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Obeying god


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Obeying god

  1. 1. Jesus, the Perfect Example of Obedience Obeying God
  2. 2. Praise and Worship
  3. 3. Bible Passage Mark 15:1-47; 16: 1-8; Luke24:36-46  
  4. 4. BiblePoint: Jesusdied to pay for our sins, but Herosefrom the dead and isaliveforever.
  5. 5. By theend of thislesson, you will: 1.tell what happened on thethird day after Jesus died; 2.praiseJesusfor Hispower over death; 3.accept Jesusasyour Savior and King. Lesson Objectives:
  6. 6. “Heisnot here- Hehasbeen raised!” -Mark 16:6 LifeVerse: