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So tl institute application du2013


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So tl institute application du2013

  1. 1. DILLARD UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP OF TEACHING AND LEARNING RESEARCH RETREAT (SPONSORED BY ANDREW MELLON FOUNDATION) SUMMER 2013 APPLICATIONWe recommend you complete this application in a word processor. Take as much space as you need to answer each question – just hit Enter to start a new paragraph. If you have questions or difficulties using this form, send e-mail to either EJOHNSON@DILLARD.EDU or BALBERT@DILLARD.EDU or call 504- 816-4216.All sections of this application need to be completed for your campus application to be considered for the2013 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research Retreat.Date Submitted: ________________________ 1. ABOUT YOUR INSTITUTIONInstitution Name:Institution Website:Type of Institution: Public 2-year Independent 4-year 2. ABOUT YOUR RESEARCHAt the institute, we encourage teams/individuals to use data about classroom experiences in theundergraduate curriculum to shape the development and the expansion of their SoTL research initiatives. 1. Abstract of Project-Include an overview of the conduct of project (200 words maximum) 2. Intellectual merit of the project- state purpose and significance of the research/project:
  2. 2. 3. Hypothesis/research question/statement 4. Research Plan/Activity ( qualitative/quantitative Data) 5. Explanation on how the research/project will impact/benefit the community(broader impact) and the faculty and student development: 6. Explanation of how the project will be sustained beyond the institute to include potential other funding sources (e.g. BOR, NSF) 7. How will the data be disseminated or shared with the community (e.g. Journal, exhibitions, etc.) 3. ABOUT YOUR SOTL PLANSPlease choose the appropriate category for your learning community initiative. _____ Starting a SoTL Research ProgramRationale: Explain what you are planning to do, and provide a rationale for your program that identifies theresearch needs you are trying to address and the students whose learning you are trying to impact. Note:We are interested in learning the extent to which your proposed SoTL initiative has been designed inresponse to classroom about student success. Expanding or strengthening a SoTL Research programHistory and rationale: Give a brief history of your program including its initial rationale, its initial and currentsize, and the courses that have been included. In addition, please explain your reasons for participating. 4. YOUR GOALS FOR ATTENDING THE INSTITUTEGiven your SoTL program plans, briefly describe the challenges (pedagogical, curricular, and administrative)you anticipate or currently face, and the issues and/or questions you would most like addressed at thesummer institute. 5. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONWhat else would you like us to know about your institution as we prepare for the institute?
  3. 3. 6. ABOUT YOUR TEAMIndividual/Team Members’ Contact Information Team Member #1 Name Title Department E-mail Address Mailing Address Phone Fax Team Member #2 Name Title Department E-mail Address Mailing Address Phone Fax 7. ADMINISTRATIVE ENDORSEMENTIn order to be considered for the institute, your team must have an endorsement by a senior administrator atyour institution. To indicate approval of your individual/ team’s application and a willingness to participationin the institute, the designated administrator should sign below their approval.Approving Administrator’s NameSignatureTitle E-mail Address