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AABHE Research & Writing Boot Camp


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Published in: Education
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AABHE Research & Writing Boot Camp

  1. 1. Research & Writing Boot CampThis research and writing program is designed specifically for individuals who arenew to the tenure-track faculty ranks as well as for those seeking to retool theirresearch and writing skills. To be held during the American Association for HigherEducation (AABHE) conference, this program will be operationalized in three seg-ments: Segment One: Writing for PublicationA writing instructor will engage the group through practical strategies to assist in Dr. Barbara Lofton,the writing process. President, AABHE University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Segment Two: Meet the Editors Director of Diversity ProgramsSeveral journal editors of refereed journals will offer insight into getting pub-lished in scholarly venues. Segment Three: Framing and Maintaining a Research AgendaCritical elements in developing a tenure and promotion dossier.The primary goal of this Boot-Camp is to underscore for participants the key ele-ments necessary to be successful in the tenure and promotion process. Dr. Fred A. Bonner II, “Participants are encouraged to bring their Vice President of Research, laptops and articles that are in process.” AABHE Rutgers University Samuel DeWitt Proctor Chair in Education Pathways to Success within Higher Education BlacksInHigherEd.orgLoews Midtown Hotel, Atlanta, GA February 28-March 2, 2013 Boot Camp Fees: $450 members $525 non members For additional information contact: Dr. Barbara Lofton (