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Info Mipa A40


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Mipa A 40 1K-Acrylspachtel

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Info Mipa A40

  1. 1. Mipa A 40 gb 5/0509 1K-Acrylspachtel page 1 / 1 Product InformationMipa A 40 1K-Acrylspachtel is an acrylic based fast drying finishing filler, for thelevelling of minor irregularities, scratches and pores on primer / filler surfaces as wellas on glas fibre reinforced plastic or old sanded coatings. To be applied in thin layers.Re-coatable with all of the usual paint systems.Colour shade beigeMixing ratioHardenerThinnersSpraying viscosity 20° CApplication spraying pressure spraying nozzle spraying operationsSpray gun - Air /FlowjarAirless / AirmixPot lifeCoat thickness / dry film thin coats; when necessary, repeat more times the operationCuring time / Flash off time approx. 15 min.Dry recoat time dust dry set to touch full hardnessObject temp. 20° C 20 - 30 min.Object temp. 60° CVOC-regulation EC limiting value for the product (cat. B/e): 840 g/l (2007) This product contains max. 356 g/l VOC [ 2,97 lbs/gal]Remarks:Processing conditions: from + 10° C and up to 80% r elative air humidity.Not to be used on blank sheet metal. Old coatings must be cleaned thoroughly and sanded.Dry sandable after approx. 20 - 30 min. (P 180 - 240) or wet (P 240 - 400).All products should be disposed of in relation to the regulations of the environmental healthauthorities. Protect your Environment! This data sheet is for information purpose only! To our knowledge the data provided complies with the latest standard and is based on years of experience in the manufacture of our products. However the data is not binding and without warranty. Pleasefollow recommendations stated on the relevant safety data sheet and precautions stated on the product label. We reserve our right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the information at any time without prior notification. MIPA AG · D-84051 Essenbach · Tel. 08703/9220 · Telefax 08703/922100