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Youth technology program


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Youth technology program

  1. 1. Empower Deprived Youths Through Computer Skills Training
  2. 2. By the successful initial of our education campaign with the high motivated efforts of our youngsters team in underprivileged areas of Pakistan, With the slogan of Teach underprivileged. We have further started Youth Technology Program under the ‘Peace Education campaign’. This program is aimed at getting children and youth from very poor backgrounds, into mainstream education. The program aims to help youth by giving them a basic level of understanding about Computer World (I.T Training) to intermediate level. Empower Deprived Youths Through Computer Skills Training
  3. 3. Thousands of at-risk youths, school going and those who are unable to afford going schools have never used a computer, let alone received any basic training / education in Information Age skills. Through this training and efforts made by Team PRAY FOR PEACE, unemployed youths and school dropouts will be able to become productively engaged and better qualified to obtain jobs that were previously unqualified for. There is a dire need for this form of training. Why there is need to start this project, challenges and issues.
  4. 4. • Youth & young adults are provided with free training in basic computer skills, basic software operating & Internet. These skills are in high demand. Group interactions, mentoring, discussions and question & answer sessions help to reinforce learning. This training will effectively equip them to obtain jobs by providing the vital proficiency / skills needed. • This program creates the sense in the young deprived youth to realize the need of technology in the fast growing global culture which tend to pull them learn these courses with more interest and motivation prospering their future secured. • This project equips poor deprived students and youth with the technical, vocational, entrepreneurship skills related to information technology to develop sustainable livelihoods. How this project will solve these problems.
  5. 5. • This training is transforming the lives of participants as it broadens their options and offers new opportunities. Youths & young adults become computer literate and proficient - and consequently viable and competitive in the market place. They are now able to be independent and develop their careers - contributing to national development. They are empowered to take their place in society. • Participants will get help to receive job training and placement services and are supported in serving as positive agents of change in their communities. • The second phase of the program is focused on handing over the computers to the poor trainees at their homes so that they can start their own tuitions centers with the help of appropriate knowledge and understanding they gained during the course taught to them. Potential Long Term Impact and uses.
  6. 6. STAGES TOPICS 1st Module  Introduction to Computer, Data Storage Devices, Input Devices  Output Devices, Comprehensive Intro to Hardware Devices 2nd Module  Software, Types of software, Operating system  Introduction to Windows, Utilities software 3rd Module  Familiarization with, Data and File Types, Windows Start Menu 4th Module  Familiarization with, Control Panel Main Features 5th Module  Familiarization with,  Control Panel Settings 6th Module  Windows Application Software(s), Notepad, WordPad, System Utilities 7th Module  Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word (Introduction & Basic options of word) Course Agenda
  7. 7. The ten months training program would train approximately 400 participants in basic computer applications, divided into 16 batches. The first batch of participants made up of 25 people has been completed. Project period is 10 Months Training in basic computer skills provides essential job-related skills and empowers disadvantaged youths. Participants are better qualified and become productive individuals in their communities. Through the training provided, young adults are equipped with relevant technology skills and empowered to take their place as leaders. Computer competency or proficiency is a vital skill in today's computer connected society. Summary
  8. 8. Youth Technology Program: Basic IT & Computer Skills Training. Held on: 5th – 30th March 2014 at Hasan Brohi Goth, Karachi, Pakistan. Batch 1:
  9. 9. Youth Technology Program: Basic IT & Computer Skills Training. Held on: 5th – 30th March 2014 at Hasan Brohi Goth, Karachi, Pakistan. Batch 1:
  10. 10. HOW OUR PROJECT contributes in the DEVELOPMENT of country: Our Project of Technical Education and Vocational training sets its objective to empower youth through technology program which is focused to improve the employability and skills structure of the workforce and productivity in priority sectors by giving specific attention to furnish the skills of youth in the field of technology. • Pray for Peace which is consistent of youth who intensively feels the need to empower deprive youth in the field of technology as to make them ethical & responsible citizen of society. These technology projects that we started under our Peace education campaign directly bring about increase in the personal growth of deprived youth, also help to increase the literacy rate of country & provide positive effects in development of economy.
  11. 11. Email: Website: Contact us : (+92) 21 34201884 (+92) 333 4312830 (+92) 343 2009492
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