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Using my voice to praise god


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Using my voice to praise god

  1. 1. Loving God by Using My Voice to Praise God Loving God
  2. 2. Praise and Worship
  3. 3. Bible Passage 1 Chronicles16: 4-9, 23 Sing praisesto God  
  4. 4. BiblePoint: God gaveusvoicesso we can praiseHim.
  5. 5. By theend of thislesson, you will: 1.tell how King David praised GOD; 2.praiseGod through songs; 3.inviteothersto sing praisesto God. Lesson Objectives:
  6. 6. “Sing to God with thanksgiving in your hearts.” - Colossians3: 16 LifeVerse:
  7. 7. TheStory of David Praising GOD
  8. 8. • In our church, wehaveworship leaders, too. LiketheLevites, they lead usto worship God by singing praisesongsto Him. They also play musical instruments. Do you know theworship leader leadersin our church?Can you nametheir musical instruments? Relation to Life
  9. 9. • You, too, can useyour voiceto sing praisesongsto God. You can join the singing in church. You can also sing at home. You can inviteyour family or your playmatesto worship God by singing praisesongstogether. Relation to Life
  10. 10. • If you liketo play musical instruments, you can learn to play praisesongs, too. What musical instrument can you play? Relation to Life
  11. 11.  How did David praised God?  Givewayson how you can praiseGod using your voice.  Do you praiseGod? Do you play amusical instrument? Application