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  1. 1. Time To Go.. Social..
  2. 2. Why Go Social?57% 7 out of 10businesses plan to hike their social people take their decision based on themedia spend in 2013. reviews written online. 80% people trust online peer recommendations. 50% 75% people follow brands in social media 40% companies now use Twitter as a marketing channel companies admit to having no training or governance of social media.
  3. 3. Few More Reasons!2 out of 3 58% CEOs label social media a high prioritysocial media users believe Facebookinfluences purchases 60% One in three small businesses are now using social employees would like help media. from employers to share relevant content 6% social media users post brand-related content
  4. 4. Indias Favorite Social Media Platforms
  5. 5. Facebook Stats 1.2 Billion 60.2 Million 9 Million 42 Millionworldwide users Indian Users apps pagesUnique Visitors on Age Group on Facebook Facebook 7% 10% 13-17 3% 13% 18-25 37% Women 29% 26-34 18% 60% Men 35-44 23% Not Specified 45-54 55-64
  6. 6. Why Facebook?Advertisement Brand Recall Buzz Customer Care CRM Indian Users Crowd Sourcing Services Mobile Friendly Product Promotion Promotion
  7. 7. Twitter Stats500 Million Users Worldwide 15 Million Users in India Users in India Female 0% 0% 20% Male 80%
  8. 8. Why Twitter? Brand Recall Ultra Mobile Product Indian UsersBuzz Friendly Promotion CRM Crowd Sourcing Customer Care
  9. 9. LinkedIn Stats200 Million worldwide users 18 Million Indian Users Age Group on LinkedIn Unique Visitors on 1% 2% LinkedIn 8% 2% 12% 14-17 18-24 8%25% 25-34 50% Men 35-44 38% 54% Women 45-54 Not Specified 55-64
  10. 10. Why LinkedIn? Brand Recall Buzz Crowd Sourcing HR SolutionsAdvertisement Indian Users Mobile App Product Promotion SEO Value Services Marketing
  11. 11. Google+ Stats400 Million Users Worldwide 5 million g+ is pressed everyday Google+ Users Relationship Status of Users Male Female0% 0% 31% Married 30% 42% Single 70% Various 27%
  12. 12. Why Google+?Advertisement Brand Recall Customer Care Mobile Friendly Buzz CRM Product High SEO Value Service Crowd Indian Users Promotion Promotion Sourcing
  13. 13. Pinterest Stats25 Million Worldwide Users 1.2 Million Indian Users Unique visitors on Pinterest Age Group on Pinterest 5% 13-17 32% 20% 19% 18-24 Men 68% 25% 25-34 Women 31% 35-44 45-54
  14. 14. Objectives of Going SocialCommunicate Brands Imparting NutritionalHeritage. Value of the brand to PeopleHumanize Befriendingthe Brand by Community Through Dobbiegoing SocialCommunicating Nutritional High Brand RecallValue of Gourmet Breads through strong Digitalto the Health Conscious Presence
  15. 15. Content DistributionProduct & Company Community Building & CRM PromotionHigh SEO Value Traffic on Main Website MicroSite Blogs Forums
  16. 16. Facebook Page Adding Timeline : Highlight the heritage of your brand Dobbie’s AppWriting BasicInfo & other Recipes canAttributes in be uploadedCreative Writing Products can be on Facebook Social Mediato enhance intra Showcased justsearch Integration like website
  17. 17. Engagement on Facebook Dobbie’s cartoon strip can be posted twice or thrice in a week. Health tips: Low Cal recipes which includes your Gourmet Range of Breads. Lingo similar to Bakwaas Advertisement can be created exclusively for Dobbie. Can Integrate contests on Microsite with Facebook page Linking applications, twitter & micro site into a well-designed tab. Can Play around with the Style Quotient of Community to promote ‘The Sexy Bread’ Can run a week long campaign on ‘Your Harvest Savior moment’ asking the community to share their moment when harvest saved them from hunger. Asking Fans to Upload their Exotic Recipes Made with Their Favourite Harvest Gold Bread Variant, which can later be featured in a recipe album with fan’s photograph. Dobbie’s Rapid fire questionnaire can be created with a timer on an app. All the queries/Grievances/complaints can be handled promptly
  18. 18. Facebook Application Idea An app can be created to engage community can be created which will add fun factor as well as be a great way to communicate harvests relation with its buyers & Heritage through Dobbies questions!1. User goes to the application and sees thumbnail of the various breads.2. User selects the bread with which he wants to make his sandwich.3. User will now be asked to choose from among various ingredients available to make a sandwich (every ingredient will have some points attached to it)4. Once the user selects his ingredient, Dobbie will ask him a question to unlock that ingredient. (more the points attached to the ingredient, the difficult the question will be)5. If the user answers the question correctly he would be given that ingredient and he can then continue further unlocking other ingredients to make his sandwich.6. Once the user is through making his sandwich, the point value of his sandwich will be shared on his wall. It will also come in all his friends newsfeed.7. Various funny names can be given to sandwiches based on the ingredients.
  19. 19. Facebook App (creative depiction)
  20. 20. Dobbies Twitter HandleSocial Networks Integration Expressive Cover image Space for product promotio n CRM & Product Promotion Tweets in Dobbies own Lingo
  21. 21. Twitter Engagement Using a personal lingo. Eg: ‘Dobbie says it is too cold, take a break and catch a garma garam chai with Harvest Gold’ Organising tweetathons. Tweet about topics like health, nutrition ,breakfast habits, etc. Reach out to your audience like those living alone, college students, hostellers. Responding promptly to people’s questions & comments. Tweeting about the news, events related to your organisation. Tweeting interesting recipes through links on the microsite. Starting contest with the hashtags like- #dobbie #harvestgold #dobbierecipe #thesexybread #healthyharvest #breadhoonproductnahin
  22. 22. LinkedIn-Companys PageGroups can bestarted aroundgeneral topicslike BreakfastRush for Can beworking people used for banner Ads also like Facebook Expressive for High Cover Image ROILife atharvest canbe shown Can Create athrough the special elementposts of on each productEmployees and can give dedicated updates on same
  23. 23. Activities on LinkedIn Detailed Profile with Product listings will be done. Regular updates on Industry on the company page. Relevant groups like, Breakfast Rush for the working class can be formed Precision Targeting of the working class who rush during the breakfast and have bread daily Regular Webinars on health could also be arranged with the dieticians. Engage Polls - Dobbie Asking questions Engage Groups : Make Groups, Maintain Relationship with Group Members and Chat with them Run a special LinkedIn group promotion, or contest . Might invite your group members to enter for free. Sharing Health tips, Diet Planners & Healthy Recipes BMI application can be created for LinkedIn followers HR centric activities like virtual brainstorming, Life @ Harvest can be shown/Done LinkedIn ads can be run as they incur high ROI
  24. 24. Dobbies YouTube Channel Profile Writing Contests can be run to increase subscriber s & views through third party apps Social Plug-insVideo of the Dobbie’s Gags Integrationthe quick one Promotionalminute recipes Videos
  25. 25. YouTube Fun Dobbie’s Gags can be uploaded and made viral with bookmarking Sites One minute recipes for the impatient Working people/Students/Loners can be uploaded with a pinch of Humor. Community can be told to upload pictures and a video can be made with the compilation of the same pictures, People will make it viral which eventually will get us more subscribers. Interviews with Dieticians can be published on the channels to gain subscriptions. YouTube contest for the Freakiest Sandwich can be run, telling people to upload the recipe step by step and the winner will get a chance to get featured with Dobbie on official Channel of Harvest Gold. Third party app can be integrated with the YT channel to make the campaign viral in the community. YouTube videos can be promoted across social network to gain mileage across people in various communities.
  26. 26.  Profile will be maintained to gain High SEO  Various Boards can be created with different value interest Joining, forming circles where something  Regular pinning & Re-pinning can be done related to breakfast habits, breads is with eye-feasting Recipes & excellent food discussed and regular updates can be photography. posted.  Influencers can be identified and their Various Hangouts can be arranged where boards can be pinned with images Dobbie will connect to the community.  Various boards like ‘Behind the Scenes’ When people will search for your brand on showing hygiene and life at harvest can be Google, they can get the latest info straight made to draw eyeballs from your Google+ page.  Open Board for customers can be created Running an Application or game shall engage to get pins from the community to enhance more visitors engagement.
  27. 27. Dobbies MicroSite Welcome To To Dobbie’s World Welcome Dobbie’s World Login / Register/ Login Dobbie’s Dobbie’s Register Logo Logo About Harvest About Harvest Bread-VitaHowHow Participate in do I do I Participate in Contest! Vita Contest! Bread Download Mobile Apps!Apps! Download MobileBread-vita Contest ? Breadvita Contest ? Become a Harvest Club Member! Become a Harvest Club Member and Enjoy Special Privileges Make Your Own Sandwich Recipe Make Your Own Sandwich Recipe Unlock various Breads & Ingredients Enjoy Special Benefits Become a Harvest Club Member! Unlock various Breads & Ingredients Enjoy Special Benefits Become a Harvest Club Member! answering Dobbie’s simple Questions! Privileges! answering Dobbie’s simple Questions! and and Privileges! Follow Share Get Sandwich Maker App on Mobile! Get Sandwich Maker App on Follow Share Like Like On with On with Mobile! on FB! FB! on Twitte Twitter Friend Friends Check Your Nutrition Quotient! r s Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions Disclaimer Disclaime r
  28. 28. Advantage Microsite Dobbie’s exclusive website will give brand mascot a new credibility. Contest and applications can be integrated on the website along with those at Social Platforms. Harvest club can be managed through a dedicated website. Traffic on the Social Sites can be routed on the microsite to enhance experience of the community. Social Plug-ins with Real time updates can be integrated. Dobbie’s Blogs can be published on the website along with Tumblr or wordpress to enhance search results
  29. 29. Forums | Blogs | Q&A Participation in various relevant forums and seedings can boost the traffic both on website as well as microsite. Blogs can be instrumental in the making the campaign viral as blogs are accepted as the most preferred tool for content marketing. Planting Questions and answering at Yahoo answers and Wiki Answers is the fastest way to get noticed amongst the netizens Threads related to food & nutrition and healthy eating habits can be started and third party seeding can be done to facilitate conversation amongst members. Video Blogs by Dobbie can get viral easily
  30. 30. How We Manage Your Campaign Sentiment Brand Audit Analysis Develop StrategyEdit or Revise Strategy (if Seek Approvalneeded)Execute Monitor & Moderate Insight Reports &Strategy Feedback
  31. 31. How it Works! Step One Step Two Step Three Step Four Step FiveGet your Brand Choose the right Opt for a 15 days Kick start your Get Monthly Scan and Package or get Pilot Project* Digital Media insights on Sentiment one designed Marketing progress andAnalysis Done & exclusively for Campaign Enjoy watchingGet a complete you your Business report grow.
  32. 32. Birds Eye View of Clients Experience
  33. 33. What Goes in Delivering a Campaign
  34. 34. Preferred Tools in our Kit Analysis l Management l Monitoring
  35. 35. Dedicated team of Content Writers, Social Media Strategists, Graphic Designer, WebDevelopers, Video Editors & Moderators to look after your campaign24x7x365 monitoring to keep you stay Up & Live alwaysAmazingly Functional Ecosystem of Training & Client ServicingSavings cost of Hiring & Training, Outsource at 10% priceDetailed Monthly insights & Reports on ProgressUse of Ultra Sophisticated Web tools to manage Online Reputation & DigitalCampaignsSave Time for your core business & leave your CRM on us!Dedicated personalised Client support & coordination.
  36. 36. Somesh Jagga Business Head- Client Servicing & Training +91 99110 32000 l Buzzooka InfoMedia Private Limited#402 Jackson Crown Heights Crowne Plaza Rohini Delhi-85 |