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Mobile Instant Win Game -example


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Mobile Instant Win Game -example

  1. 1. One partner, unified platform, lower costs Mobile is a multifaceted marketingchannel – transcending display-only media Client RFPs are seeking solutions thatfuse capabilities across many facets Our capabilities deliver all facets using asingle unified platform. Unified platform provides end-to-endvisibility into the campaign’s performance. One partner simplifies execution, lowerscost and minimizes risk. Contact Eric Friedberg : 617.965.0279
  2. 2. MobilePlatfrom™Automatically sends scheduled mobile messages to opt-ins. Handles opt-out replies andupdates the Sullivan’s database Sullivan Tire Opt-ins
  3. 3. Client Case Study: In-Store Sweeps
  4. 4. Client Case Study: Mobile game promotion Text wholesome to 48121
  5. 5. Facebook Spin to win