The 5 w’s of effective social media2


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The 5 w’s of effective social media2

  1. 1. The 5 W’s of Effective Social Media #5WsMedia #TXSMC12 @TSMRI
  2. 2. Quit Asking If or Whenand Start Asking the 5 W’s #5WsMedia
  3. 3. Discussion ModeratorsMorgan Hammond, Information Specialist and Social Media Mogul @ ACEF Holley Atkinson, Doctoral Graduate Assistant and Trend Clincher @ ACEF Laura Whetstine, Services Coordinator and Social Media Rebel @ ACEF #5WsMedia
  4. 4. Panel Members Katie Katrina Kathy Hoffman Phillips GoodmanBack at the Ranch, Career Services, Bruner Motors,Owner Program Specialist Customer Relations & Social Media #5WsMedia
  5. 5. Social Media is a Necessity! Why? #5WsMedia
  6. 6. 1. Your customers are online77.3% of Americans and 68.6% of Texans have access to the internet U.S. Census Current Population Survey #5WsMedia
  7. 7. Business 70% of customers click-through on a retail blog to the firm’s website 68% of consumers use YouTube to browse and research products 33% of Facebook users purchased an item after they saw it on their newsfeed or a friend’s wall 59% of Pinterest users purchased after they saw an item on the social media site55% of consumers share their purchases socially onFacebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social sites!SteelHouse Social Shopping Survey 2012 #5WsMedia
  8. 8. Higher Education80% of educators have at least 1 social network accountThey are using them to teach (blogs and wikis), andInteract with students (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)And fellow educators (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)From: babson survey research group75% of surveyed teens(1000),ages 13-17, have aSocial networking profile.51% visit social networkingSites daily.From: Common Sense Media #5WsMedia
  9. 9. Non-Profit10% of the surveyed non-profits thatfundraise directly on social media haveraised over $10,000 in fundsThe respondents reported an averageof 8,314 Facebook likes, 3,289Twitter followers, and 2,367 YouTubelikesThe highest percentage of new onlinedonors giving their first gift on theweb were between 55-64 years old43% of the surveyed non-profitsbudget $0 for their social networkingactivities #5WsMedia
  10. 10. 2. Consumers are using the internet to make important decisions #5WsMedia
  11. 11. Business Googled aA Cone Inc. Survey says: Potential Partner80% of those surveyed say they have 72changed a purchasing decision due to abad review online 70 6868% of those surveyed say they trust 66online reviews that have both good and 64bad comments 62 60 58 Women Men #5WsMedia
  12. 12. Higher Education What Social Media sites do students use when researching institutions?Pinterest Twitter Facebook YouTube YouTube TwitterFacebook Pinterest 0 10 20 30 40 50 602012 Social Admissions Report by Inigral67% of surveyed students think that colleges/universities should have asocial media presence68% of surveyed students have used social media to researchcolleges/universities #5WsMedia
  13. 13. Non-ProfitSurvey Participants who use socialnetworking tools likeFacebook, Twitter, and YouTubecommunicate with their networksmore regularly and send moremessages. This resulted in increasedfundraising results by up to 40% npEngageThe 12-month value of a non profitsupporter on Facebook is $214.81 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report #5WsMedia
  14. 14. 3. Your Competition is already there90% Of the polled Small Businesses have at a presence on any of the following: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn Vertical Response100% Of the polled Higher Education institutions have some form of social media University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Social Media Study93.3% Of the polled Non-Profit organizations have at least 1 Social Network account Nonprofit social network survey #5WsMedia
  15. 15. 1. Why? 2. Who?3. Where?4. What?5. When?
  16. 16. Panel Members Katie Katrina Kathy Hoffman Phillips GoodmanBack at the Ranch, Career Services, Bruner Motors,Owner Program Specialist Customer Relations & Social Media #5WsMedia
  17. 17. Panel QuestionsPlatform:1.When did you join the social media scene?2.What platform(s) did you start with?3.How did you decide which platform(s) to use?4.Do you plan on expanding to any other platforms?5.Which platform has been the most successful for you? Why? #5WsMedia
  18. 18. The Conversation Prism Developed in 2008 Updated in 2009Over 4000Social Networks43.7% of globalinternet usersvisited Facebooktoday, 31.89%visitedYouTube, and 8%visited Twitter.Only 43.5%visited Googleand 19.93%visited Yahoo. Brian Solis and JESS3
  19. 19. Panel QuestionsContent:1.Where do you find content?2.Where do you go for inspiration?3.Where do you have the most interaction with customers?4.How do you measure the success of your posts/content?5.Do you have a social media marketing plan? #5WsMedia
  20. 20. Panel QuestionsTools:1.What tools do you use to post content?2.What tools do you use to measure success?3.Do you track customer interactions and engagement?4.Do you track your reputation on Social Media?5.Do you use a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software for social media? #5WsMedia
  21. 21. 1. Why? 2. Who?3. Where?4. What?5. When?
  22. 22. Sources:Nonprofitsocialnetworksurvey.comVertical ResponseMashableNapkin LabsIniti8 MarketingBloomberg Businessweek2012 Social Admissions Report from InigralSocial Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives from CommonSense MediaTeaching, Learning, and Sharing: How Today’s Higher Education Faculty UseSocial Media from Babson Survey GroupSteelHouse Social Shopping SurveyThe Conversation PrismnpEngageNon Profit Marketing GuideSocial Media 4 NonprofitsNon Profit QuarterlyInigral #5WsMedia