Appendix: San Diego PEV Readiness Plan


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Includes PEV best practices from various cities and states from Canada, the US and California. Also includes the results of the PEV readiness survey given to regional municipal staff.

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Appendix: San Diego PEV Readiness Plan

  1. 1. 1 Alternative Fuels & Advanced Vehicles Data Center. (2011 June 15). Hawaii Incentives and Laws for EVs. Retrievedfrom Ibid3
  2. 2. FAST FAST
  3. 3. How to Obtain a permit for INFORMATION BULLETIN Electrical Vehicle Charging Systems CITY OF SAN DIEGO Development Services 187 1222 FIRST AVENUE, MS 301 SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-4101 Call (619) 446-5300 for appointments and (619) 446-5000 for information May 2012 This information bulletin describes the permittingand inspection process for the installation of an Elec- Documents Referenced in thistrical Vehicle Charging System (EVCS) on an existing Information Bulletinsite or building. • California Electrical Code, Article 625, (CEC) • Information Bulletin 103, Mechanical, Plumbing/ EVCS installations shall comply with all applicable Gas, Electrical Fee Schedule and Worksheetcode requirements, City ordinances and regulations,including historical, and Land Development Code. • Circuit Card - Supplemental for Single Family Dwellings, DS-1179A Electrical Vehicle (EV) supply equipment shall be • Owner-Builder Verification, DS-3042listed and labeled by an OSHA-approved Nationally • General Application, DS-3032Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)I. Approval Requirements portant to show the width of the sidewalk, An Electrical Permit is required for the installa- the distance from the curb to the sidewalk, tion of an EVCS. and the distance from the sidewalk to the house or garage on the site plan. Also, per A Building Permit may be required if alterations SDMC Section 142.0510, an operable ve- will be made to the building or disabled acces- hicle may be temporarily parked on a legal sible parking spaces serving the buildings on the driveway within a required front or street site, or when new disabled accessible parking side yard if the vehicle does not in any way spaces are proposed. impede access to or from more than one re- quired parking space. The vehicle cannotII. Documents and plans required be parked parallel to the property line. A. General Application, (DS-3032) A General Application must be completed. If 2. Floor plan showing the ECVS when the the property owner is doing the work, a sepa- system is located within a building. rate Owner-Builder Verification form (DS- 3042) must be completed and signed by the 3. Electrical plans and calculations pre- owner. pared, signed and stamped by a California registered Electrical Engineer or the Cali- B. Plans fornia Licensed Electrical contractor who The following plans and calculations are re- will be installing the system. quired for review and approval. Plans and calculations for an EVCS installed in a resi- Note: A completed City of San Diego Cir- dential private garage will be reviewed by the cuit Card (DS-1779A) will be accepted in inspector during inspections. However for all lieu of electrical plans for installation in other installations the plans have to be re- residential private garages; calculations viewed prior to permit issuance. shall be included on the Circuit Card. The Card shall be provided at the site for the 1. Site plan showing complete layout of ex- inspection staff. isting parking spaces and proposed loca- tion of EVCS parking space(s), existing Charging an EV or plug in EV adds a sig- building and structures. nificant and continuous load to electrical services and will impact the regional elec- Charging units are allowed to encroach trical distribution system. Therefore, it is within required zone setbacks, as described important to provide accurate electrical in SDMC 131.0140. Any landscaping re- load calculations. quired by SDMC 142.0402, including trees shall not be removed for the installation of The plans shall include the following infor- the charging unit. mation: a. Single line diagrams showing the sys- Note: Per SDMC, Section 86.26, it is un- tem, point of connection to the power lawful to park a vehicle so that it protrudes supply and the charging unit(s). into the street or sidewalk. If the EV will be b. Electrical load calculations. parked behind the City sidewalk, it is im- c. Electrical panel schedule Printed on recycled paper. Visit our web site at Upon request, this information is available in alternative formats for persons with disabilities. DS-5187 (05-12)
  4. 4. Page of 2 City of San Diego • Information Bulletin 187 May 2012 d. Manufacturers’ data sheet for the listed C. All plans and documents listed above must charging equipment. be provided for residential private garages on e. The amperage supplied to charge the site at time of inspection. electrical vehicle. D. When applicable the approved perforated set 4. Disabled Accessibility Plans showing of plans must be available on site at time of the following: inspection. Note: Disabled accessibility plans are not V. FEES required for EVCS installed in residen- Residential Private Garage Installations tial private garages. Inspection .................................... .8 hr. x $123 = $98.40 Issuance ............................................................... = $38 . a. The dimensioned layout of existing ac- Records ................................................................ = $20 . cessible parking spaces, including ac- cess aisles, and adjacent parking spaces All other installations per unit used for the EV charging station. Electrical Plan Check ................... .5 hrs. x $144 = $72 b. The location and layout of proposed ac- Structural Plan Check ................... .5 hrs. x $144 = $72 cessible EV charging station. Electrical Inspection .............. 1.2 hrs. X $123 = $147.60 . c. An elevation of the charging unit suf- Issuance ............................................................... = $38 . ficient to demonstrate compliance with Records ................................................................ = $20 . the reach ranges for side or front ap- proach to the unit by persons with dis- Hourly charges may be added for additional plan abilities as required in the California reviews and/or inspections. Building Code. VI. Utility Sub-Metered EVCSIII. Options for service If the customer decides that the EVCS installa- A. To obtain the electrical permit for installa- tion will be metered by SDGE for a specialized tions in a residential private garage you may rate, the installation shall conform to the SDGE use our: PEV PILOT drawings. Contact SDGE in ad- vance for information regarding this program. 1. On-Line service at Simple E-Permit When the installation is approved, the inspector will notify SDGE. Please coordinate the instal- 2. Walk-in at the Development Services De- lation of the meter with SDGE. partment at 1222 1st Avenue, 3rd Floor Check-In counter. Walk-In service is also provided at our Inspection Office located at 9601 Ridgehaven Court, 2nd Floor. B. To obtain electrical permits for installation in other locations a plan review is required prior to issuance. 1. Most EVCS reviews may be performed on a walk-in basis over the counter at the Development Services Center, 1222 1st Avenue, 3rd Floor. A General Application and two copies of the plans listed above are required for review and approval.Iv. Inspections A. Access shall be provided to all equipment including the electrical service equipment that supplies power to the EVCS. Inspectors are not authorized to open energized electri- cal equipment. A responsible person shall be present to open any live electrical equipment for inspection. B. In addition to all plans and calculations, the EVCS Manufacturer’s installation instruc- tions shall be provided on site at time of in- spection.
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  7. 7.   o o 1 Adapted from Take Charge I: A First Step to PEV Readiness in the Sacramento Region, a report from SACOG andthe Capital Area PEV Coordinating Council.
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