[Challenge:Future] The Q Project


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[Challenge:Future] The Q Project

  1. 1. THE Q PROJECTLearning hub where young, drivenNigerians can acquire ICT,entrepreneurial experience throughonline and practical resources,mentorship and internshipopportunities to achieve professionaland self development Produce self drivenand innovativeNigerian youthsinspired throughICT,entrepreneurshipand communaldevelopmentLOCATION: Quanteq TeachnologyServices LTdNUMBER OF PEOPLE IMPACTED: 10Participants/3 days a WeekNAME:Udoka ChiefeNigeria1. Dr. Fidelis Ndeh-che (Owner andFounder of Quanteq)2. Udoka Chiefe(Project Coordinator,The Q Project)
  2. 2. SO...WHAT IS THE QPROJECT, ANYWAY?1. A learning hub where young,innovative change makers with apassion for development andlearning meet to study andimplement informationtechnology, entrepreneurialexpertise with the opportunity tobe mentored by one of Nigeria’stop ICT firms .2. We use: Opencourseware (OCW) learningcombined with Quanteq ICT andprofessional training resources; internship to provide participantswith the skills and expertise to; Develop and be leaders of theircommunity.Through this platform, The Q Projectaims to accomplish what the educationsystem of Nigeria has failed to: produceprofessional, self driven and highlyinnovative young minds who desire todevelop themselves and their nation on acontinuous and transitory level.
  3. 3. SOHOWDOESTHEQPROJECTHELPPARTICIPANTS?• While OCWs leave the learning to thediscretion of the learner, we encouragethe learning be left to the discretion of thepartners….• Participants are paired up with a learningpartner, decided upon by their interestsin OCW and other professional and ICTresources made available by Quanteq.This ensures that both parties keep trackof each other and grow together. They arerequired to send a weekly report of theirprogress to the {Project Coordinator)• The project also gives participants theexpertise and opportunity to confidentlyintern with Quanteq or any otherorganisation of their choice• Participants are gauged on theindividual’s passion and drive to learnand develop not only themselves, buttheir society and others around them.
  4. 4. Young people have little skills and even less money to afford spendingfortunes to gain skills not acquired in school. With The Q Project youths canacquire the necessary skills needed to succeed and the mentoring adviceneeded to know where to focus our boundless energy towards.DID WE MENTION THAT IT’S FREE…?
  5. 5. THE QPROJECT WAYICT andEntrepreneurialTraining:Use of OCW andQuanteq resourcesfor the developmentof skills andcompetenciesrelated toinformationtechnology andentrepreneurship togain relevantexpertise to succeedin the professionalworldMentorship:Availability ofmentorship byexperienced staffand invited guests toensure relevantprofessional andtechnical advise tothe participantsFostersDevelopment andLeadership skills:The Q Projectencourages itsparticipant to giveback to the societyby nurturing youngminds and usingtheir new foundskills to cultivate andsustain a betterworld.
  6. 6. One side, a rotting education system in dire need of vision and newleadership; on the other side, global unemployment in a world where thehighest population consist of youths.Where ever you look, youngpeople are affected by thesemain problems. What is worse,is that most education alinstitutions in Nigeria do notteach life or professional skillseffectively or at all in a way thatcould benefit their students.despite the fact most young peoplelack important skills to succeed inthe professional world, most desireoccupations they lack thenecessary skills for…• Computer skills• Entrepreneurial skills• Innovation• Organisational skills• Lack of initiative• Leadership skills• Effective communication• Communication skills• Critical thinking• Problem solving
  7. 7. Since the unofficial inauguration of The Q Projecton the 15th of September, 2012, skills gained andimplemented are:• Web and software developmentcompetencies fostered.• Responsibility for one’s personal andprofessional development initiated.• Effective communication skillscultivated.• Entrepreneurship and projectmanagement skills developed• Project and operations management• Leadership and teamwork fostered.• Greater level of initiative shown byparticipants.• Improved networking skills.
  8. 8. The Q Project was Initiated Because……of the belief that the young peopleof Nigeria needed a chance toachieve greatness.The opportunity to gain skillsneeded and nurtured by industryprofessional for the achievement ofinnovation and development at aprofessional atmosphere with onlyone’s passion and dedication ascurrency in exchange, is invaluable,not just to the young peopleinvolved, but also for the potentialdevelopmental impact and globallyrecognised personal andprofessional achievements.