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Phase III Training


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Phase III Training

  1. 1. eBook  Shared   Reading   with  vocabulary  instruc-on  College  of  Educa-on   Center  for  Literacy  
  2. 2. Purpose   •  Engage  children  in  shared  ebook   reading  at  the  Touch  screen;   •  Teach  new  words  to  assess  the   effec-veness  of  shared  ebook   reading;   •  Invite  children  to  browse/read   ebooks  on  mobile  devices  
  3. 3. Answer  a  Big  Ques-on:   What  does  shared  eBook  reading   ac-vity  in  the  elementary  classroom   look  like?  
  4. 4. Overview   Who:  3-­‐4  average  ability  children       When:  February  27-­‐March  23;  week  of   March  26  as  needed   What:  4  ebooks  +  vocabulary  words   How:  shared  book  approach  with   vocabulary  instruc-on  
  5. 5. Phase  III  Research  Focus   Phase  1:   Phase  2:   Phase  3:   eBook   Environment   Instruc-on   4  weeks   4  weeks   4  weeks  
  6. 6. Calendar  Week   Acvies  February  20-­‐24   Pre-­‐test  vocabulary  (CBDM)  February  27  –  March  2   Read  an  ebook  2x  at  Touch  screen;  teach  vocabulary   Invite  mobile  reading  March  5  –  March  9   Read  an  ebook  2x  at  Touch  screen;  teach  vocabulary   Invite  mobile  reading  March  12  –  March  16   Same  March  19  –  March  23   Same   Post-­‐test  vocabulary  March  26  –  March  30   Make-­‐Up  week  
  7. 7. What  You  Need  To  Do   Preview  the  ebook  each  week     Make  a  plan  each  week    &  submit  to   Jeremy   Follow  the  plan  &  schedule  as  best  as   you  can  
  8. 8. Shared eBook Reading Plan Title: Date: New Words: Instructional Segment Plan Notes Note pre-selected screens for instruction; information/ vocabulary to point out; organization for mobile reading Before • Point out title, author Use pocket chart for • Discuss what the story introducing target words is about • Highlight vocabulary words (Say; Tell; Do) During • Listen or Read Aloud • Pause to discuss • Highlight new words (as needed) After • Ask for favorite part • Repeat new words (as needed)Lesson  Plan   • Prepare for mobile reading Mobile • Distribute mobile devices to individuals or pairs • Select place to browse/read • Monitor engagement Observations Note: Keep vocabulary instruction short and simple. (1) Say target words and ask children to say them. (2) Tell about the word meaning and encourage children to talk about the meaning a little bit. (3) Use a gesture (if possible) to help children remember the word; invite children to use the gesture + say the word.
  9. 9. Gefng  Started   children  on  the  vocabulary   Teacher  introduces    Teacher  introduces  Pre-­‐test   Reading  #1   Reading  #2   words;     children  to  shared  ebook   children  to  5  new  words,     reading  at  the  Touch   then  shares  the  story   screen:   again.   teacher/coach  conducts   CBDM  on  word  sample       with  individual  children   We  will  listen  to  ebook  stories   Teacher  encourages  child   together  at  the  Touch  screen.   Some7mes  we  will  stop  and   engagement  with  the   talk  about  what  is  in  the  story.   screen  (touching)  and  the     Some7mes  we  will  talk  about   story.   new  words  we  are  learning.  In     our  ebooks  we  use  our  pointer   finger  to  gently  touch  ***   Teacher  prepares  children   here***.  Watch  I  am  going  to   for  mobile  reading  on   gently  touch  with  my  pointer   their    own  or  with  a   finger  and  our  story  will  start.   Let’s  listen.     partner.       Teacher  introduces   children  to  5  new  words.       Teacher  chooses  either   audio  (listening)  or   manual  (teacher  reading)    
  10. 10. Each  Week   Reading  #2     •  Teach  5  words   •  Mobile   •  Engage   •  Teach  5  words   •  Individual/pairs   •  Engage   Reading  #1   Reading  #3  
  11. 11. eBook  Selec-on   You  should  follow  the   Grade  Level  Specific  eBook  List  for   Phase  III     Boy  in  the  Drawer  KDG  The   1st   The  Hockey  Card   2nd     Dinosaurs  Roar,   Bujerflies  Soar  Me  Too   Lewis  Cardinal’s  First   A  Platypus,  Probably   Winter  Something  Good   Porcupining   Down  to  the  Sea  with  Mr.   Magee  Porcupining   Hoover’s  Bride   Hoover’s  Bride    
  12. 12. Mobile  Devices  •  Use  Grade  Level  Specific  eBook  List  to  direct   children  to  appropriate  eBook  on  mobile   device.  •  Pay  ajen-on  to  App  Package  Name  
  13. 13. Phase  III  Repor-ng  •  Weekly  Time  Report   –  Access  from  the  eBooks  dropdown  menu  or   from  the  TEACHERS  Group  page   –  Complete  and  submit  at  the  end  of  each  week  •  No  E-­‐Book  Quality  Ra-ng  •  Lesson  Plans    
  14. 14. Lesson  Plan  Submission  •  Please  name  each  of  your  lesson  plans  using   your  LAST  NAME  and  EBOOK  TITLE.    •  You  will  need  to  upload  your  weekly  plans   to  the  Dropbox  folder.  
  15. 15. Next  Steps  •  Prepare  your  mobile  devices  •  Iden-fy  your  Week  1  eBooks  •  Implement  Shared  eBook  Reading   Instruconal  Protocol  in  your  classroom  •  Submit  your  weekly  me  log  •  Be  Creave  and  Have  Fun!  
  16. 16. Thank  You!   Thank  you  very  much  for  contribu-ng   to  our  professional  community.