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Mp one stepsuperpolish


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MP ONESTEP Super-Polish

Published in: Automotive, Business, Technology
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Mp one stepsuperpolish

  1. 1. PREPAIR & FINISH PREPAIR & FINISH MP ONE-STEP Super-Polish Product Description:NON-PAINTS CAR 3000 MP ONE-STEP Super-Polish is a polish of the latest generation with which it is easy to remove traces of spray dust, spraying transitions and sanding traces. This unique product makes it possible for the first time to do polishing work after the fine sanding process with P1500 – P2000 water sanding paper in one operation, as well in case of dark paints. Paint defects can be removed with this product without any problems. The annoying and sometimes difficult removal of polishing agents, e.g. on plastic surfaces, is no longer a problem with MP ONE-STEP Super- Polish, it can simply be wiped away. Only MP ONE- STEP Super-Polish provides a perfect finish of the paint surface. Technical Data: • polishing in one operation (also in case of dark paints) • silicone-free, aluminium oxide • suitable for scratch resistant paints (nano topcoats) • hologram-free polishing after the fine sanding process • easy removal of spraying transitions and traces of spray dust • usable for polishing work by hand or machine Item-No. Description Unit 57120 0001 MP ONE-STEP Super-Polish 1 Ltr. 1 57120 0002 MP ONE-STEP Super-Polish 5 Ltr. 1 Email: •