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Ana Lukner Roljič - ABC Accelerator - Slovenia - Growing SE Europe Startup & Innovation Ecosystem - Stanford - Feb 5 2018


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Talk by Ana Lukner Roljič, ABC Accelerator (Slovenia), at Stanford on Feb 5 2018, in our session: 'Slovenia & Turkey : Startup Accelerators and Ecosystems in the Balkans and Southeast Europe'.

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Ana Lukner Roljič - ABC Accelerator - Slovenia - Growing SE Europe Startup & Innovation Ecosystem - Stanford - Feb 5 2018

  1. 1. ANA LUKNER ROLJIČ ABC Accelerator Silicon Valley Managing Director Stanford School of Engineering February 5, 2018 @AnaLukner
  2. 2. From Ljubljana to Silicon Valley
  3. 3. To create opportunities for everyone. To finally form a new ecosystem where innovation, ideas, entrepreneurs could settle, accelerate and expand globally. Building a two way bridge Slovenia Silicon Valley
  5. 5. § The SEE region has in total 60.7 million people § The average year’s salary is about $15,000 § 25% of unemployment among young people + underemployment § Incredible talent § We decided to change things forever. Today, ABC is the best friend of people, a bridge, a seed investor - opportunity maker in the region. HOW? We come from a region, where you have to create a job by yourself
  6. 6. We started as ABC Accelerator for startups 2015 20162015 2016
  7. 7. ABC Accelerator Group
  8. 8. ABC startup accelerator WE SELECT BEST STARTUPS THROUGH OUR NETWORK § locations in Ljubljana, Munich and Silicon Valley § we offer ‘’soft landing’’ services in all locations § mentorship, program, customized approach § integration into our network § in the last 36 months, we accelerated over 85 startups and in total raised 37 MIL USD in seed capital ABC First Growth § our fund is used as an add on investment in early stage startups § investing from USD 30k-150k per startup § we invest in people
  9. 9. We invest in people
  10. 10. ABC enterprise accelerator We accelerate enterprise’s innovation cycle in close collaboration with our partner EDG from Palo Alto, California. EDG has been active for over 30 years, working on enterprise innovation with many local and international companies. To create awareness about digitalization, we started to transform also the big corporations from our region: They are now connected to startup world, invest in startups and are also creating their own startups. Some of our clients include:
  11. 11. ABC talent accelerator Based in Kiev, Ukraine, Move On Miles (“MOM”) accelerates tech talent and developers selected for utilization by startups, SMEs, corporations, and VCs. Delivering entrepreneurial-based education programs to students. Current locations are Toronto, Munich and Silicon Valley. ABC business academy ABC software development Based in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Outsourcing company offering a full range of custom software development services for a wide variety of business domains.
  12. 12. Kiev, Ukraine
  13. 13. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  14. 14. Blockchain / ICO § Slovenia is a hub in the region § ICO is a new form of crowd funding, fundraising, still waiting on the accurate regulation § ABC is connecting the traditional VCs & angel groups with blockchain / ICO § successful Slovenian ICOs have raised more funding in 2017 than the total combined value of public financial support in the whole region (in the last decade)
  15. 15. ABC startup success stories
  16. 16. We are the leading accelerator in SEE and among top 3 in Europe. In 2017, ABC won the CESA award as the best accelerator in Central Europe.
  17. 17. Corporate investors + other angel investors Some corporate partners + many amazing advisors ….
  18. 18. ABC team
  19. 19. ABC is family
  20. 20. ABC values
  21. 21. SEE region and its current situation § startup ecosystem is developing but is still associated with political conflict and the past § lack of governmental financial, knowledge support § lack of equity § visa obstacles § However, we - the younger generation have been creating a movement and we are taking things into our own hands. § Opening new companies, creating jobs, developing innovative digital solutions and cooperating with the best IT companies in the world.
  22. 22. Best startups / companies of our region § recent success stories are the main drivers for our region § Outfit7 – a big break through story which brought first billion USD into the region / exit / sold a Chinese investor in January 2017, becoming the first unicorn in the region § potential and new exits are important for the region, bringing more global partners, more funding, experienced entrepreneurs and faster global expansion
  23. 23. Insights / vision § we have proven that it can be done § our goal is to connect local and regional innovation centers along with educational system so that the next generation of startups will grow faster § we feel responsible to continue creating opportunities for our youth and providing a better ecosystem as well as life in our country, region § eventually, ABC Accelerator Group will, like many accelerators, transform itself into a venture fund that will support other regional accelerators and invest in best regional startups The foundation is set ....
  24. 24. Welcome to ABC Accelerator Silicon Valley 75 E Santa Clara Street (floor 7), San Jose, CA 95113
  25. 25. My life philosophy § Tired of us always saying history repeats itself. Therefore, I want that our future becomes a past that we can look back on and be proud of. ABC is Truhoma. § I want to give people the momentum in which they find themselves & become what they were meant to be so that they achieve their highest potential. § True and Honest Mankind can achieve highest potential and, therefore, build vital and forceful environment. § More coming very soon ....
  26. 26. abc-accelerator ABCaccelerator Ana Lukner Roljič ana-lukner-roljic ana.lukner @AnaLukner