, strength, skills and confidence (to be creative while being responsible) Spiritual dimension Understand their own calling Core message Supporting young people who make high-impact social change and a difference in the world
  4. 4.  Embark on a journey of entrepreneurship  Set up a Team Company  Be a Good leader and a Team player  To enhance Creativity and Motivation?  Face the challenge of Building a Business?  You’ll learn by doing business with customers and earning revenue for three years. Do you want to:
  5. 5. o Learning by doing-set up company with like minded students in Year 1 o Apply theories in team coaching session supported by trained coaches to empower & motivate you & your team to excel
  6. 6. o By Year 3 demonstrate a professional entrepreneurial, business management and leadership skills
  7. 7. Our achievements so far Successful pilot. Applying a ‘practice-based’ pedagogy for four years. >1,000 students New three year BA Hons Entrepreneurship - launching 2016 Hub for entrepreneurial learning, innovative teaching & research 2015 Wharton Business School, Penn State, US,
  8. 8. Entrepreneurs in the Making Our new entrepreneurship degree Year one. Start up the Team Company Year two. Build the Team Company Year three. Sustain the Team Company BA Hons Entreprenuership
  10. 10. Our entrepreneurial learning approach •Coaching Sessions •Business Projects •Team Learning •Independent Learning •Networking •Reading Resources •Professional Workshops • Portfolio of Evidence • Literature/Book Review Assessment • Critical Evaluation Report • Business Challenge • Learning Diary Learning through Assessed through
  11. 11. Buddha Boys Quality Yull Shoes Yogo (Property Development) Hi Rain (Outdoor clothes) Loudvert (Student community exchange) Maniac Auto Advertising Social Enterprise 201 3
  12. 12. Ria Accommodation Nano Tech Hallbookers Argan Oil Nest Design Group All Your Entertainment ELITISS Prestige UK Ltd Olympic (Cement Industry)
  13. 13. Platinum Hair The Green Van Teartle (Social Enterprise) Travel To Isla App (Mobile App) Pure Black First Travellers Club Violet City EventRoyal Empire Inc Food Tech Week DemorLashivon
  14. 14. Don’t just take our word… … Current student comments “… A true insight to being a successful entrepreneur…as it has been practical, real-world experience.” “The chance to discover myself entrepreneurially, achieving things I didn’t know I was able to do… it changed my life.” “The support from the [coaching] academics and their [research] expertise in education of entrepreneurship makes all the difference in this module” “The variety of the assessments enabled me to acquire new knowledge through experiential learning and practice…” Add pic of students
  15. 15. Facebook of BA Entrepreneurship
  16. 16. Course Structure Team Company • Set up • Running Team Development • Knowledge & skills through coaching • Project Management • Self Awareness • Personal Development Individual Entrepreneurship Effectiveness
  17. 17. Course Structure BENT401 Entrepreneurship in Action BCAR400 Global Business Environment BABM401 Managing and Analysing Information BABM402 Accounting and Finance BABM403 Marketing Principles BABM404 People and Organisations BENT501 Perspectives on Entrepreneurial Business Management BENT502 Effective Entrepreneurial Business Management BENT503 Team Creativity & Innovation BENT504 Sustainable Business Practices BENT601 Current Themes in Entrepreneurship BENT602 Entrepreneurship & Enterprise BENT603 Entrepreneurial Leadership BENT604 Strategic Entrepreneurship Perspective YEAR 1 YEAR 2 with 2 Option Modules YEAR 3 with 2 option modules
  18. 18. Skills DevelopmentINDIVDIUAL • Self-directed learning • Self-leadership Self-management – leadership and time • Recognising, creating and evaluating opportunities – continual research • Personal creativity • Information processing and • IT skills Selling and negotiating • Communicating Embracing change TEAMDEVELOPMENT • Coaching • Team learning • Leading teams Leading projects Managing change • Negotiating and influencing • Networking ENTRPEPRENEURIAL&Business • External environmental scamming – research, analysis, opportunities • Business information – research, evaluating, employing • Sales, marketing and brand management • Operations Management • IT and financial systems and packages – selecting and managing • Innovation skills
  19. 19. s-and-management/undergraduate-courses-201617/full- time/entrepreneurship-ba-honours/_nocache BA Entrepreneurship Course website
  20. 20. How you learn? Reading Resources Learning Contract Module Electives and Professional Workshops Coaching Sessions Business Projects Team Learning Independent Learning Networking
  21. 21. How are you assessed? Portfolio of Evidence Book Review Assessment Critical Evaluation Report Business Challenge Learning Diary
  22. 22. Team Coaches Dr Jane Chang, PhD Entrepreneurship,(Course Leader) Business Industry experiences –business start up and corporate ventures More than 20 years Dr Ainurul Rosli, Phd Entrepreneurship with industry experience with business industry experience with accelerator and incubators Mrs Supin Hussain, BA, MBA , Doctoral Candidate in Entrepreneurial learning with 10 years business industry experience Mr Neil Botten, BA, MSc, author of Eights books in Business and Strategy with more than 30 years of small business and corporate experience in strategy and scenario planning
  23. 23. Business Challenge - 2 minute pitch to a business to sponsor your event to raise money for Cancer Research - All members of team must participate in the pitch
  24. 24. Business Challenge Criteria Escapism Educational Entertaining “Esthetic” Espirit