Finding Efficiencies with Automated Technology Management Solutions


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Finding Efficiencies with Automated Technology Management Solutions

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY:5/1/2013BrianWalter, Center School District #58, MOChrissy Chandler, Center School District #58, MODave Murray, Center School District #58, MOJustin Jarus, SchoolDudeBrian Holland, SchoolDudeA BEST PRACTICES WEBCAST FOR THEEDUCATION TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL
  2. 2.  Finding Efficiencies with AutomatedTechnology Management Solutions Best Practices with Center School District#58, MO ITDirect and ITAMDirect Overview Q&A
  3. 3.  More work to do with less staff▪ More assets to manage▪ BYOD and 1:1 computing▪ Student toTechnician ratio is increasing▪ Increased 5% in K12 schools▪ Aging equipment▪ Little time for preventive maintenance
  4. 4. The backbone of your entire IT operations. If it is notoptimized and streamlined, how can the rest be?66%57%51%38%44%57%72%70%Effectively support the needs of the…Meet your department’s yearly objectivesMaintain network systems adequatelyInstall IT applicationsMaintain IT applicationsPlan for new technologyImplement new technologyIntegrate technology into the classroom
  5. 5.  Average school processes about 1 incident request perstudent annually ITDirect reduces time to complete each work order by15-30 minutes(# of students x 30 minutes) 4000x30 2000 hours60 minutes 60 saved annuallyMultiply annual hours saved by your hourly labor rate –that’s how much $$$ you can save!
  6. 6.  Save up to $24 per computer during an audit Save you up to 17 minutes per computer during anaudit Locate lost or stolen assets Manage all software licenses Save 30 minutes per incident Automate communication and feedback withcustomers Reduce ticket submission by 20% Reduce total cost of ownership by up to 80%
  7. 7. • 2,500 Students• 9 Buildings• 400+ District Staff• 7 IT Team Members
  8. 8.  Limited user access to database Unable to access anywhere, anytime Lack of resources Inventory process too time consuming Manual processes in place
  9. 9.  Web based inventory system accessible fromanywhere Low-cost solution for both IT help desk andasset management system Ability to have end users submit requests Multiple access from multiple users
  10. 10.  ITDirect Easy to user Quick and simple training ITAMDirect Quick and simple training Issue pushing out Group Policy Updates to deploythe Agent.
  11. 11.  End users/requesters Faster results Enjoy email updates Saw the value for district Internal team Keeps team organized Increases efficiencies User friendly for both users and IT staff Upper Management Likes reporting features—inventory reports assist infederal and state audit requests Increased confidence with inventoried equipment
  12. 12.  ITDirect Centralized—web based—location for all IT requests Helps keep department organized and more effective Tracking and reporting Automated workflow process helps us be more efficient ITAMDirect Agent inputs all laptops, netbooks, and desktops Ability to report on devices needing replacements Bulk input of assets Ability to store offline assets Since stored in the cloud, inventory list is offsite and safe
  13. 13. 14
  14. 14. 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Your District Peer Average SchoolDude All-Stars0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0Your District Peer Average SchoolDude All-Stars10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Your District Peer Average SchoolDude All-StarsPercentage of Incidents Submitted On-LineNumber of Incidents Recorded / Student / YearPercentage of Incidents Completed within One Day
  15. 15. We recommend all of these actions; however, based on the chart above we’ve highlighted a few foryou to focus on.1. Setup:Validate the optimal use and assignment of Class and Purpose Codes for incidents.2. Requesters: Encourage your District’s staff and teachers to submit their incident requests on-linewith MySchoolBuilding.3. Customer Service Communications. Enable closed-loop communications to your requestors withautomated email notifications.4. Reinforce Key Processes: Established documented and tested processes to improve theproductivity of your staff and your team’s responsiveness to resolve incidents on a timely basis.5. Capture Essential Data. Capture the essentials of the incident requests – the “who’s requesting”,“what is it about”, “when was it requested and completed”, “where is the issue”, “why is the workbeing done” to facilitate timely resolution of requests.6. Capture Financial Impacts. Capture key financial impacts on your organization including the laborhours, transaction details, inventory, and components to resolve request.7. Measure: Enable key reporting to establish the volume of requests and service response times.8. Survey Internal Customers. Establish a baseline and ask your customers how they view yourtechnology support operations process, service cycle times, and service quality.9. Continuous Improvement. Analyze qualitative and quantitative feedback and institute processchanges to continually improve your overall performance.10. TellYour Story. Share your key performance indicators and performance results with your internalcustomers and your District leadership.
  16. 16. • Teachers, professors, faculty, students, generalstaffRequester• Principal, Residential Dir., Dept. Head, Dept.AdminAsst.SiteAdministrator• Front-line technology assistant for asite/locationSite Resource• Field PersonnelTechnician• Service or GroupType ManagerSupervisor• Maintains system setup – “do all, see all”Administrator
  17. 17. To request an ITDirect and/or ITAMDirectdemo:
  18. 18. • The presentation and a recording of today’swebcastwill be available• Don’t miss these resources:• Crete-Monee School District, IL (ITDirect CaseStudy)• Empowering the End User for Greater Control(Help Desk webcast)
  19. 19.  Brian WalterCenter School District Chrissy ChandlerCenter School District Dave MurrayCenter School District Justin Jarus,Applications Engineer, SchoolDudejustin.jarus@schooldude.com1-877-868-3833 Brian Holland, Regional Sales Manager, SchoolDudebrian@schooldude.com1-877-868-3833Serving more than5,800 EducationalOrganizationsRequest an ITDirect/ITAMDirect demo: Questions, Comments Email: