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CFA New Facebook Instant Win Guidelines


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Check out CFA's new Facebook Platform for all of our instant win games. Best Platform around and affordable.

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CFA New Facebook Instant Win Guidelines

  2. 2. FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS Your facebook promotion includes a set number of pages, users will get a complete experience without leaving facebook. From Like Us (gateway) to Prize page, from Form validation to the Game, all contained in one place, all pages linked together and functional. WIREFRAME LIKE US* (OPTIONAL) PRIZES HOMEPAGE WINNERS RULES OVERLAY*** REGISTER** ALREADY ENTERED‡ (OPTIONAL) POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA‡‡ INSTANT WIN GAME SEQUENCE (ALL SCREENS ARE PART OF ONE GAME PAGE LAYERED TOGETHER) COMING SOON ENDED PLAY SCREEN LOSE SCREEN POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA‡‡ WIN SCREEN OVERLAID FORM** THANK YOU POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA‡‡ *LIKE US/GATEWAY: If a LIKE US page is part of your promotion, the user MUST like the Sponsor Facebook page to be able to enter, after page is “liked”, user will skip the homepage and go directly to the register page. User that have liked the promotion or returning visitors will NOT see the “GATEWAY” and see the homepage. **REGISTER FORM: Registration page will capture FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME, EMAIL ADDRESS a few Mandatory Opt-in and Custom one from YOU, the SPONSOR. Winners will be asked to complete a redeem form and add additional informations such as an ADDRESS to their entry. ***RULE OVERLAY: User will be able to access the rules from any page by clicking the Official Rules links. Rules will appear as an overlay. ALREADY ENTERED: ‡ SPONSOR will be able to set the frequency of entries, from once a day, a week, a month to once per the duration of the promotion. An ALREDY ENTERED/PLAYED page will appear as user try to enter more then once POST TO SOCIAL MEDIA: ‡‡ All participants, Winner or NON-Winners will be able to post to Facebook and Twitter. READYSETPROMO | BETTER PROMOS » FASTER
  3. 3. FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS GRAPHIC SIZES AND GOOD PRACTICES WIDTH When your are designing a page for facebook your main requirement is that any full width images or html must be designed to the width of 810 pixel. 810 PIXEL WIDE HEIGHT Just like any other webpage, a facebook page will scroll vertically based on content and monitor size, so there is no real height limitation. For optimal user experience we recommend that all vital content, such a form, instant win/game main functions are kept “above the fold” to avoid user push back and incompletion. Based on latest data we suggest the fold to be around an height of 670 pixel. 670 PIXEL FOLD 1024/1366/1280 x 768 - 33.06% 1280 x 800 - 24.76% DOWNLOAD It is important to create excitement on a webpage, especially for a promotions to attract entries. Internet connections are getting faster and faster, but page size are getting larger, (Dec. 2014-1.7MB average). When you design a page for your promotion, please be mindful that larger in size and richer in graphic page may take longer to load. note: When a page loads as a facebook app, it may take a few seconds longer as facebook loads his code and scripts first. source: 1440/1500 x 900 - 11.00% 1280 x 1024 - 8.25% 1680/1400 x 1050 - 5.92% source: DESIGNING FOR SMARTPHONE The promotion you are creating for facebook will run as is on most smartphones, your regularly designed pages will simply rescale to fit your smartphone screen, that sometime is sometime not optimal. A responsive design is important. We recommend that if your audience is “phone prone” you create/design a version of your promotion for your phone to be viewed in portrait mode. When you promotion is accessed via a phone, the engine will realize that you are coming via smartphone and serve you a phone unique layout you designed. 640 PIXEL FIXED WIDTH BY 960 PIXEL SCALABLE HEIGHT All layouts/pages you created for a regular browser must be redesigned to a 640 WIDTH x 960 HEIGHT. READYSETPROMO | BETTER PROMOS » FASTER
  4. 4. FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS Running social is like running crazy! Users can arrive and access your Facebook from many directions. Facebook and its proprietary code and interface can sometime create challenges and limitation on how and why things may display and behaves. See below for a quick explanation of what may happen. WHEN ACCESSING FACEBOOK VIA WEB: COMPUTER BROWSER OR TABLET BROWSER User can access the promotion 2 ways: 1) Click on a the tab 2) Click on a post - link. User will see the Fangated page if part of your promotion. WHEN ACCESSING FACEBOOK VIA APP: TABLET OR PHONE Tabs are NOT present on the Facebook App, user can access the ONLY via POST on your wall 1) Click on post link. Fangating is NOT possible user will go to the NON-Fangate - Homepage Page WHEN ACCESSING VIA PHONE: BROWSER ACCESSING THE PROMOTION VIA LINK Facebook switches to m.facebook site when accessed on a phone. Without tabs user can access the ONLY via POST on your wall All Ready, Set Promo promotions generate unique link 1) Click on post link. Fangating is NOT possible user will go to the NON-Fangate Page If no “vanity-url” is requested each promotion will have a link such as: This link (or a bit-ly version of it) can be posted, blasted, twitted etc,. The promotion will behave based on how it will get accessed, browser, tablet, app, etc. as indicated in this document. READYSETPROMO | BETTER PROMOS » FASTER
  5. 5. FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS CHECKLIST PROMOTION TYPE n Instant Win n Instant Win and Sweepstakes Combo PAGES (Please provide ONE Photoshop file per page) n Like Us/Gateway n Homepage n Coming Soon n Promotion Ended n Prizes n Winners (optional) n Register n Not Applicable n Already Entered (Will display based on Entry Frequency) Game Page Screens: n Play n Win (Please create a unique screen per unique prize) n Lose (Please create multiple and different “Lose” screens to allow variety on a losing play) n Thank You ADD-ONS AND CLIENT SPECIFICS TO PROVIDE n Privacy Policy Link (link to outside _Blank) n Copyright Line n Opt-in Message Example: Yes, I want to receive special offers from the SPONSOR of this sweepstakes SHARING/POSTING Facebook: Images: n Facebook App Icon/TAB: 111 x 74 pixels n Facebook Share Icon: 50 x 50 pixels AND 75 x 75 pixels Message: n Posting title n Posting copy Twitter: n 140 Characters total (including link) READYSETPROMO | BETTER PROMOS » FASTER