CCSE Annual Report 2008


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California Center for Sustainable Energy's 2008 Annual Report.

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CCSE Annual Report 2008

  1. 1. Cultivating Change Creating Impacts 2008 Annual Report 1
  2. 2. Our Mission Table of Contents To promote the 4 Directors’ 30 Transportation Letter adoption of clean, efficient, renewable and sustainable energy technologies and 5 36 practices. CCSE’s Public Green Pledge Affairs 6 Climate 38 2008 Board Change of Directors 12 Energy 39 Fiscal Year Efficiency in Review 18 Green 40 Thank You to Brandon, Building our Supporters son of CCSE Program Manager Ben Airth. 24 Renewable 42 Consider The California Center for Sustainable Energy Energy Donating is an unbiased, independent, knowledgeable nonprofit. 2 3
  3. 3. Letter from the Board CCSE’s Green Pledge Creating Change for a Clean Energy Future A message from Irene M. Stillings, executive director, and Robert Noble, chairman of the board of directors This was another banner year for the California Energy Advisory Service, offering expertise Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE). Our and consulting services to help customers programs expanded, and community interest implement energy efficiency and clean energy in our offerings and services increased. Tens of thousands of San Diegans connected with strategies. We upgraded our computer system and launched a new interactive website. We Pledge to: us by participating in workshops and events, We hired 13 new employees and started an • work to reduce consumption and waste by taking advantage of incentive programs, extensive internship and volunteer program implementing recycling and composting visiting the Energy Resource Center and with more than 60 trained citizens helping us programs. clicking onto our website. Many wonderful expand our scope of services. • use the most energy-efficient office equipment things happened at CCSE during 2008, but a and practices complemented by on-site, few successes are particularly noteworthy. The board of directors championed issues renewable energy generation. related to developing community awareness, • utilize water-efficient technologies and practices, In February, we began taking applications for increasing public policy interactions and as well as implement water education for staff the two-year, $1.8 million California Fueling improving program planning. They were and visitors. Alternatives rebate program funded by the particularly engaged in the future growth of • encourage staff and visitors to carpool, adjust California Air Resources Board (ARB). By CCSE and encouraged greater collaborations schedules and use public transportation to the end of 2008, the funds were exhausted, with local, regional and statewide organizations. reduce traffic and emissions. and ARB appropriated another $1 million for • implement green building practices to reduce our the program through 2009. We were pleased Throughout this report, you will notice an building’s environmental impact. with the public response to the program, underlying theme of children. That is because • measure our carbon footprint and we hope to help with future, state clean we see our mission as helping to create a more and reduce emissions transportation incentive programs. sustainable world, not only for ourselves, but also for our children and generations to come. 30 percent by 2020. The tremendously popular Cool Communities Shade Tree Program came to an end in 2008, We sincerely thank our donors, partners, greatly exceeding its goals with 33,589 trees volunteers and supporters. We want you to planted since 2002. These trees beautify the know that your awareness and steadfast community and offer a sustainable energy commitment to our organization is vital to our solution for future generations by producing ability to carry out our meaningful work. more oxygen, cooling homes and reducing carbon emissions. We continue to seek funding opportunities to carry on a tree planting program. Robert Noble, Chairman of the Board California Center for Sustainable Energy In 2008, the California Public Utilities - Jessie, Commission selected us to administer the daughter of Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing program CCSE Marketing and we are continuing to administer the Tax Communications Exempt Customer Incentive Program through Manager Kim Irene M. Stillings, Executive Director Skyes the end of 2009. We also established our California Center for Sustainable Energy 4
  4. 4. Climate Change While it is true that some climate change occurs naturally on its own, we as humans contribute heavily to polluting the environment. The average American has a carbon footprint of about 20 tons of carbon dioxide per year compared to the world average of less than five tons per person. As residents of this earth, we have a responsibility to preserve the environment, reduce our energy use and teach our children how they can reduce their carbon footprint. My dad says it’s easy to reduce your carbon footprint one step at a time. - Natalia, daughter of CCSE Controller Jose de la Torre
  5. 5. CLIMATE CHANGE mentoring high school students Reducing your carbon footprint one step at a time High Tech High student interns learn how to We help all segments of the community from school children to residents, incorporate small changes government and business people learn about carbon emissions. into their daily lives to help combat climate change. At home or at school, actions like recycling or turning off lights are easy to do. creating clean, green communities Chula Vista officials vote unanimously to go green Learn More About and adopt green building Climate Change technologies and xeriscaping techniques after receiving Website advice from CCSE’s climate Our website hosts a change experts. world of information on how to contribute to a sustainable energy future. With information on climate change, clean transportation coaching business leaders and energy efficiency, Business owners and Through consultation, workshops EMPOWERING CHANGE our website is a great decision makers prepare and annual outreach events CCSE Our goal is to help every city in the information source for the for new environmental educates the community and the market place state create and establish a set of environmentally curious. laws by attending CCSE’s on the probable impacts of climate change; climate protection measures. Visit “Impacts of Climate Change and we teach our audience what can be done When the City of Chula Vista decided they on Businesses” free workshop to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and wanted to go green, we were right there Climate Change covering how local businesses preserve our planet for future generations. to help. We participated as part of the City Workshops will be affected. Find out how you can support our Climate of Chula Vista’s Climate Change Working Our Climate Change Change Program at Group offering expert analysis on the most Program has a strong implementable solutions out of hundreds of educational element; we EARTH DAY options presented. After hours of discussion present workshops for all promoting sustainability In 2008, we participated in more and nearly 30 statements of public support, sectors of the community. than six community Earth Day Chula Vista’s elected officials voted Attendees learn about the Offering the education and celebrations throughout the region. We also unanimously to adopt seven Climate Protection cause and effect of carbon tools necessary to combat partnered with SDG&E, the San Diego County Measures, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and what to do to global warming, the first Water Authority and the City of San Diego to emissions. To learn more about Chula Vista’s reduce their carbon footprint. annual Sustainability host our first annual Sustainability Fair. The innovative climate change protection measures Fair brings the community event included informative workshops and a please visit together for free workshops, vendor fair showcasing green products. products and services to To partner in 2009 and find out more, visit help folks go green. 8 9
  6. 6. Climate Change Impacts With 90 percent of Californians now concerned about the impacts of climate change, we know that education is vital. With a grant from Bank of America, we were able to fund a series of workshops and community-based events that helped participants learn how they can adopt greener behaviors and reduce their carbon footprint. CCSE programs saved 21,446 metric tons of CO2 in 2008. This is the same as taking 3,917 cars off the road for a year or the carbon sequestered annually by 788,733 trees. This is also equivalent to saving 60,610,357 CCSE’s climate kWh of electricity, which is the change scientist, Andrea energy used by 883 U.S. citizens Cook, Ph.D, teaches children in Carlsbad changes they can make to in a year. leave a lighter carbon footprint on the earth. 10 11
  7. 7. Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is essentially the process of using less energy to produce the same level of service. At CCSE, we are committed to sharing unbiased, independent knowledge and expertise with local communities and residents to help them implement energy efficiency solutions at home and at work. My dad says that people can learn everything they want to know about energy efficiency at - Gina, daughter of CCSE Web Developer Andres Spagarino
  8. 8. ENERGY EFFICIENCY teaching the next generation Learning how to economize to energize Elementary school students explore the We help people learn how to do more with less energy, whether a Energy Resource Center, student, residential customer or a commercial business. checking out interactive displays, while learning how energy-efficient technologies save both energy and resources. Learn More About Energy Efficiency helping tax-exempt organizations Energy Resource Center Military, public or private (ERC), a partnership with K-12 schools and local SDG&E, features a state-of- governments can receive the-art display showroom of technical and administrative the latest energy efficiency, assistance and generous The least expensive and easiest way One of CCSE’s most popular renewable energy and green financial incentives from to be green is energy efficiency. To offerings, the Cool Communities Shade building technologies. A CCSE to help them with help people understand their options, CCSE Tree Program provided 33,589 trees to free media, book and tool energy efficiency measures. offers educational workshops and technical thousands of residents throughout SDG&E’s lending library and technical advice to residents and businesses on how service area during 2003-08. During the assistance is awaiting you to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Energy efficiency is at the program, individuals received up to ten trees and learned how to plant and care for them. at the ERC. The ERC also hosts free workshops several awarding innovative students foundation of many CCSE programs, some of Funding for the program came to an end in times per week. Visit which are highlighted here. December 2008, but its legacy will continue for CCSE honors young decades. The trees’ daytime shading reduces scientists for their energy electric demands for air conditioning, and their conservation, energy SANDEE AWARDS Tax Exempt Customer continuous respiration removes tons of carbon efficiency and renewable The San Diego Excellence in Energy Incentive Program (TEC) dioxide from the atmosphere. energy inventions during Awards (SANDEE) are an annual TEC provides eligible the annual Young Scientist recognition of energy heroes in tax-exempt organizations Innovation Fair at the Energy San Diego County. Awards are given in EMPOWERING CHANGE (within the SDG&E service Resource Center. several categories to recognize individuals, Each year, dozens of expert- territory) with free technical businesses, government agencies and facilitated workshops and seminars assistance, energy audits, organizations whose efforts achieve on a broad spectrum of energy and energy efficiency education, significant energy savings. After five years, sustainability topics are conducted plus financial incentives recognizing leaders in energy the SANDEE Awards are more popular than at CCSE, both by center staff and SDG&E to help implement energy ever. In 2008, an unprecedented number specialists. There are classes on green efficiency measures. VIDEO: The County of San of award applications were received, and building and advanced lighting technologies Diego receives a San Diego more than 350 guests gathered at the Omni for building professionals and do-it-yourself Cool Communities Excellence in Energy Award Hotel to help honor the awardees. Together, “energy smart” remodeling and solar water Shade Tree Program for saving energy through the winners prevented more than 10 million heating basics workshops for homeowners. CCSE is currently seeking energy efficiency upgrades, pounds of carbon emissions from entering The best part is that these workshops are free funding that would allow water conservation and the atmosphere. Read more about last year’s and open to the public. us to resume this successful, recycled materials at CCSE’s SANDEE winners and learn how to be popular and environmentally fifth annual SANDEE Awards. recognized for your energy savings. sound program. 14 15
  9. 9. Energy Efficiency Impacts The Energy Resource Center welcomed more than 12,000 visitors and 1,200 workshop attendees to 235 events during 2008. The reference library lent 215 tools and 190 books and provided 160 technical assistance sessions. Another 10,000 people are reached monthly through the Energy Connections e-newsletter. In 2008, the TEC program was responsible for the installation of numerous energy efficiency measures worth more than $2 million per year in cost savings. This is the equivalent of the electricity supplied to more than 1,600 homes in a year. The Cool Communities Shade Tree Program planted nearly Right: CCSE’s 10,000 trees in 2008 that trap Roman Partida-Lopez explains how much power can be pollutants such as sulfur dioxide generated by simply riding a bike at one of and nitrous oxides. CCSE’s annual educational outreach events in San Diego. 16 17
  10. 10. Green My dad says green buildings are kinder to the environment and help people save lots of money. - Arianna, daughter of CCSE Controller Building Jose de la Torre Buildings consume 72 percent of all electricity produced at U.S. power plants, and they also produce 39 percent of all harmful greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. Green building includes the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency, recycled, reclaimed and reused products and materials.
  11. 11. GREEN BUILDING making green building easy Shaping a greener future CCSE’s team of accredited green building experts CCSE helps customers identify cost-saving opportunities that support provide designers, healthy, efficient and sustainable structures. contractors, facility planners and architects with the education, consultation and technical assistance they need to build green. reaching out to fire survivors Learn More About Green Building Rebuild Central is a one- stop shop for fire survivors Rebuild Central (like Paul Bender pictured), After the destructive seeking information on how 2007 California wildfires, to rebuild with energy-efficient something needed to be and sustainable technologies done to help fire survivors like green roofs and gray- rebuild their homes and lives. water recovery systems. CCSE quickly organized a consortium of nonprofit, Our green building experts offer free technical advice, workshops, publications and ECOBUILD SAN DIEGO In 2008, planning started for the first professional, mission-driven organizations and public introducing new technologies tools at the Energy Resource Center (ERC). annual EcoBuild San Diego green agencies to create Rebuild The ERC displays a variety of green building building expo offering educational workshops Central. This program offers CCSE supports green technologies and the EcoBuild annual expo and showcasing green building technology. outreach to California fire communities built with highlights the latest trends. The expo complements CCSE’s other annual survivors by providing sustainable materials that events as the signature outreach activity within them with information and last. Using new technologies, The Green Building Program helps the green building portfolio of services. education, not only on like treated wood, can protect business and residential customers evaluate rebuilding green, but on against mold, wood rot and structural designs and system specifications in EMPOWERING CHANGE rebuilding their lives. fire, creating long-lasting order to build more sustainably. It promotes the Paul and Rita Bender lost their home eco-friendly structures. use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in the Slide Fire of 2007. They shared… Rebuild Central workshops and the inclusion of recycled, reclaimed and “We, as people, can’t change anything offer information on reused products and materials. or have any hope of passing along an everything from how to promoting LEED certification rebuild a more energy- The program includes technical inhabitable world to future generations, efficient, green and Leadership in Energy assistance and how-to workshops unless every individual takes personal sustainable home to how to and Environmental for consumers and contractors, so that both properly file taxes and work Design workshops train groups can learn about the latest technologies responsibility to learn what we can with insurance companies, future LEED-accredited and systems available for green building. change and take the right actions... I when documents have been professionals in the The programs range from Green Building 101 lost in the fire. Find out how certification process and for homeowners to advanced classes in have found a lot of good information on you can support Rebuild teach them about the tools project management and cost control for your website as well. Thanks again...” Central online at and resources available. building professionals. 20 21
  12. 12. Green Building Impacts Last year Rebuild Central presented more than 20 workshops that reached more than 1,000 fire survivors. Planning started for the EcoBuild San Diego green building event held in the spring of 2009. More than 300 people attended the first annual EcoBuild San Diego. CCSE offers free workshops on the newest technologies in green building, which includes fire-resistant technologies like insulated concrete forms for building in the fire-prone areas of Southern California. 22 23
  13. 13. Renewable Our mom says that solar energy is a better way to a brighter day. Energy - Brianna and Alonna, daughters of CCSE Staff Accountant Nicole Henderson Using alternative sources of energy is on nearly everyone’s mind as we face a future of increasing prices and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels. Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and biomass, can be harnessed in many ways and are fast becoming more affordable as technologies advance.
  14. 14. RENEWABLE ENERGY cleaning california’s power Using clean energy to power your world The California Solar Initiative (CSI) has an We offer the support and information needed to help make the ambitious goal of installing transition to renewable energy easier. 3,000 megawatts of solar photovoltaic power by 2017. CCSE offers rebates for both residential and commercial solar installations. Learn More About saving tax payers thousands Renewable Energy “San Miguel gets a chance California Solar Initiative to go green and save tax As administrators of the payers thousands of dollars. California Solar Initiative, in We’re honored to be part of a the SDG&E service territory, program that will help make we provide cash incentives, San Diego a little greener.” training, education, technical - Chief Augie Ghio, San Miguel support and inspection Consolidated Fire Protection District. services to homes and As administrators of several state EMPOWERING CHANGE businesses for going solar. programs promoting renewable energies, we offer technical assistance and As part of the Solar Water Heating Pilot Program, San Miguel Fire Station #22 Solar Water Heating incentivizing solar communities generous financial incentives to homeowners in Rancho San Diego installed a system, which Pilot Program and businesses to adopt clean energy cut their natural gas use by nearly 35 percent. This program is part of the CCSE awards an incentive practices. These incentive programs include The project was truly a community effort with California Solar Initiative check for $129,348 via the the California Solar Initiative, Solar Water the system and installation services donated and promotes solar water California Solar Initiative Heating Pilot Program and Self-Generation by the local companies Solar Depot and heating technology, including to the Mission Bay Aquatic Incentive Program. Performance Solar. an education component for Center at their solar system’s contractors and homeowners. grand opening. The system SOLAR ENERGY WEEK In 2008, the City of Palo Alto Utilities The pilot program was will save 82,000 lbs. of CO2 One of the ways we spread the word chose CCSE to administer its Solar extended one year until the from entering the atmosphere. about renewable energy is Solar Water Heating (SWH) Program that supplies end of 2009. Energy Week, where San Diegans interact monetary incentives for residential and with solar experts and businesses to learn commercial installations. Similar to the state- Self-Generation soaking in solar energy week about their energy options. In 2008, a range of funded Pilot Program managed by CCSE Incentive Program activities offered education and entertainment for customers in the SDG&E service area, Since 2001, we have been VIDEO: San Diegans enjoy from vendor fairs and workshops to tours of the Palo Alto program offers rebates of up providing incentives for the their week in the sun during commercial and residential solar systems and to $1,500 for residences and $75,000 for installation of a wide variety Solar Energy Week, featuring a Family Solar Day festival at Spanish Landing. commercial and industrial applications. The of distributed generation Family Solar Day, solar tours Several thousand people participated in the city has renewed its contract for CCSE’s technologies, including and free workshops such as week of events; adults and kids couldn’t get services for 2009 through 2010. To learn more, solar-electric, wind turbines, “Finding your Solar Dream enough of the solar-powered fun. To find out visit gas turbines, micro-turbines, Job” presented at Solar more about partnering in 2009, visit combined heat and power Power International ‘08. systems and fuel cells. 26 27
  15. 15. Renewable Energy Impacts We have processed 2,200 applications for the California Solar Initiative since the program launched in 2007. These applications represent 38 MW of electricity, 14 MW of which are completed projects that are producing clean, green energy. The Solar Water Heating Pilot Program gained momentum in 2008 increasing the number of applications from 2007 by more than 120%. By year’s end CCSE was managing approximately 6 MW of active project reservations for the Self-Generation CCSE Executive Incentive Program. Director Irene M. Stillings speaks about the Solar America Initiative and CCSE’s role in helping the City of San Diego to obtain a Solar America grant of $400,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy. 28 29
  16. 16. My mom says that alternative fuel Transportation vehicles will drive us to a better future. - Jessie (left), daughter of CCSE Marketing Manager Kim Sykes, and Natalia, daughter of CCSE Controller Jose de la Torre. California is the fifteenth largest emitter of greenhouse gases on the planet, according to the California Air Resources Board (ARB) Low Carbon Fuel Standard Report. The transportation sector is the largest contributor to California’s greenhouse gas emissions with 38 percent coming from fossil fuel-burning vehicles. Considering these statistics, it’s painfully obvious that our state needs to reduce its dependence on petroleum-based fuels in order to make a dramatic impact on our environment.
  17. 17. TRANSPORTATION driving change in transportation Driving past fossil fuel dependency Jim Rondenelli receives a $3,000 Fueling Alternatives We are committed to educating Californians on the benefits of alternative rebate from CCSE through fuel vehicles and reducing transport-related carbon emissions. the California Air Resources Board after purchasing his 2008 Honda Civic GX powered by compressed natural gas. making electric cars accessible Rob Wilder, a $5,000 Learn More About Fueling Alternatives Clean Transportation rebate recipient does not pump gas. Instead, his Fueling Alternatives Tesla Roadster runs on Rebate Program power he generates from Encouraging the use of solar panels. We are committed to informing EMPOWERING CHANGE alternative fuel vehicles Californians about the benefits of By now most Americans know can ease the pain at the kicking the fossil fuel habit because clean that lowering their carbon output pump, help drive the transportation and clean air are the foundation for health and a sustainable environment. With is critical to the health and survival of our communities and our planet. For years, economy and preserve the environment. In 2008, walking for clean air in california this in mind, CCSE hosts Street Smart San California cities have topped the American CCSE was selected as DiegoSM, its annual green transportation event Lung Association’s (ALA) list of the most the sole administrator of VIDEO: CCSE further to spread awareness about the importance of polluted cities in the U.S. for short-term a one-of-a kind statewide commits to improving clean transportation. particle pollution, year-round particle pollution alternative fuel vehicle the air we breathe by and ozone pollution. In particular, San Diego incentive program. participating in the American STREET SMART SAN DIEGOSM consistently earns a level F on the ALA air Lung Association’s Healthy It was standing room only when quality grading scale (A being the best, F Funded by the California Air Walk 2008. CCSE’s Chris Paine of the famed “Who Killed the being the worst). Considering the data, it is Air Resources Board, energy all-stars team walked Electric Car” spoke at CCSE’s Second Annual vital that a clean transportation awareness CCSE processed cash the talk for clean air. Street Smart San DiegoSM. This exciting and implementation program is in place rebates of up to $5,000 one-day regional expo showcases green for California. for 524 applicants that transportation options and the benefits of purchased or leased new bringing you movers and shakers alternative fuel vehicles. More than 500 people CCSE is dedicated to clean air eligible alternative attended the free event, which also featured a partnerships to mitigate air quality fuel vehicles. Visit VIDEO: Chris Paine, special appearance by Solartaxi Inventor and problems. In addition to administering the director of “Who Killed Driver Louis Palmer who was making a trip statewide Fueling Alternatives Rebate Program the Electric Car?,” drives around the world in his solar powered vehicle. and holding the annual Street Smart event, the Solartaxi with inventor Akeena Solar powered up Jack FM with its CCSE staff participated in the American Louis Palmer, who stopped solar truck and radio talent Gerald Levy, host Lung Association’s Clean Air Walk raising by Street Smart on his of AM 760’s “Car Talk,” interviewed our event approximately $2,000 for the cause. worldwide trip to raise VIP’s during a remote broadcast of his show awareness for solar energy. live from Street Smart. 32 33
  18. 18. Transportation Impacts Smart choices and smart vehicles are lucrative. CCSE provided cash rebates through the Fueling Alternatives Rebate Program to Californians, who purchased either compressed natural gas vehicles or zero emission vehicles. This rebate program, launched in early 2008, was a combined effort between the California Air Resources Board and CCSE resulting in 633 clean vehicles on the road. More than 500 people attended CCSE’s annual Street Smart San DiegoSM event creating further impact by spreading clean transportation awareness to the San Diego community. Chris Paine, director of “Who Killed the Electric Car?” presents as keynote speaker at CCSE’s Street Smart San DiegoSM, raising awareness for fossil-fuel alternatives. 34 35
  19. 19. PUBLIC AFFAIRS CCSE’s Public Affairs team led the effort and actively participated in Benefitting from green public policy three California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) proceedings relevant to CCSE’s We stay connected so that we can keep you informed about legislative current programs in 2008, including the issues and policies relating to sustainable energy and climate change. proceeding affecting the California Solar Initiative (CSI), the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) and the Solar Water Heating Pilot Program (SWHPP); a proceeding affecting our Climate Change program and the proceeding affecting our Energy Efficiency programs. The Public Affairs team also participated in the California Energy Commission (CEC) proceeding in which final guidelines were adopted for California’s solar electric incentive programs, including the CSI, as directed by Senate Bill 1. The Public Affairs Team’s active Public Affairs participation involves regularly submitting comments to the CPUC and the CEC Impacts CCSE’s Public Affairs team serves our efforts presenting information to High Tech in response to rulings and proposed programs and positively influences the policy High School students about climate change, decisions, seeking beneficial changes for The public affairs team context in which they operate. CCSE’s ongoing CCSE’s role in reducing greenhouse gas technical and analytical support to the San (GHG) emissions and the role that high school our current programs through motions and continually monitors petitions for modification and attending Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), students can play in GHG reduction. They also and participating in workshops and forums. regulatory proceedings the region’s leading planning organization, is presented at CCSE’s California Solar Initiative a case in point. In 2008, CCSE staff provided quarterly workshops and public forums. The During 2008, CCSE submitted constructive relevant to our five planks: and persuasive comments to the CPUC SANDAG with a variety of policy briefs, public affairs team also and CEC on more than 25 occasions. Most climate change, energy analyses and presentations on critical energy notably, CCSE proposed, and the CPUC efficiency, green building, infrastructure, policy and planning issues. • provided initial distributed generation and CCSE’s input and facilitation contributed energy efficiency goals and strategies for approved, a tiered structure for payment of renewable energy and SGIP incentives for qualifying distributed positively to SANDAG’s stakeholder-based SANDAG’s Regional Energy Strategy. generation projects 1 MW to 3 MW in size. transportation. In addition • authored energy efficiency case studies, decision-making processes. marketing and minimum energy efficiency CCSE also sought to make beneficial to regularly commenting Within SANDAG’s Sustainable guidelines for the California Energy changes to our SWHPP, filing a motion resulting in eligibility of all new construction on rulings and proposed Region Program, the team partnered Commission, as part of their outreach to for the SWHPP, as well as a Petition for actions, the team posts with the cities of Poway and Solana Beach to municipalities. execute 13 municipal energy assessments. • authored a report on renewable energy in Modification resulting in an extension of the information to the CCSE SWHPP until December 31, 2009. The team produced a comprehensive Energy the border region for San Diego Dialogue’s Visit to learn more. website and in the Energy annual Forum Fronterizo. Management Plan for each city, complete • created a comprehensive report for Connection Newsletter. with identification of energy reduction options, Left: San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders speaks at detailed technical and financial assessment the city of Poway identifying 48 energy a press conference on the lawn of a San Diego results and policy recommendations for city conservation opportunities with the residence about city plans for initiating AB811 staff and decision makers. potential for $52,437 in annual savings. programs to facilitate increased adoption of solar • prepared a detailed action plan for Solana power in the residential sector. Among those who EMPOWERING CHANGE Beach identifying 23 energy conservation attended were CCSE’s John Supp, California Solar The team collaborated with CCSE opportunities with the potential for $34,413 Initiative program manager, and Jennifer Green, local staff on education and outreach in annual savings. governments program manager. 36 37
  20. 20. CCSE’s 2008 Board of Directors Fiscal Year in Review Expenses by Major Programs January through December 2008 The CCSE board of directors is a crucial link between the center staff and the San Diego community. Members of the board possess a wide range of knowledge and experience in business, organizational leadership and sustainability that help guide our center to new avenues for creating a greener world. We thank them for giving their time, attention and support to CCSE’s mission and goals. Their leadership, wisdom, integrity and commitment are vital to our success. chairman vice chair secretary/ Robert Stephen treasurer Noble Hoffmann Karen CEO President, Hutchens California Solar Initiative: 53% Envision Solar Western Region NRG Energy Inc. President Hutchens PR Self-Generation Incentive Program: 15% As an environmental nonprofit, our goal at CCSE’s is to build a more sustainable, Other Programs and Administration: 11% members Alan Fred energy-efficient community. In 2008 we did Ball Baranowski just that, investing 87% of our total resources Fueling Alternatives: 8% Cecilia Senior Vice Director of Aguillon President/ back into the community through rebates, Cool Communities Shade Tree Program: 4% Business Services Director of Bus. Dev. Qualcomm Inc. Regional Manager incentives, program services and education. & Gov’t Relations Real Estate & 1st Pacific Bank Energy Resource Center: 4% KYOCERA Solar, Inc. Facilities During 2008, CCSE became the Solar Water Heating Pilot Program: 3% administrator of the California Solar Initiative Richard H. Robert Mark H. (CSI) incentive program in the SDG&E service Tax-Exempt Customer Incentive Program: 2% Hertzberg Leiter Loukides territory. Through rebate programs like the CSI, Trustee Director of Energy Self-Generation Incentive Program and the UCSD Board of Land Use & Consultant Fueling Alternatives Rebate Program, CCSE Trustees Transportation Planning paid out 69% of the total operating budget in Expenses by Category cash rebates to SDG&E rate payers and other January through December 2008 SANDAG qualified customers, who are now utilizing these energy-saving technologies. Another John Moot, Karen James T. 13% of CCSE’s annual revenue funded the Esq. Van Winkle Waring public services and technical support the Attorney Senior Architectural Chairman of the programs offer, also directly benefitting our Wertz, McDade, Manager Board, CleanTECH Wallace, Moot & Fairfield San Diego customers in the local community. Brower Residential CCSE is the community hub for information providing sustainable energy education to the public on a daily basis. In CCSE’s 2008 Executive Leadership 2008, CCSE spent 6% of its total expenses operating programs such as the Energy Incentives - Rebates & Donations: 69% Resource Center, Climate Change and Public & Program Services: 13% Irene M. Andrew Abigail Jose de Rebuild Central that teach the public Stillings McAllister Reyes la Torre sustainable practices. In order to support all Gen., Admin, Operations & Fundraising: 9% Executive Director of Director Controller the initiatives that take place at CCSE, the Director Programs of Human center efficiently invests another 9% of our Public Education: 6% Resources total expenses in administration and 3% in Program Marketing & Outreach: 3% marketing and outreach. 38 39
  21. 21. THANK YOU We would like to thank our community partners We know that our efforts are only as good as the people who believe in our mission, and we thank our sponsors for their steadfast support. Grants: Cooper Solar Electric SC Bluwood, Inc. Bank of America Easy Turf ShowerStart, LLC CA Community Foundation Empower Electronics Solar Plus Prudential Realty Foundation Equity thru Energy Solar Smart-Water Heating Give Something Back Systems Sponsorships: Business Products Sun Edison Qualcomm Global Green Distribution Toto USA, Inc. SD Electrical Training Center Green House UBS Our dads say when you make a Sullivan Solar Power Heliodyne Vinyl View Company, Inc. tax-deductible donation to CCSE Toyota Hudnut that you are helping to create a Trina Solar Unlimited Kimmel Construction MPG Logic greener world for kids like us. Supporters: Pacific Homes Remodeling - Erin, daughter of CCSE Director of Programs Andrew Akeena Solar Pacific Honda McAllister, and Brandon, son of CSI Program Manager Borrego Solar Systems Inc. Pacific Remodeling Ben Airth Brighter Concepts Inc. Philips Lighting Company (Solatube) Building Green Futures Clean Energy Clean Power Resources Inc. 40 41
  22. 22. Gina, daughter of Donate to CCSE CCSE Web Developer Andres Spagarino; Jessie, daughter of CCSE Marketing Communications Manager Kim Sykes; Alonna and Brianna, daughters of CCSE Staff Accountant Nicole Henderson Consider making a tax-deductible donation to CCSE. As more and more people are turning to CCSE for reliable, unbiased and independent information on an ever-increasing agenda of sustainable energy issues, we want to respond to these needs at every level from classroom education programs to technical energy advisory solutions. With 98% of the money we receive from state and government sources being restricted for specific programs and incentives, we rely on the generous support of donations and sponsorships to $ serve our community. Learn how you can help us build a sustainable energy future by visiting us online at Tax ID#33-0936366. The California Center for Sustainable Energy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. By supporting CCSE with your tax-deductible donation you are creating a greener world for future generations.
  23. 23. 8690 Balboa Ave. main 858.244.1177 Suite 100 fax 858.244.1178 San Diego, CA 92123 44