History of gaming presentation


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History of gaming presentation

  1. 1. The history of gaming Platforms.Ellie New.
  2. 2. Brown Box.The Brown Box was the first video gaming platforminvented. It is a bulky, heavy rectangular wooden 1967brown box with two controllers attached either side.It was invented by by Ralph H. Baer, he created the . the 60’S.console so it could be connected to any TV set. Itwas programmed with six simple games such as;Tennis, Ping-Pong, Handball, Volley Ball, Chasegames and a Light Gun game.
  3. 3. 1972. The 70’s.Magnavox Odyssey is classed as the worlds ‘first video gamingplatform’ also created by Ralph H. Baer team. Released in Augustof 1972. Odyssey was poorly marketed and consumers were leadto believe that Odyssey would only work on a Magnavox TV set.Baer created the first ever putting game on Odyssey using thejoystick as a putter. Odyssey was the first platform that requiredthe user to insert cartridges enabling them to play differentgames. Research suggests that the console selling cost wasbetween £70 to £100.
  4. 4. The 80’s. 1985.The Nintendo System, shortened to NES wasreleased in 1985 by Nintendo. It very popular inmost of Asia including Japan where it was initiallyreleased, China and Vietnam Singapore the MiddleEast and Hong Kong. NES was an 8-bit platform andthe best selling platform of its time. NES also hadtwo controller ports allowing two players. It had aretail price of £180. Masayuki Uemura designed thesystem, users would purchase cartridges with gamessuch as; Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, YardFight, Pinball, Tennis and many others.
  5. 5. SegA MASTER SYSTEM. 1990.The SEGA Master System known as SMSwas released in 1990. SEGA were trying tocompete with Nintendo’s EntertainmentSystem, the Master System was superior toNES. SEGA released SMS to a wider rangeof countries and continents allowing SMSto outsell NES. SEGA also made SMS withcartridge games, it also had attachmentssuch a Light Gun, 3D glasses and a controlstick. Which was not attached to thecontroller provided with the game.
  6. 6. GamingPLATFORMS IN 2000.
  7. 7. PlaySTATION 2. 2000. Sony released the Play Station 2 on the 4th of March 2000. Play Station 2 is the best selling console of all time having reaching 150 million plus users. Sony claims that there over 10,828 games produced for Play Station. Sony was facing new rivals such as Microsofts Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube. The software for PS2 is stored on disks, as well as playing games Play Station 2 also allows the user to insert DVD disks and watch them via the console. PS2 also allows 2 controllers and includes add-ons such as, Singstar microphones. An EyeToy (a motion detecting camera). Play Station 2 was revolutionising gaming as we know it, Play Stations initial launch price for PS2 was between £200-£299.
  8. 8. XBOX. 2001.Microsoft produced Xbox in 2001, a year later in 2002 Xboxproduced an online service called Xbox live, this allowed the usersof the Xbox to play their friends and people all around the globethis made Xbox extremely popular. Xbox live had been described tobe a better online service than Play Station 2’s online service. Eventhough Play Station’s was free and Xbox required a subscription.The Xbox was the first video game platform to feature a built-inhard disk drive, used for storing saved games and contentdownloaded from Xbox Live. This disregarded the need for memorycards. Xbox also allowed its user to download music from their Cddisks and apply and listen to the music in the game they areplaying. Microsoft sold Xbox for £299. Furthermore, Xbox wasdiscontinued in late 2006.
  9. 9. The 2000’s . 2001.The GameBoy Advance was Nintendo’s second handheldgaming platform after the Nintendo GameBoy Colour.Nintendo GameBoy Advance known as GBA is a smallhandheld and operated platform allowing the user to playgames whenever and wherever they wanted. The GBA wouldlast approximately 15 hours battery life. The GameBoyAdvance is also compatible with GameCube. Allowing the userto take their gaming experience to a new level. GameboyAdvance also came in a wide range of colours.
  10. 10. Nintendo GameCube. The 2000’s . 2001. Nintendo GameCube was released in 2001, Nintendo was the first platform to use mini disks instead of full sized DVD disks. Nintendo was the first console to allow four players to play the same game as it was built with four controller ports. Nintendo like the Nintendo 64 released multiple colours of the GameCube. Colours included, Indigo, Black, Orange and Silver which was brought out as ‘limited edition’. Other colours were also released in Japan but thanks to internet sites such as EBay, users were able to purchase their desired colour online. Nintendo intended to sell the GameCube for a retail cost of £169.99, however a day before GameCube was released Microsoft reduced the price of it’s Xbox to £200. Which forced Nintendo to reduce the price of it’s GameCube before it was even released to £129.99, making it the cheapest platform of its era.
  11. 11. The 2000’s . 2003.Nintendo released the GameBoy SP in February2003. The launch price was £99.99. The Gameboy SPhas a less pixelated clearer LCD screen compared tothe GameBoy Advance. It is also lighter and half thesize of GBA making it not nearly as bulky.The SP also had a wider range of colours such as;Onyx, Flame, Platinum, Cobalt Blue, Pearl Pink, PearlBlue, Graphite, Midnight Blue, Charizard FireRed, Torchic Orange, Venusaur Leaf Green, ClassicDesign and Pikachu Yellow. There was also a limitededition Gold SP released as well.
  12. 12. The 2000’s . 2004.XvaviX Port was created by a company called SSDCompany Limited. The platform uses cartridgesand special wireless controllers. The console usesinfrared sensors that can detect the playersmovement. The games ‘controllers’ are used inthe form of sports equipment such as GolfClubs, Tennis Rackets, BaseballBats, Bowling, Weights and board to stand on topractise exercises such as Yoga.
  13. 13. PlayStation PORTABLE. The 2000’s. 2004.Play Station released Play Station Portable in 2004.The PSP allows the user to watch DVDS and listento Cd’s as it has a disk drive. It has a large viewingscreen and like other Play Stations has the ability toconnect to the internet. The PSP is available from£129.99. The Play Station Portable sold out in theUK in the first three hours of its release.
  14. 14. The 2000’s. 2004.In 2004 Nintendo releases the Nintendo Ds in an attempt tointegrate wider range of functions into its handheld gamingconsoles. The Ds has two screens, one is touch sensitive and hassimilar features to a PDA or Tablet. Also, like the GameBoyadvance it features a backwards compatibility for older GameBoygames. The DS allows users to connect to one another via WIFI, italso comes with a chat room which allows users in the area totalk to one another via Piczo Chat, it was sold for £99.99.
  15. 15. The 2000’s. 2005.Microsoft returns and releases the Xbox 360 in 2005. The 360 isa more developed version of the original platform. Recordsshow that over 70million Xbox 360’s have been sold worldwide.The console sold out completely upon release in all regionsexpect in Japan. Xbox still continued with its Xbox Live servicethat allows players to compete online, it also added servicessuch as; allowing its users to download arcade games, gamedemos, trailers, music, TV shows, and also has Windowsmultimedia capabilities. Xbox live was adjusted slightly allowingthird party media streaming applications like Netflix, and SkyGo. Xbox sold at £299 or £399 for the premium addition.
  16. 16. PlayStation 3. The 2000’s. 2006. PlayStation 3 is the third home console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. PS3 is the successor to PS2, PS3 is popular due to its multimedia capabilities and connectivity with the PlayStation Portable. It also has a built in Blu-ray player, 81,639 PS3 systems were sold within 24 hours of its introduction in Japan. PlayStation 3 gives a clear un-pixelated picture it also still uses it’s original features such as a DVD and Cd input. PS3 competed with other consoles such as Xbox and Nintendo Wii.
  17. 17. The 2000’s. 2006.The Nintendo Wii was released in 2006, Nintendo called the platform Wii as in ‘we’meaning we play or we are connected. The Nintendo Wii is similar to that of theXvaviX port. Featuring the idea of multiplayers and wireless controllers allowing theuser to move freely when playing games such as;Bowling, Tennis, Baseball, Bowling. Other Add-ons include the Wii Fit providing aboard for the user to stand on whilst the platform measure the users weight andbody mass. Wii was designed to ‘get people off the sofa’ and a fun way to keep fit.There has been many cases of people loosing weight due to playing simple Wiigames. The Wii also allows the user to play other classic games such as Mario Bros.And it’s disk drive will also accept disks sold for Nintendo GameCube back in 2001.the Nintendo Wii sold more copies than Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’sPlayStation 3. It sold at a price of £179, Nintendo sold 1.8 million Wii consoles eachmonth prior to it’s release through 2006 through to 2007.
  18. 18. The 2000’s. 2006.The Mattel HyperScan uses Radio FrequencyIdentification along with traditional videogame technology. It was marketed towardboys between the ages of five and nine, whoare not ready for high end video games. Orthe mature themes that some of themposses and their expenses. The platformcomes with two controller ports and theconsoles launch price was £69.99.
  19. 19. Nintendo 3DS. 2011. Nintendo 3Ds was released in 2011, Nintendo have stuck with the same style as the Ds. But they have made the screens 3D without the use of glasses or additional accessories. The 3Ds also comes with a built in camera. It also runs off the original Nintendo Dsi software. The 3Ds was the most successful of the series of Ds’. The 3DS was in competition with PlayStations Sony Vita. The original launch price was £169.99.
  20. 20. The 2000’s. 2012.Sony recently brought out the PlayStationVita in early 2012. The PlayStation Vita has amulti-touch capacitive touchscreen it alsosupports Bluetooth, WIFI and 3G. It alsoincludes two analogue sticks. It allows soloand online gaming, access to Twitter andFacebook. It also has front and rear facingcameras. Sold from £229.99.