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Talentalism and its impact on education in ICT sector by Diana Bocaneala Endava


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Published in: Education, Business
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Talentalism and its impact on education in ICT sector by Diana Bocaneala Endava

  1. 1. “Talentalism” and its impacton education in ICT sector Diana BocanealaMoldova ICT Summit 2013
  2. 2. •Talentalism and knowledge basedsociety•What is the role and the potential ofEducation System•What is the role of the private sector.Endava case study.•What it’s for meAgenda
  3. 3. IN YOUR ZONEessential resource -means of production3capitalnatural resources labor
  4. 4. IN YOUR ZONE21stcentury essential resource4KNOWLEDGE
  5. 5. IN YOUR ZONEknowledge becomes the key component ofeconomic and social growth5
  6. 6. IN YOUR ZONEPlaces & Numbers40kWide, niches7k8k11k10k
  7. 7. IN YOUR ZONEImpact # 17
  8. 8. IN YOUR ZONEImpact # 28The leadership and management styles are not defined by power but byresponsibility and empowerment.
  9. 9. IN YOUR ZONEImpact # 39Focus on developing contributors instead of bosses
  10. 10. IN YOUR ZONEWhat is the role and the potential ofEducation System10• To provide information and know-how• The willingness to cooperate• To interconnect activities that are both competitive and high-performance oriented• To create entrepreneurial spirit• To focus on behavioral and soft skills• Capability to innovate
  11. 11. IN YOUR ZONESome facts and numbers11• Stanford University and alumni have founded many prominent companies including: Google,Hewlett – Packard, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo.4543new companies have been formed based on a license from an academic institution in theperiod of 1980 – 2005462new companies based on academic discovery were formed in fiscal year 2004 by 191institutions336 million usd - amount the Stanford University made from selling its Google stock
  12. 12. IN YOUR ZONEHow about Moldova?12
  13. 13. IN YOUR ZONEThe partnerships: Endava – University ITDepartments13• Internship Programmes• Coordinating BA and MA workpapers• Open lectures for students• Sponsors for IT Competitions• Graduates Programmes• Input for IT Department Curricula• Organising Endava Open Days withworkshops and training courses• Partnerships with Students Organisations
  14. 14. IN YOUR ZONEEndava’s investment in talent14• Keeping up to date with technologies and trends• Performance oriented culture• Study Groups• Technical Training Programme• Soft Skills Training Programme• Mentoring• Workshops and presentations• Knowledge Management Processes
  15. 15. IN YOUR ZONEKnowledge based society: what’s for me?15Invest in permanent education, over the entire lifetime, in order to gain superior competences bothin soft and technical :•Verify•Conceive• Create• Invent• ApplyMake yourself indispensable!
  16. 16. IN YOUR ZONEThank you!16