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Renewables East

Annual Review 08/09

A Catalyst for Change

Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 3

Renewables East                 03   Offshore Wind skills awareness      27
4 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                     ...
6 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

Renewables East, now with over 250 company members, has had
its busiest and most...
8 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                     ...
Renewables East BioREGen promoted the deployment of anaerobic
digestion (AD) with the biogas being available as an energy ...
12 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

Bioenergy has now been recognised both globally
and nationally as being a vital...
14 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                    ...
16 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                    ...
18 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

“Renewables East continues to support us and we are
 now looking for investors,...
20 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                    ...
Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 23

                         “Marine energy available in the East of England is
Damaged turbine blades on offshore installations severely
compromise performance. Renewables East is working with
RTS Inte...
26 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09                                                                                    ...
28 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

“Working with Renewables East has helped us frame
 an approach to delivering ne...
30 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

“Renewables East is a key enabler
 both across and outside the region.”
 Bob Wo...
32 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09

“Thanks to the support from Resource Efficiency East we estimate
 that the key ...
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
Renewables East Annual Review 0809
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Renewables East Annual Review 0809


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Renewables East Annual Review 0809

  1. 1. Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 A Catalyst for Change RENEWABLES EAST
  2. 2. Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 3 Renewables East 03 Offshore Wind skills awareness 27 and recruitment events “We all want to see the East of England at the cutting edge Chairman’s Introduction 04 Low Carbon 28 of the low-carbon revolution, creating new jobs and expanding Managing Director’s Review 06 Development Initiative our credentials for research, development and innovation. Regional Politicians 09 RE advice saves us £30k a year 30 With the support of organisations like Renewables East, Biofuels and Advanced 12 Resource Efficiency East 32 we have a real chance of succeeding.” Conversion Technologies Fuel poverty 34 Barbara Follett, Minister for the East of England Renewables East helps secure 14 significant European funding Beating fuel poverty 37 Biofuels East 16 OrbisEnergy - home of offshore 39 renewables in the East of England Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Helping innovators to market 18 Getting the shot 40 Renewables East Forecasting the future 21 Paula Jennings 41 Supporting Offshore 23 Renewables East is a private, independent • gained over 250 company members Renewable agendas The way forward 42 not-for-profit organisation tasked with delivering the services of a renewable energy agency for • been recognised by Central Government Giving support and confidence 26 Annual accounts 44 the East of England. We work as an expert and as an exemplar model for regional ‘honest broker’ of opportunity between the public renewable development. Events 46 aspiration for a low carbon economy and the commercial reality of sustainable and profitable During 2008/2009 we have successfully launched The Team 48 operations. This role is only made possible through the following programmes and initiatives the public investment we receive, with EEDA continuing to be our main investor. • Biofuels East • Resource Efficiency East. Credits 50 Where required, we mobilise further public funding to support key strategic interventions For this coming year we intended to launch Contact details 52 and those specific areas that will deliver new two further enterprises jobs into the low carbon economy. • anglian GOwarm In this annual review we have covered some of the • Low Carbon Development Initiative. highlights of our activity over the last 12 months and look forward to many new opportunities. Together this activity has enabled the East of England to become and hopefully remain, the Since our creation in 2003 we have leading English region in producing renewable electricity. Looking to the future, we continue • directly invested over £5m in the development to seek new partners who have low carbon of the low carbon economy aspirations and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can support you. • levered an additional £40+m public and private further investment as a direct result of this work We trust this annual review will be of interest to you. • worked with almost all regional and local authority partners
  3. 3. 4 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 5 A difficult economic backdrop and a challenging planning “The difficult economic climate does not seem application system have done nothing to dampen the to have had a negative effect either on the enthusiasm for renewable energy, or the successes enjoyed desire for innovation, or on the belief required by Renewables East, now in its seventh year of operation, to drive forward large scale renewable projects.” reports Chairman John Reynolds. John Reynolds, Chairman Councillor John Reynolds Renewables East and EEDA Chairman’s Introduction As Renewables East moves into its seventh year of operation, we can look back on a year that, without doubt, has been one of the busiest - and one of the best - 12 month periods not just for the company but also for the wider renewables industry. Given the current economic climate, it is quite of the Year title. Of course JDR Cables have It is not just national issues causing delays. The above and beyond its contractual requirements, remarkable that we have had such a good year. been a great success for the renewables industry, local planning system also is causing bottlenecks. consistently ensuring ever better value for the Yet, while financing for renewable energy projects having won several multi-million pound contracts. As Chair of the Regional Assembly and a public investment made in us. and technologies faces a far tougher environment, Councillor myself, I appreciate the challenges this does not seem to have had a negative effect Such advances give us the confidence to believe and misunderstandings that are raised during But most all I would like to thank our 250 plus either on the desire for innovation, or on the that with a multi billion pound renewables industry the planning process when it comes to renewable company members, and our wider support belief required to drive forward large scale now firmly established across the East of England, projects, in particular onshore wind. In response, network, for enabling the region and Renewables renewable projects. we can look forward to new, emerging and over the last three years we, with the British Wind East to continue to expand and to strive towards established companies all continuing to prosper. Energy Association, have run an annual event for a lower carbon economy. Recent successes for example include the University councillors and planners to help cultivate a better of East Anglia building its biomass gasification It is clear though – financial crisis aside - that understanding of wind. These events also involve combined heat and power unit; Scottish and the biggest adverse impact on the growing and a visit to a working windfarm. If you have any Southern driving forward the 500MW Greater expanding renewable energy industry comes doubts at all about wind energy then I recommend Gabbard offshore wind farm; and the many from the planning system. The dual challenges you join us on a visit, as the comment I most often new anaerobic digestion projects coming of climate change and energy security do not hear on these visits is: “I thought they would be through the planning system. allow for us to delay these appropriate, necessary noisy.” Modern, sensitively and appropriately and valuable projects. It is disappointing then to located windfarms should be embraced by all. And it is not just project developers making note that most of these delays come from the great progress. The supply chain is moving Ministry of Defence. Promises have been made Finally, I would like to thank my fellow Directors forward too and it was good to see Patrick and pieces of paper signed, yet the uncertain at Renewables East and our able team, led by Phelan, Managing Director of JDR Cables, aviation issues seem still to be causing unnecessary our Managing Director James Beal. Again and win the Cambridge Evening News Businessman and costly delays in approvals being granted. again this small and focused team delivers
  4. 4. 6 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East, now with over 250 company members, has had its busiest and most successful year to date. Here, Managing Director James Beal looks back over an intense 12 months. James Beal Managing Director’s Review Without doubt the single biggest challenge for the Renewables East team over the last year has being keeping up to date with the enormous changes to the renewable energy and low carbon world through emerging EU, national and local strategies, policies and actions. It is clear that renewable energy is now becoming funded by the East of England Development Latest figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change part of the mainstream business and investment Agency (EEDA) and the European Regional processes. With that in mind we have tried to Development Fund (ERDF). By developing closer ensure that small and medium size enterprises working relationships with organisations such as Installed capacity Actual generation - the lifeblood of the regional economy - continue Business Links East and the Manufacturing Advisory to be well placed and supported, and so able to Service, we have now started to roll out direct 800 2,500 develop new products and services through the support to regional businesses to help them 700 information, links and opportunities that we share improve their profits by reducing waste, water use 2,000 with them. When appropriate we have also and energy consumption. This is a vital offering 600 ensured that their voice is heard by those in from Renewables East as we can now help 500 1,500 MWe GWh power and by the decision-makers. companies reduce their carbon impact through 400 improved resource efficiency, and mobilise 1,000 300 As well as our support for industry we also renewable energy to provide a low cost and low continue to work across the region, supporting carbon secure source of energy for the future. 200 500 local authorities and public agencies to prepare 100 for, and to realise, the opportunities offered by In 2008 we became the first region to produce 0 0 the new low carbon agenda. over 2GWh of renewable electricity, which h n Ea ort est Yo Mi ast es um s id er ut ds W t t st h n Ea ort est Yo Mi East es um s id er No th E s W t t st rth as es rth as es W s/H and W s/H nd u d ut do ut do Ea Ea tM b tM b So lan So lan N W N W st h E No h E rk dla represents more than 20 per cent of England’s So on So on rk dl st h L L Heading up Renewables East always guarantees total and also means we have seen a threefold new and exciting challenges. One of the biggest rise in renewable capacity in the region in only was mobilising the support structures and six years. Back in 2003 we had an installed partnerships necessary to start delivering the capacity of only 258 MW - that will rise to £2.1million Resource Efficiency East programme more than 750 MW this year. Other biofuels and wastes Landfill (cont. pg 8) Wind and wave Hydro
  5. 5. 8 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 9 Political leaders “The recession has been tough for the whole industry from across the region and Renewables East have been great in supporting us.” applaud the efforts of Bob Durrant, USL Renewables East over the past 12 months. Managing Director’s Review (continued) MP Tony Wright Barbara Follett, MP Though we remain confident that we will reach launch a new enterprise to secure future low Politicians lead praise for the work of Renewables East our target of producing 14 per cent of our carbon developments in key regional housing electricity from renewables by 2010 (including and business premises assets. The Low Carbon Regional Politicians offshore) that doesn’t mean we can sit back. Development Initiative has almost secured This is still only a reasonable start to a process £2.2million funding for Phase One and will be which, due to the increasing pressures of looking to secure a further £4million through Great Yarmouth MP Tony Wright The growth of renewable energy has given us tackling climate change and addressing energy further public partners over the coming months. an opportunity to continue with that important security, needs to accelerate rapidly. These investments will effectively de-risk and The Government’s Renewable Energy Strategy is sector and to work with Renewables East in bring forward site-wide low carbon solutions, on dealing with the challenges we all face, but it is helping to deliver the Government’s targets. The renewable electricity marketplace now seems a scale that is required but simply has not been reliant upon local delivery if it is to be a success. well developed with multi-billon pound projects delivered yet in the UK. The resources committed already in our area are Barbara Follett, MP like London Array, Sherringham Shoal and Greater paying dividends. Minister for the East of England Gabbard in advanced stages of development and With funding and investment support from DECC construction. ‘Round 3’ Offshore Wind will take and EEDA another new enterprise is being created With Renewables East leading the way in East “We all know that we are fast using up the this even further, but the region needs to do more to help tackle fuel poverty by installing energy Anglia towards a low carbon economy we have resources of this planet and that most of these to understand and capture the huge opportunities efficiency measures and renewable energy devices the confidence that we can play our part in hitting cannot be replaced. This makes preserving what available from renewable heat, combined heat to those people most in need in the region. anglian the Government’s targets. Just recently I visited we have, using renewable energy and finding and power, and advanced biofuels for transport. GOwarm will be a community interest company a constituent’s house in the rural part of my greener ways to live, really important. trading under the established GOwarm brand. Over constituency where they had had installed a In launching BioFuels East last year we are looking the next two years some 50,000 properties will be new air source heating system and solar panels, “Despite these economically challenging times, to develop a collaborative network to encourage visited, bringing forward 12,000 energy efficiency with funding coming through Renewables East. the Government has continued to maintain and greater success for academia, industry and measures and 500 renewable energy installations. Already the householders can see the benefits encourage substantial public and private investment researchers, replicating the work we undertook Our first area-based activity starts in St Neots to themselves apart from the low carbon nature in low-carbon and renewable energy generation. with the highly successful British Bioalcohols Group. during 2009, made possible by our local authority of the technology. Renewables East has made an important Their £1.4million ‘HOOCH’ project, which only partners Huntingdonshire District Council. contribution in our Region by initiating and took three years to secure funding is now, And of course the benefits of the £2.1million supporting activities which help us all to become with the support of DEFRA and several regional Renewables East has always been a dynamic, Resource Efficiency East scheme to help businesses more carbon-friendly. businesses, academics and researchers, exploring flexible organisation, responsive to the changing adapt to, and compete in, an increasingly low the future of lignocellulosic alcohols for the region. needs, opportunities and challenges surrounding carbon environment across the region, are clear. “We all want to see the East of England at the It is an approach that is ripe for development across the bringing forward of a low carbon economy. cutting edge of the low-carbon revolution, creating the numerous world-leading organisations and Our work simply wouldn’t have been possible Of course the other aspect to consider is the new jobs and expanding our credentials for individuals we have at our disposal in the region. without the continued support and leadership employment opportunities in this sector. We in research, development and innovation. With provided by EEDA, and the many regional Great Yarmouth have a recognised history in the the support of organisations like Renewables This year with the support of ERDF, Cambridgeshire stakeholders, businesses and local authorities energy sector through the oil and gas industry. East, we have a real chance of succeeding.” Horizons and Dacorum Borough Council, we will we have had the privilege to work with.
  6. 6. Renewables East BioREGen promoted the deployment of anaerobic digestion (AD) with the biogas being available as an energy source not only for electricity and heat generation but as a vehicle fuel. Biomethane from AD and landfill sites can help reduce carbon emissions in the transport sector.
  7. 7. 12 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Bioenergy has now been recognised both globally and nationally as being a vital part of renewable energy as we face the challenge of climate change. It is sustainable and can provide economic return. Developing the commercial potential of Anaerobic Digestion Biofuels and Advanced Conversion Technologies (Anaerobic Digestion and Gasification) how the projects fit the crop rotation of a particular Renewables East: Woodfuels East Above: AD Plant farm. These economic evaluations can be complex Sweden given the volatile nature of agricultural markets. Renewables East is represented on the Steering Committee of this major EEDA initiative. The ‘neutral’ position of Renewables East has The Renewables East BioREGen project was Some major projects have been announced also proved invaluable in giving advice to Woodfuels East provides support to woodland conceived by Renewables East in 2005 and and are in various stages of development developers and also when working with other owners, woodland managers, agents and whilst finishing in 2008 it left a positive, regional agencies. consultants, contractors, boiler installers and continuing legacy. The concept was to deploy • the Agrigen project at Bentwaters Parks woodfuel users. The project aims to use locally advanced conversion technologies in the East has received planning permission and The opportunities within anaerobic digestion sourced wood from existing undermanaged of England. Focussing on the ‘new’ technologies aims to build a 1.5MWe installation. have led to one company - ADD Energy - being woodland to provide heat in small to medium of anaerobic digestion and gasification it worked • Glendale Power have recently announced created, based at Hethel near Norwich, focussing sized boilers. Using this resource sensitively with many companies, introducing them to the plans for a plant at Halstead, Essex. on smaller scale plants. by thinning or coppicing will not only provide commercial potential of the technologies and • Local Generation have received planning woodland owners with diversified income helping to stimulate projects in energy recovery permission for a £10million project in Pyrolysis and Gasification streams but also, and importantly, reduce our from various residues. It also involved Richard March adjacent to the Fenmarc factory. carbon footprint and improve the woodland Parker, Bioenergy Development Director in • dairy farmer Stephen Temple is building The 3MWe pyrolysis plant at Huntingdon has been for future generations. national initiatives for anaerobic digestion. a farm-based plant for slurry, grown crops constructed by Purepower Ltd and is undergoing and cheese byproducts. commissioning. The first of several similar projects Renewables East: Bioenergy Anaerobic digestion has now been accepted by envisaged by CEO Adam Overfield, it will divert government as a technology to progress given All projects received some early assistance annually 30,000 tonnes of waste wood from Bioenergy has now been recognised both globally the ‘win,win’ scenario of landfill diversion and through the BioREGen project. landfill as well as creating additional jobs. and nationally as being a vital part of renewable creation of renewable energy for electricity, heat energy as we face the challenge of climate change. or transport. Regional projects are divided between Renewables East continues to supply advice on a The Combined Heat and Power biomass gasifier It is sustainable and can provide economic return. farm-based and food waste plants, both having confidential basis and several agricultural projects at the University of East Anglia will be commissioned different financial models. With UK aspirations utilising grown crops, with some additional in late 2009. Utilising woodchips from sustainable Renewables East continues to provide advice and for some 800 farm scale plants, they will utilise non-food waste feed stocks, are being considered sources in Norfolk it will have the effect of reducing raise awareness in areas such as grown energy, animal slurries or grown crops. Food waste projects around the region. Many issues need to be the UEA’s carbon emissions by over 30%. pelleting and utilisation of many agricultural are more complex having funding issues due to considered, such as the use of the digestate (a residues such as straw and even horse manure! sourcing suitable and contractable feedstock. very valuable fertiliser and soil conditioner) and
  8. 8. 14 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 15 “We set out to secure funding to help stimulate Together with its partners, Renewables East helped secure growth in the use of renewable and alternative £2.26million of aid from the European Regional Development energy technologies, support the drive for a Fund Competitiveness Programme to support its Pathfinder low carbon economy, and promote and increase Innovation Centres for Sustainability project (PICS). demand for the use of low carbon technologies.” Carole Randall, Renewables East Funding will deliver regional centres of excellence in low carbon innovation Renewables East helps secure significant European funding With an overall budget of £5.6million, PICS will • work with local and sub-regional businesses see the development of two major physical centres, to encourage growth in the renewable sector The road to securing funding started after a successful Autumn 2007 trip to the Northern one new highly sustainable building in Cambridge, Ireland Renewable Energy Installers’ Academy by the EREA group of colleges (Bedford built to BREEAM Excellent standard and one • strengthen links with national and international College, Prospects College and Lowestoft College). refurbishment of an existing building brought up partners to facilitate knowledge transfer, also to BREEAM Very Good standard, as well as a broad utilising the New ERA network’s specific links range of services and support. The project will Following that event the EREA group, supported The full PICS partnership consists of Bedford • develop six centres (in Bedfordshire, Suffolk, by Summit Skills, MOVE and Renewables East, College, Cambridgeshire County Council, • accelerate growth in the renewable and Essex and Cambridgeshire) offering business set about collaborating on a number of bids for Consign, Lowestoft College, Prospects College, alternative energy industries by demonstrating support and advice services such as sustainability, national and European funding. Renewables East and West Suffolk College. the potential for retro-fit projects in financing, recruitment and entrepreneurship existing buildings The aim of securing funding was to enable the The key objectives of the project are to • create three business/employer-driven centres group to realise its ambition to support and • develop energy and resource efficient businesses of excellence, achieving economy and efficiency stimulate growth in the use of renewable and • deliver three regional centres of excellence using new technologies to maximise productivity of scale to build business capacity and alternative energy technologies, to support the in low carbon innovation and low carbon develop low carbon supply chains. drive for a low carbon economy, and to stimulate focused enterprises • provide demonstration/exhibition/conference and increase demand in the use of low carbon facilities, showcasing the latest technologies The project officially launches in Autumn 2009 technologies as well as to create a training • develop the supply chain in the low carbon and will run until 2012, creating jobs, assisting network to meet the needs of employers. economy by fostering business support, • provide specialised business incubator units, business and providing a legacy of services and expertise and capacity for innovation housing up to 15 new and existing enterprises facilities which will continue to benefit the While the bids were well received they were not focusing on low carbon technologies over the region into the future. fruitful until summer 2009 when the rebranded New • deliver a communication strategy that three year period ERA group (still consisting of its original members raises awareness of the need to accelerate but now including Skills for Energy and Consign) cost-effective low carbon technologies • provide a carbon reduction information service in partnership with a number of other organisations, secured £2.26million from the European Regional • establish innovative best practice models, • create networks with business growth services Development Fund Competitiveness Programme enabling reductions in the carbon footprint and virtual hub offering online support, to support its Pathfinder Innovation Centres for of businesses and settlements while promoting guidance and information to Small and Sustainability project (PICS). enhanced economic performance. Medium Enterprises
  9. 9. 16 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 17 The global biofuels sector is expanding and diversifying, with investments channelled into the development of advanced technologies. Renewables East fosters collaboration between academia and industry to ensure the world-class universities and research institutes of the region can make a significant contribution to the low carbon biofuels industry. region, and that we did not have to go scouring company with a query regarding that we refer Above left: The British Sugar the world for it. And he was absolutely right. to Richard Parker at Renewables East. Biofuels East bioethanol plant at Wissington - part “We have a very close relationship with Renewables “Bioenergy is a key concern for InCrops but of the region’s biofuels success. East, they provide considerable expertise. We have we are also looking at the use of fibres in the It is three years now since Renewables East organised its first biofuels conference had a highly successful year and we are now automotive industry so as to make vehicles Above right: Ford, with its at Queens College, Cambridge, attracting more than 300 delegates. working with Renewables East and putting lighter and to reduce the carbon footprint of centres of together an output and demonstration activity.” that industry. This overlaps with a lot of Production, Research and the work that Renewables East is doing.” Development in This year has also seen Bianca Forte, Biofuels Essex, pioneers Since then the promotion and support of biofuels plc, and G.R. Wright and Sons Ltd. HOOCH, Co-ordinator at Renewables East, working with Biofuels East - Advanced Virtual Biofuels Hub biofuels. has included involvement with the combined UK established to further production of bioalcohols Dr. Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley, Business Innovation Bottom left: launch of E85 by Morrisons beside Saab’s new from lignocellosic waste materials produced in Manager at InCrops, to develop opportunities Given the success of the BBAG partnership it was Lotus tri-fuel Exige 270E. BioPower car. This then initiated a subsequent the agri-food chain, is co-ordinated by Professor which offer synergies with advanced biofuels felt the same concept could be expanded to cover relationship with Lotus who have since developed Keith Waldron at the Institute of Food Research. development. the whole of the East of England (and beyond). Bottom right: Renewables East: their tri-fuel Exige 270E. He says, for example, that working closely with promoting closer Suffolk brewers Adnams could see greater use Biofuels East and the InCrops Enterprise Hub are Therefore to promote sustainable biofuels (of all links between Richard Parker, Bioenergy Development Director made of organic material that is currently perceived organising a series of regional meetings to lever types and origin) Renewables East has launched industry and the region’s at Renewables East, then helped instigate the as waste. Renewables East introduced HOOCH out the East of England capabilities in algae Biofuels East and the Advanced Virtual Biofuels world-class British BioAlcohols Group (BBAG), a multidisciplinary to the Defra LINK programme which resulted in technologies. Dr Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley says Hub supporting the goal of putting the region at universities. collaboration between Norwich Research Park matched funding for the project. the idea behind InCrops was to bring together the forefront of the drive towards the furtherance scientists drawn from the University of East companies interested in greening up their of biofuels. Anglia, the Institute of Food Research, the John Through the same LINK scheme HOOCH partner business and in developing new processes, Innes Centre and some regional companies. Lotus received funding towards its flex-fuel, new technologies, and products and in using With funding from EEDA, the aim of Biofuels Renewables East has since worked closely with variable compression, two-stroke engine low carbon impacts and non-food crops. East is to help bring together researchers in BBAG partners to identify research and business concept designed to significantly increase fuel academia and industry, particularly within the opportunities in biofuels. efficiency for sustainable alcohol based fuels. Dr. Schlarb-Ridley says: “We are underpinned automotive sector, working to build a database by strong partnerships such as our very valuable with a web-portal, accessible by interested parties, BBAG aims to exploit agri-food chain biomass such Professor Waldron says HOOCH, which effectively one with Renewables East, as well as with UEA, and with a support team to enable personal links, as wheat or oilseed rape straw for the production launched in the New Year, grew out of a suggestion and we are supported by Cambridge University promote partnerships, provide an opportunity of advanced generation bioalcohols. Out of BBAG from Richard Parker: “I was giving a presentation and linked with various research institutes. for people to indicate general areas of research, has grown the HOOCH project which includes nine at the Norwich Research Park and Richard was provide access to latest research from around industrial collaborators - Achor Ltd., Adnams PLC, there. It was he who suggested that the expertise “Our partnership with Renewables East is very the world, and stimulate combined research Biocatalysts Ltd., HGCA, Group Lotus plc, to do what was needed regarding biofuels was powerful and active. Indeed anaerobic digestion bids for funding. Renewables East, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vireol right to hand, at UEA and elsewhere across the is a very important part of our work and any HOOCH - the acronym is derived from bioalcoHols from lignocellosic waste materials produced in the agri-fOOd CHain)
  10. 10. 18 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 “Renewables East continues to support us and we are now looking for investors, so that design, testing, approval and manufacture can be undertaken.” Jeff Crowder, Managing Director Renewables East offers support across the entire energy sector, enabling innovators to further their ideas whether involved in marine renewable, solar thermal solutions or energy efficiency devices. Helping innovators to market In combination with behavioural change, future technologies are the key element in achieving reduced carbon emissions, increased energy efficiency and greatly reduced dependency upon fossil fuels. Enabling innovators to develop these technologies, and scored against a range of both subjective Case Study One “So I thought about designing a portable Above: Jeff Crowder, working to source their funding, and offering and objective criteria. generator that can be dropped into a stream Managing direct very early stage grant aid, is a key element For Jeff Crowder, Managing Director of or river a metre or so deep and tethered to the Director, of Renewables East’s work. “We support innovators at a very early stage Crowder Energy Solutions Ltd based in the bed, using water flow to generate electricity. Crowder Energy of design, sometimes just discussing ideas, new OrbisEnergy building, help from They can be used in a ‘nest’ and linked together Solutions The Technology Commercialisation Scheme seeks but mostly helping with assessing the Renewables East has proved crucial. to generate more electricity as required. to identify and support those innovations within technology’s technical feasibility and provide the Renewable Sector that are both novel and a level of guidance as to whether there is a He says: ”It is very difficult in this sector to “I went to see James Beal at Renewables East and have the potential for rapid commercialisation. market need for the innovator’s technology. get financial support but I was invited to the asked him what he thought about a small, portable OrbisEnergy Open Day and I asked what were generator and he suggested I had something. Currently Renewables East is supporting some “We help protect the selected innovations through we doing about getting energy to the very 17 innovators through the provision of third party the correct application of design specifications poor and to third world countries. “Nigel Burton-White at Renewables East became technical expertise, access to finance or investment and copyrighting so as to protect the innovation’s my specialist in the field and provided a grant to networks, as well as direct investment that, on intellectual property. A significant proportion of “A vast number of people are not educated take it on. We employed specialists to prove that average, ranges between £5,000 and £15,000. our investment is allocated for professional because they have no light at night to read. my concept provided sufficient energy to be viable. patent advice and early stage patent applications. Hospitals cannot do their work because they Nigel Burton-White of Renewables East says: have no electricity to power their equipment. “Renewables East are continuing to fund us and “We work as a truly independent catalyst and “Our facilitation activities can also add Children are dying because they are breathing we are now taking it to the pre-prototype stage have built a highly respected reputation. Innovators considerable value to early stage innovators, in fumes from heaters and fires. and are looking for investors, so that design, testing, come to us for help and guidance knowing that whether it is connected to potential funding approval and manufacture can be undertaken.” they can discuss their technologies in an open routes, technological partners or and secure forum. Each innovation is assessed commercialisation opportunities.”
  11. 11. 20 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 21 Above: Richard Case Study Two “Hats off to Renewables East - I really do owe Durrant, Barry them. Now I have teamed up with a commercial Knowledge of weather and wind really is power Wilderoder Former Marine Jon Aldiss has spent a lifetime on partner and if all goes well the next step will be and Chris Randle from boats and at sea, and with help from Renewables to come up with a full set of plans and have the Forecasting the future USL Diving East has succeeded in taking his Stabilised Boat first boat in the water next summer. Renewables Contractors System concept for a fast, safe boat for use in East also have some options for me in terms of the offshore energy industry, closer to reality. possible investors. It was at a Renewables East event that Steve Dorling first met the executive who would lead his firm to a three year contract with renewable energy giant Siemens. While monohull boats are faster through the “It is hard for me to express how thankful I am water and use less energy, slower multihulls to Renewables East – they have been brilliant.” such as catamarans are more stable once the vessel has arrived at, say, an offshore wind Cast Study Three Steve Dorling, Innovations Director with efficiently manage their offshore repair and turbine, where equipment or personnel need Weatherquest, based at the UEA campus where maintenance teams working on offshore wind to be offloaded or taken on board. USL Diving Contractors have been involved Steve is also a faculty member with the turbines, so that they are in the right place at in marine work for almost 40 years and USL’s University’s Environmental Sciences Department, the right time given the weather, wind and tidal Jon, with his company Safety Boat Services, says: Bob Durrant says: ”Renewables East have says: “In May 2008 Renewables East hosted an conditions. “We came up with the idea of a revolutionary been very helpful, assisting in developing offshore Operation and Maintenance event in monohull with deployable sponsons so that the a new technology that we are working on, Lincolnshire. “The Siemens teams can access all this boat is a monohull while travelling but effectively and they have also been great at sharing their information via a secure website and also, if converts into a multihull when it needs stability contacts and making introductions. “There we had our first meeting with a they want even more detailed information, we to load or unload alongside a pile. representative from Siemens Energy. We then provide a back-up telephone service enabling “We have been in business for some 37 years supplied them with information on a trial basis them to speak directly to the forecaster. “The help from Renewables East has enabled and our new company has been operating since and when they decided to put their forecasting us to register our design as intellectual property 2001 so we have a lot of history, but the contract out to tender, we won a three year “This contract with Siemens has enabled us to and to get the design copyrighted which we recession has been tough for the whole industry, contract and started working with them in May grow and secure our business, giving us the have now done. They also commissioned a and Renewables East have been great in this year.” opportunity to develop and use the investment naval architect and boat builder to evaluate supporting us.” we have made in setting up the service for the viability of my design. Weatherquest has designed a bespoke service Siemens, and offer that to other companies. While USL’s Director Chris Randle adds: “We specifically for Siemens says Dorling: “The “Renewables East funded all of that and without have a close relationship with Renewables East. information we supply them with relates not just “It has also helped us take our next step them we would be nowhere near as far on and They have been so helpful with the technology to the weather but also to tidal conditions and towards combining weather forecasts with very would probably have given away all the intellectual that we have been developing, bringing in allows them to more effectively, safely and specific computer programmes so we will be property rights. specialists to assess its viability, then protecting able to relate weather and power output.” the idea and its intellectual property rights and helping us take the idea further.”
  12. 12. Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 23 “Marine energy available in the East of England is …ideal for R&D purposes offering ease of access with the high frequency of weather windows available.” Halcrow Group Marine Energy Demonstration Zone Study Offshore renewable energy could add 3,800 jobs and £100million to the region’s economy Supporting Offshore Renewable agendas This year Renewables East, supported by East of England Development Agency funding, carried out two major studies into the region’s offshore renewable energy industry. Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance Zone, an area of sea specifically designated, having gained appropriate consents and equipped with The aim of the first study was to determine the the appropriate supporting facilities, infrastructure gap between the current regional baseline and the and services, for the testing of pre-commercial emerging industry requirements in four critical offshore renewable technologies, whilst enabling components, each taken as a separate package installation and longer term O&M strategies to of research: labour, occupational training, capital be tested. infrastructure, and Research and Development. The Marine Energy Demonstration Zone is planned These four packages of work were commissioned to stimulate innovation, regeneration, knowledge by Renewables East by open tender, and transfer, entrepreneurship and sustainability, as subsequently awarded to the Mojo Maritime/ well as adding significant gross value to the region. ItPower partnership bid. Following a full and open procurement process, The study found that the offshore renewable The Halcrow Group was commissioned to energy industry in the East of England has the undertake a scoping and feasibility study for potential to create 2,300 direct O&M jobs and the provision of a Marine Energy Demonstration 1,500 ‘supply chain’ jobs, contributing an additional Zone for the East of England. The study focused £100million to the region’s economy by 2030. on resource, grid connectivity, infrastructure, and industry and academic consultation. Marine Energy Demonstration Zone This study also successfully identified sites, The second major Renewables East study was into whilst also assessing the potential infrastructure the feasibility of a Marine Energy Demonstration options and identifying the indicative costs. Photo credit: CHPV
  13. 13. Damaged turbine blades on offshore installations severely compromise performance. Renewables East is working with RTS International, developing new technologies in blade repair.
  14. 14. 26 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 27 “This would never have happened without their support. “An excellent day. I was pleasantly surprised at just how They pushed us and encouraged us to get on and do it relevant the skills of delegates were to us and the industry. and see it through to the end.” It was a very successful day!” RTS Business Development Director Tony Hamill Scottish and Southern Energy, Airtricity Making bright ideas a reality Promoting skills and industry, bringing employers and the talented together Giving support and confidence Offshore Wind skills awareness and recruitment events Having the idea for a new technology is one thing. Having the confidence to take that idea further, and invest time and money in developing it, is something entirely different. With the offshore wind industry growing and eager to recruit top quality engineering staff, Renewables East took the initiative of organising two events over the past 12 months specifically aimed at bringing together potential employers with high calibre engineers Which is how Renewables East was able to train on the new technology, and paid for the about to leave, or who had already left, the armed forces. help RTS International, a company specialising equipment and the materials that we needed, in working on offshore wind farms, providing enabling us to bring it all together. Without installation and maintenance services. them it would have taken us another six to The day-long events featured a mix of group At this second event more than 100 delegates twelve months to develop our idea. By then we information sessions and one-to-one discussions attended and those present and taking part Renewables East also helped by placing funding could have lost our competitive edge and the between company representatives and prospective in the one-to-one discussions with potential with RTS from the East Midlands Development rest of the industry would have caught up. employee delegates. candidates included Siemens, Petans, Windcat, Agency under Renewable East’s Championing RTS International, Mainstream Renewable Offshore Renewable Energy project. “Also through Renewables East we got connected The first event took place on 2nd October 2008 Power, MTCS, RLE International, NPI Offshore, with the East Midlands Development Agency in Nottingham and was attended by 55 delegates. A2Sea Ltd. B9 Energy, British Wind Energy RTS Business Development Director Tony Hamill who are now helping to source grant money.” The potential employers who attended the event, Association, Rolls-Royce, Pilot Drilling Control, said help was needed after they had come up presented and held the one-to-one discussions Skills for Energy, and Lowestoft College. with a new, more effective, way of repairing The area of expertise for RTS is in repairing included BGB Innovation, Coverteam, Clarkson wind turbine blades: “One of the main ways turbine blades which, if damaged, can radically Associates, Sub Ocean Group, Airtricity, E.ON, Feedback from the two events has been highly Renewables East has helped us has been simply compromise the efficiency and power RLE, Petans, JDR Cables and Mainstream favourable with companies involved delighted that their support and belief in the repair generating capabilities of a turbine. The benefits Renewable Power. with the high standard of potential candidates technology we had developed, gave us the of being able to repair a blade on site, rather they have been able to meet. confidence to carry it through. than having to remove it, are obvious. So successful was that first event that Renewables East organised a second in March this year at “This would never have happened without their Such work is highly skilled, and RTS have IRATA OrbisEnergy in Lowestoft, jointly funded by support. They pushed us and encouraged us to trained rope-access engineers who, along with the East Midlands Development Agency and It was a good event, a good forum, and get on and do it and see it through to the end. their experience in blade construction and repair, the East of England Development Agency. we collected a number of candidate CVs. provide visual inspections of wind turbine blades “The £10,000 of funding that we got from them and detailed reports of any defects found. JDR Cables enabled us to take people out of the field to
  15. 15. 28 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 “Working with Renewables East has helped us frame an approach to delivering new low carbon communities which is realistic, economically viable and inspiring.” Alex Plant, CEO, Cambridgeshire Horizons Working to reach the low cost, low carbon development goals Low Carbon Development Initiative Renewables East works across the region to support and encourage new housing developments to be low carbon. Oppostie: Over the last five years it has become evident housing landlords, banks, utilities and leading Early analysis of these options shows that Potential that there is a chasm between the public and technology providers, these options have been site-wide combined heating and power present new site wide solutions for legislative need to be low or zero carbon, whilst thoroughly tested in terms of social, environmental very attractive options to reduce carbon emissions the East of also addressing the commercial realities of cost, and economic impacts. These results have been by more than 80 per cent. However, delivering England risk, and the complexities of achieving this fed, and will continue to feed, into the Cambridge heat and power requires multiple partner synergies low/zero carbon goal. sub-region and the wider region to influence to be recognised and effectively brokered, a role policy and planning matters on a sound, low that LCDI will be tasked and resourced to deliver. Renewables East, with its numerous public carbon basis. partners, has looked to assemble and share Climate Change and energy security are clear relevant market and legislation drivers, This work has led to the imminent creation of drivers that do not allow us to contemplate business transposing them into a local setting that the Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI). as usual. New solutions need to be developed, enables an understanding of the options in Final contractual negotiations are nearing -simply have not been through the planning, moving towards a lower carbon future. completion which will see the first phase of investment or design processes in the UK. LCDI likely to receive direct investment support Working with Cambridgeshire Horizons, South from Cambridgeshire Horizons, Dacorum LCDI will change that by delivering solutions to Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge Borough Council and the European Regional the market that will be replicated and enhanced City Council, Huntingdonshire District Council Development Fund. as the low carbon economy evolves. and Cambridgeshire County Council, significant activities have continued exploring how low cost, The LCDI will aim to identify and then de-risk low carbon new (and existing) developments early stage low carbon developments. These will can be delivered. be taken forward by industry (subject to public procurement protocols) to deliver low carbon, With input and support from the Homes and low cost and secure energy provision for new Communities Agency, housing developers, social and existing development across the region.
  16. 16. 30 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 “Renewables East is a key enabler both across and outside the region.” Bob Woolliams, MD, 2Cs Communications Helping promote the low carbon message RE advice saves us £30k a year With its headquarters near Ipswich, and offices in Newmarket and in London, 2Cs is a multi-discipline design, marketing and communications company made up of marketing and communication specialists, designers and web developers. REE advice 2Cs clients are found across all commercial and Inspired by the Resource Efficiency East programme, “We work with the whole range of renewable “Working with Renewables East particularly on brings major public sectors including property, finance, energy, an energy audit at 2Cs identified savings in excess energy and environmental service companies in the Resource Efficiency East programme, has energy savings that cost media, environmental companies, medical, energy of £30,000 a year by reducing travel and materials the region and some years ago we identified prompted us to look at the costs associated with almost nothing and technology. use, cutting energy consumption, increasing Renewables East as the primary catalyst for the our business. The whole management team are to implement reuse and recycling, and reducing property costs. growth of renewable energy in the East of England. now much more aware, and decisions made It was while doing work for various clients in have led to considerable savings - money that is the low carbon and renewable energy sectors 2Cs have also turned their actual London office “Renewables East help us with sector knowledge subsequently freed up to help us start working – including Renewables East and Resource into a “virtual” office, retaining a London and connections with other Renewables East towards ISO9001 and ISO14001.” Efficiency East – that 2Cs Managing Director “presence” while reducing rental and travel costs. members, offering us access to a strong, vibrant Bob Woolliams first realised the environmental, and growing network of companies in the business, commercial and financial benefits Staff are encouraged to bike to work through renewable energy sector. Renewables East of controlling energy consumption, lowering a tax-free bicycle purchase scheme, and 2Cs has are key to this network in the region. carbon output and reducing materials use. embarked on gaining ISO14001 accreditation to further reduce cost and meet the expectations “Renewables East are an enabler both across The Resource Efficiency East programme, which of clients such as Government departments and outside the region. We have worked with 2Cs helps promote, offers a total of two-days and large organisations. them and their members on a broad range of expert advice, guidance and analysis. Starting projects that are key to the region achieving with a consultant’s visit during which the Managing Director Bob Woolliams says: its renewable energy targets. Renewables East has been a real catalyst company’s business needs and consumption “We’re focused on maximising resource for this growth and this has led directly to of energy and materials, are assessed and efficiency. It’s important for our customers “With roughly half our work now related to understood. Proposals on ways of reducing to know that we’re environmentally conscious. communications for renewable energy and our employing at least four more people that consumption, reducing utility bills and Financially it’s one of the key factors that will environmental projects, products and services, cutting the company’s bottom line costs, are differentiate between businesses which will Renewables East has been a real catalyst for this Bob Woolliams, MD, 2Cs Communications then outlined. survive and thrive, and businesses which fail, growth and this has led directly to our employing or fail to reach their full potential. at least four more people.
  17. 17. 32 Renewables East Annual Review 08/09 “Thanks to the support from Resource Efficiency East we estimate that the key changes recommended will save us £12,000 a year.” Rick Worcester, Production Manager, Merit Plastic Mouldings Improving the performance of small businesses Resource Efficiency East With the support of regional partners, Renewables East is delivering the Resource Efficiency East business support programme that is helping small businesses in the East of England achieve financial savings through more efficient management of water, energy and materials. Merit Plastic Mouldings: case study Peterborough United FC: case study REE guidance The programme, funded by the East of England can receive support to improve their resource to Merit Plastics Development Agency and the European Regional efficiency and in so doing cut costs and Based in Diss, Norfolk, Merit Plastic Mouldings It’s not just on the football pitch that Peterborough (above and middle left), Development Fund, has already helped over improve performance.” manufactures precision injection mouldings for United Football Club is striving for further Stuart Morris a hundred companies to assess their current customers in the automotive, medical, electronics, improvements in performance. With support Textiles (bottom left) and performance and identify potential improvements Stuart Morris Textiles: case study and pharmaceutical industries. from Resource Efficiency East the club is also Peterborough that could save them thousands of pounds. ensuring that it is as efficient as possible in United (above Based in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Stuart Morris Following an on-site visit that identified significant terms of energy, water and material use as well. right) identified annual savings Support is provided in a number of ways, but at Textiles employs eight people producing high savings, Production Manager, Rick Worcester, said: of £14,000, the heart of the programme is a two-day business quality printed textiles for clients including “There was no cost to us for the support from Following a site visit to the club a number of £12,000 and £5,000 resource review that offers eligible organisations local authorities and the National Trust. Resource Efficiency East and we estimate that the ‘quick-win’ recommendations were made including; respectively. advice and support on all aspects of resource key changes recommended will save us £12,000 replacing existing light bulbs with energy efficient efficiency. The review includes an on-site visit The company requested a site visit from Resource a year after the 18 month pay-back period. ones; ensuring lights are switched off in rooms from a resource efficiency consultant, a concise Efficiency East and following a short tour of the not being used; and ensuring heating is only written report that highlights key opportunities premises a number of potential opportunities “The other key saving identified will save us around on when required by installing timers and and a bespoke action plan that explains how were identified including; monitoring the quantity £300 a month simply by changing the way we temperature controls. These suggestions could best to realise improvements. Businesses are of liquid colour used during printing; self-metering dispose of our production waste. Now instead save the club around £5,000 per year. able to access further advice and support for electricity and gas; improving waste management; of having our skip emptied twice a week at £100 up to six months as they implement the plan. and addressing issues over heat loss from the a time we only need to have it emptied fortnightly. Recommendations for longer term improvements gas-dried conveyor belt-fed drier. included rainwater harvesting for pitch irrigation Resource Efficiency East Programme Director “The support we received from Resource Efficiency and for use in toilets. This could save over Antony Gough says: “Resource efficiency is a The review identified potential savings totalling East was well worthwhile and I would highly 1.5 million litres of water a year. vitally important business opportunity for any £14,000 a year - the equivalent of a £280,000 recommend the service to others. For the small company. By working with Resource Efficiency increase in turnover (assuming a 5 per cent amount of time and effort we had to put in, East, businesses in the East of England profit margin). the rewards were outstanding.”