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Second nature final2%20recyclebank


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Second nature final2%20recyclebank

  1. 1. reporting on corporate social responsibility
  2. 2. 4 A Letter from the CEO 7 How to Measure Making a Difference 9 RecycleBank Mission Statement 13 Pleased to Meet You 23 The RecycleBank Family 27 Shades of Green 30 The 2008 Timeline 33 Stakeholders 41 RecycleBank and CSR 47 Environmental Performance 57 Social and Economic Performance 63 Environmental EducationCopyright © 2009 reCyCleBank, llC all rights reserved.eXCept as speCiFiCally perMitted herein, no part oF this Book May Be reprodUCed, distriBUted, transMitted, displayed, 66 GRI Index Table 69pUBlished or BroadCast in any ForM, or By any Means, WithoUt the prior Written perMission oF reCyCleBank, llC. Users arenot perMitted to ModiFy, distriBUte, pUBlish, transMit or Create derivative Works oF this Book, or any Material in this Book. Closing Remarks
  3. 3. LETTER FROM RON GONEN, CO-FOUNDER / CEO In 2008, RecycleBank continued to demonstrate that environmental our members with access to a wide range of environmental information, and expand our action on a large scale can begin today. From urban to suburban areas, rewards program in other green areas. Most importantly, we will continue to demonstrate that from lower to upper income neighborhoods, RecycleBank rewards ‘eco’ is as much a part of ecology as it is a part of economy by continuing to reward hundreds of households for recycling. Our service increased coverage from seven thousands of households for recycling. states to 15. RecycleBank also continued to make a huge impact on cleaning up the environment by diverting thousands of tons from RecycleBank is a partnership of households, municipalities, local and national businesses, landfills into the recycling stream and back into the manufacturing and haulers. We all work together to preserve our natural and economic resources by recycling. cycle, which resulted in significant savings of energy and our natural I would like to thank all of our partners for an exciting 2008 and for a strong platform for a resources. RecycleBank further impacted local communities with our successful 2009. rewards program, returning more than $2 million of value back into cities and towns as a result of increased recycling. In addition, our Green Schools Program, a partnership with the Coca-Cola Company, recognized student’s efforts and gave $75,000 back to local schools for environmental education. Ron Gonen As we head into 2009, RecycleBank is focused on growth. We expect to Co-Founder triple the amount of households serviced, bringing the total members Chief Executive Officer into the millions. We will expand the e-waste service we recently launched, initiate a green content section on our website to provide4 5
  4. 4. HOW TO MEASURE MAKING A DIFFERENCE The data represented in RecycleBank has done sustainability reporting since our first year in 2005. Each year, we this report covers the 2008 have more and more of a compelling story calendar year. We use the about sustainability and green innovation to Global Reporting Initiative share. We continue to report yearly on these initiatives not to impress – and not to bore (GRI) G3 Guidelines, which – but to have an honest and open dialogue provide a recommended between RecycleBank and all of our key framework and key indicators stakeholders on our progress, our growth, our challenges, and our continued innovation. for sustainability reporting. Being an innovator means bringing a green lifestyle to the everyday household. The progress in this space has been tremendous – in wind, solar, hybrid technology, and energy; but we think that we also need to find things that people can do today to make a difference. Recycling is something that everybody can do regardless of their socio-economic standing or6 7
  5. 5. whether they live in an urban or suburban environment. RecycleBank OUR MISSION STATEMENT brings the environmental movement to the average household. Through our sustainability reporting, we, as a company, recognize the following: » We are doing well in terms of our environmental responsibility and how we report it RecycleBank is the premier green rewards » We better understand our company responsibilities and how we impact the and loyalty program, motivating people to world around us » We better understand how the household impacts the environment and work to recycle and experience a greener lifestyle. reduce that impact The following guiding principals help us to achieve this: » What are we doing well » Through education and innovation, make greener lifestyles available » Where we can improve by servicing every person in every community » How we can attract and retain good talent » Provide a great, safe, diverse, and fair place to work So, please sit back and enjoy our straight-shooting, honest look at » Recognize that profitability is critical to our success and our ability to promote ourselves, and remember it’s a journey we are very passionate about. social and environmental responsibility We welcome your feedback and sharing of ideas. FOR FOR NON PROFIT BENEFIT PROFIT 3 Paul Miller8 Brand & Marketing Project Coordinator 9
  6. 6. 4 75,000 Tons of recyclables taken from the waste stream Paid volunteer days Dollars received by local schools 46,298.27 employees receive for environmental programs 15 Number of states serviced Minimum amount of dollars saved for our Members through Point redemption 46,145,150 Number of RecycleBank reward partners The number of people serviced 1,088 651,000 The amount of RecycleBank Points redeemed for rewards The amount of dollars received in Venture Capital funding 4,355,906 30,000,00010 11
  7. 7. PLEASED TO MEET YOU RecycleBank rewards households for the amount that they recycle. It’s incredibly simple. “So the homeowners save We sign a contract with a city or hauler to provide recycling service. money, cities save money as disposal costs go down Every home gets a large recycling cart that has an ID chip embedded and RecycleBank wins by in it. We retrofit the trucks with technology to pick up recycling collecting a share of the containers, read the chips, identify that a home recycled, and gauge cities savings.” how much was recycled. We take that amount and translate the pounds – Marc Gunther Fortune Magazine into RecycleBank Points. Members can then log onto and see each week that they recycled, how much was recycled, and how many Points they earned. Members can then redeem those Points for shopping at more than 1,000 local, regional, national, and online stores. We’ve created a real time reward for the amount that a home recycled. Members feel good, and best of all, they’ll recycle more. 3 Alex Macht12 Cart Maintenance 13
  8. 8. BRAND AND DESIGN to evolve, change, and adapt to cultural BUSINESS DEvELOPMENT In 2009, RecycleBank will launch across and operational practices everywhere we go. the pond in the U.K., and begin to reward As a young company looking to build a global New ideas are additional ways for us to grow RecycleBank is more than ready for non-curbside folks for green behaviors brand that is authentic, compelling, and and profit. They allow us to remain ahead the challenge. and actions. You can expect to see a heartfelt, our brand team communicates the of the competition for us to sell and cross-sell comprehensive way of looking at our essence of RecycleBank. Our brand is organic, our goods to customers. Business environmental footprint, both internally and growing, and expanding with our every move. Bottles Earth development allows us to look at innovations externally, including green house gasses and We certainly know that at one time, all great and ideas in order to determine how much the impact recycling has to the individual brands were once infants – and with that in the idea will cost, how long it will take to home. Stay tuned; the best is yet to come! mind, we will continue to give our brand the implement, what the return on the investment Plants nurturing and energy to grow adept, large, will be, and other important considerations. and strong as does our business. The brand Ocean The end result may be different than the “The easier you make it, the team is responsible for all in-house design, forecast (most often it will be), but the more people will do it. I totally think that when I’m including: important thing is that serious thought Sky considering whether to walk » Consumer-facing communications is given to how the idea could be made that tin can to the street, applicable before too much time and money this would give me that little » Web design more incentive.” is spent. » Advertising (signage) – Kristin Archer » Rewards Canvas RecycleBank Member Flower Currently, we’re conducting R&D on rewarding » Hauler and municipality co-branding multi-unit dwellings, such as apartments » Promotional items Stone and hi-rises. Other innovations include a In 2009, we will enter the U.K. marketplace. model that rewards households for reducing To build a global brand, we must preserve our their entire waste footprint, yard waste, and core values and core purpose. We continue organics, and an expanded e-waste program. 5 2008 RecycleBank Pantone® Colors14 Standardized brand colors for print production 15
  9. 9. Save Money Add in Landfill Environmental CUSTOMER CARE » Questions from businesses and municipalities Diversion Efficiencies Increase Acquire New How do you take an online concept and make » Calls from all over the globe about RecycleBank Household Customers it work via a toll-free line? RecycleBank Recycling This department will continue to grow as our understands that our customer is everyone Increase business grows. There will be a Customer Customer and some are without means to own a Retention Build Brand Care Centre in the U.K., use of IVR for quick Loyalty computer. Our customer care team answers and automated responses, and increases in Stimulate every call by both existing members and both hours and days of availability to keep up Local those who read about us and wonder when Economy with member needs. RecycleBank will work to we are coming to their neighborhood. The maintain the feel of ‘small’ as we grow ‘big’. personal touch and the voice on the other end of the line can make or break the member FINANCE experience. We’ve also added customer care The finance team translates all of our collective reps fluent in Spanish. Moreover, we’ve MUNI HAULER MRF actions, both internally and externally, and changed hours to account for differing time analyze the impact and/or associated risks. zones. This has greatly helped the kind of care This includes, but are certainly not limited to: we can provide to our members. Customer care includes: » Financial planning GOvERNMENT AND HAULER SALES » Record keeping and payroll » Account activation This team, strategically located across the U.S., in Canada, and in the U.K., is responsible for » Financial reporting bringing in the households that make up the core of our rewards program. Mobilized to bring » Reward redemption » Reporting of finances to the board of directors in municipal, hauler, and MRF (Material Recovery Facility) accounts, this team spreads the » Lost or forgotten passwords, account balances word of RecycleBank and helps us to increase recycling in more places than ever before. Despite » Q&A about any aspect of the program the sluggish economy and downturn in recyclable commodities, they allowed us to reach our » Missed account credits household goal of nearly a million people serviced in 2008.16 17
  10. 10. HUMAN RESOURCES RECYCLEBANK EMPLOYEE GENDER AND AGE BREAKDOWN* INFORMATION AND TECHNOLOGY more appealing. In addition, households will have opportunity to maintain multiple Keeping top of mind that good people make The information and technology team (a accounts so that Mom, Dad, and the kids can good organizations, our executive team saw highly intelligent geek-squad) is responsible all participate. will become the need for HR services. We grew from about for all of the technology systems that support 7.4% 50 –64 even more of a community. 45 employees to about 97 over the course of years old RecycleBank. These include: (6) 2008. A Human Resources consultant was 3.6% (3) » Management of our unique and patented front- MARKETING brought on board part-time to help us foster end and back-end software EcoStrong, including 20% The marketing team is responsible for a culture of creativity and innovation by 35 –49 7.4% updates and iterations to the infrastructure and network capabilities learning, understanding, creating, continuing to hire excellent people, and then years old (6) (16) » Development of strategic goals within budgeted communicating, and delivering on giving them the freedom to do their job. The plans and focus on ROI consultant began with: RecycleBank’s messaging. In support of » Company innovation development all business units in the organization, the 24% 25.2% » Performance evaluation and management 25 – 34 » Analysis, reanalysis, and then the reworking of marketing team ensures that we are meeting » Record keeping of all personnel data years old existing business processes the needs of all of our customers by promoting » Compensation, options, bonuses, etc., in liaison (19) (20) » Offering of new tools and resources for further both the passion and the purpose that is with payroll information and technological knowledge RecycleBank. Through a mix of strategy, a bit » Insurance, 401k, disability 18– 24 In 2009, this team will build an engaging of psychology, a hint of sociology, and a pinch » Confidential advice to employees in relation to 6.2% years old 6.2% interactive Web experience, complete with of economics, this team interacts with our problems at work (5) (5) customer profiles, an environmental widget members through: » Internal surveys (to be Facebook compatible), added content » Brand voice and DNA MALE FEMALE and greater data reporting systems. The » Direct mail and web 46 Employees 34 Employees ability for geo-targeting by zip code will » Rewards add local relevance to the site and make ads *Based on an opt-in survey with 79 respondents18 19
  11. 11. » Client marketing support OPERATIONS we stimulate local economies and motivate » Global brands that are category leaders in a members to recycle. Data collection and variety of sectors (Kraft Foods, Coca-Cola, CVS/ » Online revenue The operations team works closely on pharmacy, Kiss My Face, » Online content development reporting will expand and project managers growing and implementing the bridge to our » Leaders in their commitment to environment / » Public relations will increase strategically in support of RecycleBank members – our curbside recycling community growth. » Communications program. With all the bells and whistles in » Those looking to educate their consumers on » Corporate social responsibility tow, and sleeves rolled up, the operations creating a positive environmental lifestyle while REWARDS AND SPONSORSHIP SALES building their own brand loyalty » Relationship management team makes sure that everything is running smoothly at all times. The operations team: The rewards and sponsorship sales team This is an area to watch for in 2009! Look for » Community outreach events works tirelessly to create a strong program sponsorships, travel, sweepstakes, local and » School programming » Impacts RecycleBank development to municipalities and haulers across the country that runs the gamut in rewards and donation national reward additions, a green credit card In 2009, the marketing team will fill possibilities. Members work hard to earn and even more Point-earning opportunities. » Develops implementation calendars RecycleBank’s website with rich and inviting Points so the sales team works hard to get We anticipate a tiered level of reward » Gathers local reward partners and does community green content to greatly increase user outreach them the rewards they want. That means earnings as curbless memberships go live, experience. If knowledge is power, then our locally, regionally, and nationally there giving people who don’t yet have a recycling » Ensures smooth and seamless cart distribution and members will be powerful! A new corporate retrofitting is something to make members happy. cart at their home the ability to earn Points website will tell the RecycleBank story to future » Retrofits trucks with RecycleBank technology Groceries, gift cards, travel, merchandise, for positive green actions and behaviors. stakeholders, communities, haulers, and MRFs entertainment, shopping, donations; both In addition, national partners will become » Gathers and analyzes data and assist our sales team in closing deals. There online and in store—you name it and we have international partners as we hire additional will be a Spanish site and a U.K specific site that In 2009, operations will allow seamless it. Our extraordinary selection of rewards and staff in the U.K. and add a full complement of all extend the feeling that ‘RecycleBank is for scalability with staffing, reporting, and on-the- donations fits members’ lifestyles and needs. U.K. Reward Partners to the mix. someone like me.’ We will also engage in social ground support as household density climbs The companies that this team seeks out to networking media to enlarge the tentacles of our across the U.S. and into the U.K. The local motivate members include: community into the lives of our members. rewards teams will grow regionally to ensure20 21
  12. 12. THE RECYCLEBANK FAMILY Meet the many people that make up the RecycleBank family tree. ExEcUtIvE tEAM cUStOMER cARE Ron Gonen Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer Michael Strobel Customer Care Manager Matt Tucker President Rowena Bullard Customer Care Representative TBD Chief Financial Officer Karina Fernandez Customer Care Representative Scott Lamb Chief Operations Officer Cheryl Gagne Customer Care Representative Morley Ivers Chief Rewards Officer Cynthia Kruger Senior Integration Coordinator Frank Yang Chief Technology Officer Kendra Morris Customer Care Representative Sue Igoe Marketing VP David Wigder Business Development VP Jim Biggs Preston Read Government and Hauler Sales VP Government Affairs SVP FINANcE TBD Chief Financial Officer Alicia Mandelkow Executive Assistant Bob Hronsky Controller Elizabeth LaDana General Accounting Ken Anderson Accounting Alice Maxfield Admin 3 RecycleBank Philadelphia Office22 23 Earth Day 2008
  13. 13. gOvERNMENt AND MARkEtINg OPERAtIONS Beth Kean-Waddell Karen Kim Operations Director Data Analyst HAULER SALES Sue Igoe Lisa Pomerantztz Marketing VP CSR / Communications / PR Director Scott Lamb Ramil Berner Chief Operations Officer Data Processor Matthew Kozicki Alex Macht Community Outreach Coordinator Cart Maintenance Jim Biggs Government and Hauler Sales VP Monique Hartl Online Director Istvan Biro Field Service Engineer Bob Milligan Mid-Atlantic Region VP and GM Rick Gaudette Gov. / Hauler Sales Programs & Channels VP Barani Guttsman Govt. and Hauler Marketing Director Gabe Cho Data Technician Atul Nanda Mid-West Region President, Canadian Division VP Bill Wolfram Major Hauler Sales VP Jen Macartney Assistant Marketing Manager Joe Figliola Mid-Atlantic Account Manager Axel Newe VP of Operations & General Manager for CA Tim Bowers Regional Manager Paul Miller Brand & Marketing Project Coordinator Kara Fitzpatrick Midwest Project Manager Sandra Newfield NE Marketing and Community Partnership Rep. Anthony Casali Regional Manager Dante Meick Designer Rob Gensch Midwest Account Manager/Local Rewards Chuck Oyler NE Region VP and GM Mike D’Angelo Regional Manager Maria Lotuffo Designer Meeta Sethna Gournay United Kingdom Director Dan Richman Project Manager John Getzloff Regional Manager Teresa Wu Jr Designer Fred Hannon Southeast VP and GM Cameron Thorley Western Region Project Manager Tom Hernandez Regional Manager Alexa du Pont Bell Online Revenue Eddie Haxihiu Cart Maintenance Kim Jordan Regional Manager Tiffany Jorgensen Midwest Marketing & Community Partnership Rep. Chuck Page Regional Manager Andrew Korman Hauler Account Management Director Judy Kenney Michael Mazzaroni South Central Regional Manager NY & New England Regional Sales Director REWARDS Morley Ivers Chief Rewards Officer Karen Vaites Rewards Accounts VP tEcHNOLOgY Abigail Grant Linnea Hartsuyker Business Analyst Business Analyst Sara Rosett Nitin Shah Business Analyst Reporting Developer Lala Musayev Addeo Rewards Director Frank Yang Chief Technology Officer Kevin Hyland Developer/Analyst Harlan Stern Programmer/Analyst Nina Rendelstein Rewards Manager Abhishek Jain Technology Director Parul Jain Reporting Architecture Manager Travis Tilley Programmer/Analyst Angela Kim Assistant Rewards Manager Adam Becker Product Development Director Lorgio Jimenez Developer/Analyst Vadim Timoshpolsky Programmer/Analyst Mike Book Account Manager David Yang Application Architecture Manager Gulam Kahn Reporting Developer Grace Yang Business Analyst Bob Staub Rewards Development Director Sahana Appaji Business Analyst Mark Kassal Developer/Analyst Louis Zell Programmer/Analyst Bridget Croke Rewards Development Director Andy Brett Developer/Analyst Larry Kooper Programmer/Analyst Aron Levinson Rewards Development Director James Bui Systems Administrator Gus Mavromoustakos Programmer/Analyst Azim Esmail Rewards Development Director Dorren Chen Programmer/Analyst Soren Meischeid Business Analyst John Smith Local Rewards National Manager Yibin Cheung Technical Architecture Manager Samuel Obukwelu Programmer/Analyst24 25
  14. 14. SHADES OF GREEN SHADES OF GREEN “The ultimate test of mans There is no one green thing out there in the cosmos that can stand conscience may be his alone as the answer to the troubles we as ‘people on our planet’ willingness to sacrifice something today for future are facing. We know that as long as there is a continued focus on generations whose words the benefit of making a difference in the environment by people, of thanks will not be government, and corporations, then we all are in a much better place. heard.” Solar, wind, bio-diesel…the list is endless for future improvements. – Gaylord Nelson former governor of What about today? What about now? Wisconsin, co-founder of Earth Day RecycleBank knows that recycling is something that cuts a slice across “Technically, everybody all ages, demographics, ethnicities, even partisanship. Recycling is is supposed to recycle. something that the proverbial ‘You’ can do today and make a difference But very few are doing for tomorrow. Our service hits every home, everywhere, and we respect everything they could. There’s lots of room for each and every one of you along the way. growth.” – Bob Novak Fortune Magazine 3 We respect the many shades of green26 27
  15. 15. RecycleBank provides members with the tools to get the job done. Single stream recycling ∫ The Green-o-meTer ∫ in a large, wheeled cart takes the confusion BABY STEPPER ALWAYS AWARE away, and rewarding your efforts, with the Likes to recycle ONLY-IF-CONvENIENT LEANING GREEN Lives in the green carrot and not the stick, encourages you to and may want to space and considers keep going. Ultimately, RecycleBank will learn more Needs to have a cart Recycles and their environmental assist you in making better environmental handy everywhere they go is becoming a footprint concious consumer choices along the way. WHY RECYCLE? RECYCLER TO THE CORE We see it happen internally and we see it Skeptical of Bona-Fide, Tree-huggin’, happen externally. Pale green becomes sea the benefits of Granola-crunchin’ Recycler Onlyvenien en Recycling that cheerleads all things foam green. Kelly green turns to Kermit Con for Mother Earth green. And yes, Kermit even improves to an Gre evergreen recycler extraordinaire! -if- We all have the potential and we all continue Ba ning to make a difference. e by ar St Aw Where do you fall on The Green-O-Meter? Lea ep s t pe ay r w Al Recycler 3 We know the carrot works better than the stick Why Recycle? To The Core28 when promoting green behaviors 29
  16. 16. JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOvEMBER DECEMBER The year starts Kraft named Official Evian joins RecycleBank RecycleBank brings RecycleBank heads Allied Waste RecycleBank heads Mayor Dave Munson RecycleBank and Rochester Hills, World Economic off with 50 national Food Sponsor RecycleBank to bolster secures $30mm series in HR support for our to the Mid-West, announces national to Northern Virginia and kicks of RecycleBank Allied Waste launch in MI unanimously votes Forum announces that and 320 local reward water Initiatives B funding ever growing staff launching in Omaha, NE Partnership with sees recycling volumes in Sioux Falls, South Twin Cities Metro Area, to bring residents RecycleBank is honored partners Doug Lebda joins the RecycleBank nearly double with AAA Dakota with Novak Eden Prairie, MN RecycleBank as a 2009 Tech Pioneer RecycleBank board RecycleBank Al Gore commends Hartford brings Sanitary Services RecycleBank is in celebrates World Water Cherry Hill on their gets a whole new look RecycleBank to CT Second annual Montgomery first in Coca-Cola gives Launch of affiliate 7 states and 74,000 Kiosk Recycling Day Environmental Plan, residents company-wide retreat at RecycleBank heads OH to bring residents local Schools $75,000 redemptions households Pilot begins at Columbia including RecycleBank the Mohonk Mountain to Lincoln, NE to partner RecycleBank, partnering on America Recycles University House with RecycleLink with Rumpke Day in support of the Launch ActiveCause, Fortune Magazine RecycleBank Green another donation picks RecycleBank as 1 RecycleBank is E-Waste program Schools Program opportunity for our of 11 Great Green Ideas honored as one of expands to include cell members bringing Plenty’s 20 ideas phones, mp3 players RecycleBank goes dozens, and soon to be Expansion RecycleBank changing the world and laptops citywide in Cherry Hill, NJ hundreds of non-profits celebrates Earth Day into the donation mix Rewards Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Environmental Hears a Who” joins forces 357,834 rewards were ordered 182 National and 906 Local Reward Partners with RecycleBank to spread the environmental 2008 TIMELINE 46,145,150 Points were redeemed This is an increase of 266% and 233%, respectively, over 2007 messages of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment This is an increase of 152% and 242%, respectively, over 2007 RecycleBank services 211,253 households across 15 states30 31
  17. 17. STAKEHOLDERS The RecycleBank program is built upon the way we interact and form relationships as we do business. COMMUNITY / HOUSEHOLDS “Thank you for your great It’s been a tough economy, and the recyclable commodities market fell rewards programs to help drastically during the second half of 2008. What we’ve found is that the out our family in this tough economy!” recession, and our economic state, does not change the value proposition – Jennifer Trickey RecycleBank offers communities. Our value is tied to increasing diversion RecycleBank Member from the landfills and providing incentives and rewards for recycling at home. This in turn puts several wheels in motion: » Residents earn Points for rewards which on average can save them hundreds of dollars in reward value each year » Local businesses see increased tickets and customer acquisition as residents begin redeeming their reward; a natural way to build brand loyalty » Communities save money in landfill diversion which can ultimately lower taxes and stretch tight budgets for other community necessities 3 Nothing is more important » Communities are cleaner with a reduction in litter as more and more gets recycled than the relationships we form as we grow » The environment reaps the reward of saving our precious resources32 33
  18. 18. COMPETITORS » We care; about our people, our communities, INvESTORS MEDIA our planet This ultimate form of flattery will only make Are we focused? With a good amount We strive to keep our story fresh and alive. One » We want to hire the very best, smartest people us better, stronger and more responsible – and treat each other well venture capital money to support our growth of the greatest things about the media and the sure there will be competition at some point and expansion, considered a “hot green press, in general, is the way they help us to » We are understandably a bit nervous about in the future. That’s business and reality. At preserving our culture as we get bigger prospect” by Newsweek, and recognized in educate our RecycleBank members. They watch the end of the day we’ve got to be the best at » We are all entrepreneurial BusinessWeek as one of Venture Capital’s us closely and they tell our story on national what we do. Our goal is not to worry when favorite start-ups, we must be. In December as well as local scopes. We’ve had the pleasure » Oh yeah, and we’re hard working competition is coming; our goal is to provide 2008, we were notified that RecycleBank was of being in the company of Charles Gibson and great service and to pursue an aggressive selected by the World Economic Forum as “ABC World News Tonight”, as well as CBS HAULERS growth plan that recognizes the importance of a 2009 Technology Pioneer. We earned this “The Early Show”, The BBC, CNN, Newsweek, economies of scale. Are we building business and brand loyalty? distinction in the energy and environment Entrepreneur, Fortune, and AARP to name a few. These days, it’s expensive for a city to send category. Technology Pioneers are recognized It’s truly been quite a year! A key to keeping EMPLOYEES garbage to a landfill, so haulers and cities see for their accomplishments as innovators of our story fresh is our ability to have a story to Do you like working here? Would you tell a RecycleBank as a value-add. The value in the the highest caliber and are companies with tell that fits into just about every section of a friend? How are we treating you? We asked current economy of recyclables is not in the technologies that will have a deep impact on newspaper. We can speak to: these questions of our growing staff, and we revenue generated, but in not having to pay business and society. » Customer acquisition as we sign on long-term fared quite well. At our second annual retreat for disposal. That’s a key understanding that’s relationships with haulers and municipalities at the Mohonk Mountain House in New York’s been missed by most people when they think Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, RRE » Local-announcement media outreach Hudson Valley, we did a little digging to find about recycling today. When haulers offer our Ventures, The Westly Group and Sigma » Partner launches out ‘What is a RecycleBanker’. Here is what we services, residents are able to get back not Partners are institutional shareholders. Ron » Mayoral and council outreach know: only what they pay for service collection, but Gonen, the co-founder and CEO, is the largest » Department of public waste, industry, and trade » We work really hard hundreds of additional dollars in reward value. individual shareholder. » NGOs and non-profits of influence » We all clearly know the mission and are passionate34 35
  19. 19. NOTEWORTHY 2008 RECYCLEBANK MEDIA COVERAGE » Consumer references/testimonials our mission. This year, we spoke again at » Education/awareness/activation their annual conference and had support from » Customer engagement/brand them on a pilot program in Hartford, Conn. » Recognition/attitudes We truly see the value of being a member of an organization filled with leaders in the Recycling industry, and opinion makers and MUNICIPALITIES shapers that span government, industry, and RecycleBank works as a complete everyday folks like you and me. environmental solution designed to help 77 393 338 municipalities with their residents and local economy. In 2008, the economy brought a In 2009 we will develop a way to leverage and MEDIA MEDIA MEDIA establish governance with some key non- HITS sudden need for cities and households to HITS HITS profit organizations, both on a local and a conserve cash. RecycleBank allows cities to national level. We have a plan and strategy in save money through landfill diversion and place, and hope to report next year in greater helps stimulate local economic development detail on the outcome of this plan. with local reward redemptions. Some cities, like Cherry Hill, N.J., are even using the REWARD PARTNERS savings they get from having RecycleBank to (LOCAL, REGIONAL AND NATIONAL) fuel other environmental initiatives. In 2008, we had more than 1,000 reward partners helping to motivate households NON-PROFIT ORGANIzATIONS AND NGOS across the country. From the local ‘Mom and The National Recycling Coalition has always Pop’ shops, to regional grocery partners, to been aligned and in-tune with our work and large national brands, we’ve been able to BROADCAST PRINT ONLINE36 37
  20. 20. create a healthy program to satisfy the needs Reward Partners join RecycleBank for: LEARNING AS WE GROW In true RecycleBank spirit, we rose to the occasion. of everyone who recycles with us. Putting Design quickly created a post card to remedy the » Customer acquisition How do we understand community and what role scenario adding a very sincere apology from our extra food on the table, going to see a movie, we play in it? ‘Remember Revere’ is a phrase that » Increased purchases with redemption president. Electronically, a file was sent to a Revere enjoying dinner out, a luxurious massage, both haunts RecycleBankers and taught us a very » Brand loyalty and affinity printer and a dozen RecycleBank employees, execs a weekend getaway, or even donations to valuable lesson. and all, headed for what is now referred to as the » Awareness and ability to communicate schools—we have something for everyone. Picture mid-July: RecycleBank is launching in “Midnight ride to fix Revere.” We woke up bright corporate values And what do all these places have in Revere, Mass., a new community. Like all launches, and early, ran to the printer and then literally hand common? On some level, they all want to be a residents receive a letter from the Mayor explaining delivered the correct information to each and every the RecycleBank program. Unfortunately for us, this address. Special kudos goes out to all who helped good neighbor within their community. They letter contained a critical typo that made its way to with that midnight ride…and special appreciation want to be socially responsible and support print. to the residents of Revere who thankfully, only recycling efforts. chuckled at my gaffe. At first glance, this seemed harmless. An ‘8’ became a ‘9’…could happen to anyone. Problem Lesson Learned? It’s not the size or the For some, this is their first foray into the is that the number was attached to our customer consequences of the mistake that matters. We are all green movement. For others, participation care line. A bad experience here would leave a bad human and we will ultimately make mistakes along in our program is a natural extension of the taste in anyone’s mouth. We had to fix this before it the journey. The key is how we react to remedy the set of sustainable activities that support became a problem. situation. RecycleBank came together as a company commitment to environment and local to make this bad situation right. And so it will go Easy solution: Purchase the newly created number down in the annals of RecycleBank history, we will community. It’s a way of marketing locally, and have a seamless transition for all Revere all, especially me, always ‘Remember Revere’. but acting globally. residents. Great idea right! Well, someone else with a more sinister motive had a similar idea and this Lisa Pomerantz, Director CSR and Communications previously unused, harmless number quickly became one of ‘those’ numbers (yes, you know the kind we mean—very non-brand appropriate).38 39
  21. 21. RECYCLEBANK & CSR SECOND NATURE “I currently recycle and As a company who embraces environmentalism as our core and think this program will accepts, without judgment, all shades of green, we are well aware of add more excitement and encouragement to families our enormous responsibility to be environmental leaders. recycling efforts across the board.” In 2008, we formed our very first Cross-Functional CSR Task Force to – Greg Jasmer RecycleBank Member fully understand and implement the company’s internal and external CSR needs. Our goals were hefty, and we had members from every business unit, including the Executive Team. This was important in “I feel you should look at your footprint in life and order to weave the mission throughout everything we do and every see the impact you are decision we make. We had passion, we had ideas, we had goals, but having on the world.” one thing we did not have on our side was enough hours in the day. – Ron Gonan Co-Founder / CEO The team met only twice officially and then growth and expansion got the better of us. Now, that does not mean in any way shape or form that we let the company down in terms of sustainability. We still managed to accomplish some amazing and noteworthy things. 3 Reuse in action – our kitchen for-here-ware promotes less waste40 41
  22. 22. The new year will see the resurgence of the RecycleBank Rewards Program as a partner. EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES more than 60 million pounds of recyclables from CSR Task Force Team and time will be carved, the waste stream, saving more than 600,000 » Added part-time HR consultant We have created a task force to ‘debate’ the trees and over 45 million gallons of oil. These etched, stolen if need be, to continue to make » Conducted employee satisfaction surveys (see environmental footprint metrics resulted in more entry of any controversial partners. our company sustainability goals a reality. RecycleBankers Speak, pg. 57) than $6 million in savings for municipalities in 2008. COMMUNITY INvOLvEMENT Here is what we accomplished against our ENvIRONMENTAL PROTECTION » Increased reward participation, with 46,145,150 We instituted a quarterly paid volunteer day Points redeemed by RecycleBank households; goals in 2008. available to all employees to allow us all the In an effort to darken our collective green, we: returning money directly back into the local opportunity to do important charitable work economies in participating communities. This ACCOUNTABILITY » No longer use standard batteries in the office. number is up 242% over the previous year. within our communities. The only caveat We are all rechargeable battery users now. Additionally, 688 new local and national As a company, we sought to address important being that in Q2, we have an Earth Day focus. » Use Web based meetings and teleconferences to not RecycleBank Reward Partners signed on to take social, environmental, and broader economic only reduce our collective carbon footprint, but for part in our mission to dramatically increase Both the Philadelphia and the New York sites issues in our core business strategy. economic reasons as well. household recycling rates, up 274% over 2007. took part in office-wide events, building team Local economic stimulation and sustainability morale and doing great work. The remote » Added recycling capabilities to our NYC office, where they were previously lacking were two of the most important topics we folks worked within their local communities. » Keep lights off when rooms or offices are not in use. dealt with when approaching municipalities. We have a growing program called » Constantly redesigned the architecture of our We have created annual sustainability reports RecycleBank Green Schools, which printed collateral in order to conserve. All are since the founding of our company in 2005. allows schools in RecycleBank-serviced printed on PCW papers and use soy based inks where ever possible. Our business cards literally areas to apply for environmental grants. perforate into two cards in order to extend the life BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Neighborhoods donate Points to the schools, and use less printing and paper. Knowing we are only as good as the company and the Points then translate into real money » More than doubled recycling rates in every we keep, we began, and are still creating, a to fulfill the grants. community that deploys the RecycleBank program. standards document for admittance into the To date, RecycleBank households have diverted42 43
  23. 23. ETHICS AND GOvERNANCE municipalities and 210,000 U.S. households in on to take part in RecycleBank’s mission to Donations Category to our members. 2008. RecycleBank is poised to grow by more dramatically increase household recycling ActiveCause allows our members to We are pleased to report that we are a than 100% in 2009. rates, up 274% over 2007. donate Points to charities and non-profit company that yielded quality services with organizations, both locally and nationally. great results; treated our partners, vendors, Recognized in a December BusinessWeek as RecycleBank recently expanded the ability of They simply choose a partner to donate to and and employees fairly, and kept a clean slate “Venture Capital’s Favorite Startups”. their members to earn extra Points and help RecycleBank pays the charities of choice with on behavior. the environment through e-waste collection. RecycleBank is a privately held business and does not real dollars. RecycleBank has joined forces with Collective We worked very hard to have clear, concise, disclose financial information. Good, Gazelle, and Fl!pswap, who all have a and transparent marketing collateral; and as We are indeed building a strong and vital CSR PRODUCTS AND SERvICES like-minded mission to help the environment little of it as possible, if we may add. foundation, and we can only continue We developed and expanded our call center and uphold the highest environmental We created and e-mailed our holiday greetings to improve! with extended hours, hired Spanish-speaking standards. Members are prompted to enter and well wishes in a effort to maintain the details of their devices including brand, employees, and improved operational ‘print less, say more’ attitude . model, and condition, and then can download efficiencies and metrics in order to ensure We focused on internal stakeholder legendary service for our RecycleBank a postage-paid mailing label. Points are issues such as service quality, customer Members. awarded and deposited in member accounts satisfaction, employee wages and benefits, once the organization confirms receipt and RecycleBank households redeemed 46,145,150 condition. More than 94% of the e-waste and local community and environmental Points for RecycleBank Rewards; returning devices that come in are refurbished and put responsibilities. money directly back into the local economies back into use. The other remaining 6% are FINANCIAL RETURNS in participating communities through reward properly recycled. redemption. This number is up 242% over the We expanded service from 35 municipalities Towards the end of 2008, RecycleBank previous year. Additionally, 688 new local and and 100,000 homes in 2007 to more than 90 partnered with ActiveCause to offer a national RecycleBank Reward Partners signed44 45