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Benefits of Campus Medicine Software


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How Medical College Management Software benefits the medical campuses to brand itself.

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Benefits of Campus Medicine Software

  1. 1. Benefits of Campus Medicine Software Website : Twitter :
  2. 2. Campus Medicine (Campus Management Solutions) has been developed by Wonesty Web Solutions for specifically managing medical Campuses across the globe. Attendance Online is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Company and a team of likeminded, experienced, dedicated, result-oriented web based product development professionals with presence in India, US and European Territory. With more than 14 years of experience in internet, education technology and e-governance projects our promoters can add lot of values to campuses. Our in house software design team, web design and development team ( ) is fully prepared for customization of individual campus requirements and technical support. Our recruitment division ( ) can also add value in terms of staff hiring or student placement activities.
  3. 3. Advantages Stream line the admission process Crisper Fee Management Better utilization and management of Hostel, Mess and Transport Closely track the class room/ Clinical/ Lab attendance of students and faculty Management of different hierarchies to access to the information as per designation is allotted Comprehensive Student/ Faculty/ Employee Information Record System Student life cycle with academics management Weekly/monthly/ semester/ yearly time table management with provision of Faculty allocation and substitute Faculty allocation Online leave application, approval and rejection of leave application by respective stakeholder Continue…
  4. 4. Advantages Exam scheduling and result announcement SMS and E-mail alerts Dash board based access for different stakeholder It can be integrated with latest technologies like Biometric/ RFID /IVRS/ Barcode Benchmark Helps to identify the areas of concern Maximize performance by helping develop a regular feedback and development mechanism Take corrective actions to help parents improve the satisfaction & engagement levels Facilitate stakeholders to build effective communication platform
  5. 5. Effect of using Medical College Software Description Before After Stationary & printing cost Annually Rs. 2,00,000+ Annually Rs. 40,000 Availability of integrated MIS Hardcopy and monthly Online any time, any where Communication cost Annually Rs. 1,20,000+ Annually Rs. 20,000 Student attendance 63% 96% Staff attendance 68% 98% Average time spent by staff in 61% 89% classroom Fees and dues collection 90% 100% Alerts 0 23 Approval process Manual & time consuming Electronic & faster Re-brandability 0% 100% Decision making More than a week On the spot Transparency 0 100% Campus efficiency 45% 90% Employee, Student and Parent service 40% 85% Data integrity & security 0% 100%
  6. 6. Campus efficiency Employee, Student and Parent service Data integrity & security Transparency Approval process Student Attendance Staff attendance Before Decision making After Average time spent by staff in classroom Employee, Student and Parent service Alerts Stationary & printing cost Communication cost 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Over all by implementing Campus Medicine College will have 100% re-brandability, achieve highest efficiency and transparency, 100% data integrity and security with reduce in communication, stationary and printing cost.