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AABHE Doctoral Student_Award_2013_Final_Document

  1. 1. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BLACKS IN HIGHER EDUCATION PO Box 286, Notre Dame, IN 46556 Phone: 877-459-7438 x105 Fax: 919-324-3913 http://www.blacksinhighered.orgPRESIDENTBarbara LoftonUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville Please make this information available to doctoral students and/or deans and faculty who work with students in doctoral programsIMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENTSheila V. BaldwinColumbia College Chicago American Association of Blacks in Higher EducationVICE PRESIDENTSIris L. Outlaw (Administration) www.blacksinhighered.orgUniversity of Notre DameJacqueline “Dee” Gardner (Programming) October 1, 2012Meharry Medical CollegeFred A. Bonner II (Research)Rutgers University The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education (AABHE) will offer doctoralSECRETARY student conference grants for the 2013 National Conference, February 28, 2013 – March 2,Amelia Ross-HammondNorfolk State University 2013. The grants allow the recipients to attend the conference as an introduction to theTREASURER academy and provides excellent networking opportunities for new academicians.Anita HawkinsMorgan State University The award recipient will receive a $1,200 cash award, conference registration, and a one-FINANCIAL SECRETARYFelicia Bohanon year membership in AABHE. Second, third and fourth place winners will receive $600Northern Illinois University cash awards, conference registration, and a one-year membership in AABHE.LEADERSHIP & MENTORINGINSTITUTE DIRECTORBarbara Johnson The award selection committee will review complete application packets received by theNorthern Illinois University deadline, Monday, December 3, 2012. We will accept hard copy applications and/orINTERNATIONAL TRAVEL electronic applications (pdf or word). Electronic and hard copy applications must beDirectorJoseph H. Silver, Sr. RECEIVED by the December 3, 2012 deadline and be signed by the applicant. AAlabama State University complete application packet includes (1) a signed application cover sheet, (2) supportingPARTNERSHIP Director documents (Resume, advisor recommendation), and (3) a research statement, whichRoland Smith describes the doctoral student’s current research interest and its implications for theRice University African American community; this statement must outline tangible results gathered duringBOARD MEMBERSKenneth B. Durgans the research phase of the dissertation project. Applicant should be ABD or completedIndiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis degree requirements in the last 6 months.Lorenzo L. EstersAdvancement of Public Black UniversitiesAssociation of Public and Land-grant Universities The advisor’s recommendation MUST certify that the applicant has substantiallyM. Evelyn Fields completed the research project with tangible results available.South Carolina State UniversityJohn A. Gardner, IIDesert Research Institute The award recipients will make formal presentations during the conference. The time ofWilliam B. Harvey the presentations will be announced when the final program is published sometime inNorth Carolina University A&T early For more information on the Doctoral Student Conference Grant contact:John MatlockUniversity of Michigan Dr. Brenda Sanders Dédé Dr. Fred A. Bonner IIJacqueline M. MimmsCalifornia State University Bakersfield Samuel DeWitt Proctor Chair in Education Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Samuel DeWitt Proctor Chair in EducationKenneth MonteiroSan Francisco State University Clarion University of Pennsylvania Rutgers UniversityOdelet Nance 840 Wood Street GSEGoshen College Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214 10 Seminary PlaceHenrietta W. Pichon, (814) 393-1838 New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901Northwestern State University FAX (814) 393-2039 FAX (732) 932-7496Leon Rouson bdede@clarion.edu fred.bonner@gse.rutgers.eduNorfolk State University (AABHE VP for Research)Jack ThomasWestern Illinois UniversityWilliam “Bill” Whitaker, Jr.South Carolina State University
  2. 2. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BLACKS IN HIGHER EDUCATION 2013 Doctoral Student National Conference GrantThe American Association of Blacks Higher Education (AABHE) announces the 2013Doctoral Student National Conference Grant. The grant will enable the awardees to attendthe 2013 National Conference, February 28-March 2, 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia. Theconference will provide networking opportunities with hundreds of professionals.To be eligible for this grant, applicants must be a full-time doctoral student in a programleading to a teaching or administrative position in higher education; or the applicant’sprogram of study and/or research emphasis must be aligned with or show someinvolvement in the African American community. The applicant should have completedall coursework related to the doctoral degree (ABD), and have completed all research toshow tangible results. The applicant also may have recently completed the defense of thedissertation, thus may not be currently enrolled. Defense of the paper should haveoccurred within the past 6 months.GRANT AWARD The award recipient will receive a $1,200 cash award, conferenceregistration, and a one-year membership in AABHE. Second, third, and fourth placewinners will receive a $600 cash award, conference registration, and a one-yearmembership in AABHE.APPLICATION GUIDELINES To apply for the Doctoral Student Conference Grantmail or email a completed and signed Application Form, resume, a letter ofrecommendation from the dissertation chair or advisor certifying completion of researchwith tangible results, and a research statement (two page maximum) to the address below.Your research statement should describe your current research study (with results)and its implications for the African American Community or indicate your plans onbecoming more involved in the community. All applications must be received byMonday, December 3, 2012. INCOMPLETE APPLICATION PACKETS WILLNOT BE REVIEWED. All applications must be signed. The award recipients will benotified by January 8, 2013.OBLIGATION OF THE GRANT RECIPIENT The recipients of the grants areexpected to attend the AABHE National Conference and participate in a formalpresentation of their research.Send completed application packets to: Dr. Brenda Sanders Dédé Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Clarion University of Pennsylvania 840 Wood Street Clarion, Pennsylvania 16214 (814) 393-1838 FAX (814) 393-2039 Bdede@clarion.edu
  3. 3. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF BLACKS IN HIGHER EDUCATION 2013 Doctoral Student Conference Grant Application Cover FormName____________________________________________________________________Daytime Phone Evening Phone_______________________FAX E-Mail __________________________Address__________________________________________________________________City, State,Zip_________________________________________________________________Institution________________________________________________________________Address__________________________________________________________________Major/Program____________________________________________________________CompletionDate_______________________________________________________________Research Interest/Topic ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Dissertation Chair or Advisor________________________________________________Phone No. ____________________________ Email Address_____________________________________________Signature of Applicant (REQUIRED)Date_________________________________________APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 3, 2012
  4. 4. American Association of Blacks in Higher Education Guide for Preparing the Research Statement (Not To Exceed TWO Pages)Your research should be complete (ABD) with tangible results of the study presentedin your statement. 1. Problem/Purpose. What was/is being investigated. Why, when, where, and by whom was the research conducted? 2. Research Questions and/or hypotheses. What specific questions did the researcher attempt to answer? What hypotheses were tested? 3. Procedures. Who were the subjects? How many were there? How were they selected? What controls, if any, were used? 4. Data Collection. What tests, questionnaires, or other methods of data collection were used? How were they selected and administered? 5. Results. How were the data analyzed? What were the major findings? 6. Conclusions. What interpretations of the findings were made? What discussions, suggestions, or recommendations were made on the basis of the results? 7. Implications. What are the implications for the African American Community and/or Higher Education?