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Mp kontroll schwarz-pulver gb


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Mp kontroll schwarz-pulver gb Control Powder

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Mp kontroll schwarz-pulver gb

  1. 1. ABRASIVES ABRASIVES MP Kontrollschwarzpulver Product Description:NON-PAINTS CAR 3000 MP Kontrollschwarzpulver is a top-class product for the application on the thoroughly dried filler. The application on large areas and the following sanding of MP Kontrollschwarzpulver assure that all the surfaces were sanded and that there remains a non-porous surface for the subsequent coating. No masking work is necessary when using MP Kontrollschwarzpulver. This product is solvent-free and perfectly suitable for both dry and wet sanding. No clogging of the abrasive. Technical Data: • for the application on thoroughly dried filler materials • for the control of sanded surfaces • solvent-free • no clogging of abrasives • for wet and dry sanding • consisting of 100g control powder including application pad Item-No. Description Unit 58101 7182 MP Kontrollschwarzpulver 1 Email: •