Dillard University Faculty Institute Jan 4&5 2011


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Dillard University Faculty Institute Jan 4&5 2011

  2. 2. Tuesday, January 4th PSB Classrooms 131 and 135 1st Floor Quality Enhancement Program: Integrative Assignment and Critical Thinking Dr. Ramona Jean-Perkins, Director, Quality Enhancement Plan Dr. Kim Chavis, Director, the Academy of Assessment Learning, and Outcomes, Southern University and A & M College, Baton Rouge, LARequired for LC/QEP Faculty8:30 – 9:00 Welcome, Overview, Objectives9:00 – 9:15 Highlights – Fall 20109:15 – 9:45 SWAT9:45 – 10:45 Integrated Learning Assignment – The Big Oil Spill: What is the Impact?10:45 – 11:00 BREAK11:00 – 12:00 Working Lunch – Overview of Live Text1:00 – 2:45 Live Text Input: Syllabus, Integrated Assignment, Rubric, Other2:45 – 3:15 QEP Structure Roles & Responsibilities of Team & Cluster Leaders Timeline of Activities Cohort Participants CTLAT / QEP Faculty Schedule QEP Student Schedule (Monthly Meetings) Registration Procedures Faculty Research QEP3:00 Department Meetings Chairs
  3. 3. 4:00 College Meetings Deans Wednesday, January 5th Academic Advising8:30-3:00RefreshmentsRequired for All Faculty9:00 – 9:15 Academic Assessments Dr. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins Uploading Your Assessment in Digital Dropbox Dr. Azubike Okpalaeze9:15 – 10:15 Academic Advisements, Registration and Grading Advising, Registering and Reviewing the Transcript Dr. Phyllis Worthy Dawkins DU Cares Dr. Henrietta Harris CIRP Jenzabar – Grade Submission Ms. Pamela England & Mr. James Hobbs Administration of D, F, FA, W, I Grade Submission Issues: Verification, Default Grade Holds: Financial, Health, Pre-requisites etc. MyDU Ms. Pamela England & Robert Mitchell10:15 – 10:30 Break10:30-11:00 Serving Students in Higher Education, Especially at HBCUs Dillard Students Today Dr. Barnes Teamer & Alicia Cyprian Noel Levitz and Financial Leveraging ACT/SAT Scores College Readiness
  4. 4. 11:00-11:30 SOAR Dr. Alicia Cyprian Plan of Action Drs. Henrietta Harris & Phyllis Worthy Dawkins11:30 – 12:00 Classroom Management Drs. Dorothy Smith and Phyllis Worthy Dawkins12-1:00 Lunch1:00 – 2:00 Faculty Role Provost and Associate Provost2:00-3:00 Faculty Morale Focus Group Discussions Reverend Gail Bowman GRANTWINNERS SEMINARS Workshops for Academic Researchers Robert Porter, Ph. D. Conducted by the Office of Sponsored Programs3:00 – 5:00All Faculty Invited to Attend: Please RSVP by Monday, January 3, 2011 - Limit to 30FINDING FUNDINGThe search for funding can be both time consuming and frustrating. Online databases arebecoming increasingly important in helping scholars to quickly identify potential sponsors fortheir research. This "hands on" workshop will focus on the use of powerful tools such asCommunity of Science, the Foundation Center and Grants.gov. Search techniques for web sitesof federal agencies will also be covered, with plenty of time for participants to practice theirskills. (Note: This workshop requires a computer laboratory or a laptop computer with wirelesscapability)WRITING SUCCESSFUL GRANTSFor those who are new to the grant game, this introductory workshop covers basic principles ofgood grant writing, starting with the phrasing of a compelling research theme to the actualconstruction of the proposal itself. Major differences between traditional "academic prose" andpersuasive grant writing are highlighted. Common pitfalls that can lead to early rejection ofgood ideas are reviewed, matched with practical strategies for better writing. Special attention
  5. 5. will be paid to the perspectives of grant reviewers and how to write in ways that will meet theirexpectations. • Killer mistakes in grant writing and how to avoid them • Two critical steps that will double your chances for success • How to win over the grant reviewer • Simple keys to a more powerful writing style • Visualization: Using illustrations to "sell" your projectWORKSHOP LEADERRobert Porter, Ph. D., has presented grant writing workshops at leading universities and medicalschools nationally. Currently Director of Research Development at the University of Tennessee,Dr. Porter has thirty years experience as a tenured professor, private consultant and researchadministrator. His proposals have won more than $8 million in awards from governmentagencies and private foundations. A national leader in the growing field of researchdevelopment, he has presented papers and workshops on grant writing at national conferencesand has published prize-winning articles in the Journal of Research Administration and ResearchManagement Review. Dr. Porter has previously taught at Virginia Tech, Swarthmore College,Susquehanna University and Eastern Washington University. He holds graduate degrees inSpeech Communications from the University of Michigan. January 6, 2010 6:00 pm-8:00 pm New Faculty and Adjunct Orientation PSB 2nd Floor, Nursing Seminar Room