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Gaming evolution


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Gaming evolution

  1. 1. Evolution of games Presented By:- Arka Ganguly Roll no.:- 26101003
  2. 2. Game genres • • • • • • • • • • Action Fighting Role-playing Massively multi-player onlin Platform game Simulations game (flight, military, space, city-b Sports (racing) Strategy Educational Music
  3. 3. Future of Gaming: Characteristics of the Game Platform of the Future Arouse all 5 senses • Game developers will eventually capitalize on hear, taste and smell pain, sight, For example:  Instead of hearing the sound of an explosion and seeing its effects, a future gamer will feel the shock waves as well  Digiscents developed iSmell device: utilize the sense of smell in future games
  4. 4. Virtual Worlds Definition: Computer moderated, persistent environments through and with which multiple individuals may interact simultaneously • Often an illusion that encourages the acceptance of familiar concepts such as place, inhabitant and object • Allow characters within virtual worlds to buy and sell virtual goods • More people accept an illusion, the more real it becomes Pitfalls of Virtual Property
  5. 5. Extremes that Gamers Go To: The Common Ones • Guilds • Online Auctions – EBay – • Earning through gaming – By selling their virtual game assets • Characters • Magical swords and shields – E.g. Maple story • Websites/blogs/fan art sites • Online game forums • Purchasing Game Books • Researching game tips/hacks • Gold Farming
  6. 6. Hall of Fame: Top 5 Most Addictive Games • 5: Mildly Addictive Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas • 4: Highly Addictive Sims • 3: Scarily Addictive Championship Manager 2006 • 2: Seriously Addictive Counter Strike • 1: Life-Threateningly Addictive World of Warcraft
  7. 7. Usefulness of Gaming According to Janet H. Murray of M.I.T. , “Games, like active learning and education, teach.” People learn more and retain that knowledge longer over time. Makes lessons interesting. Build a bigger social network. Use of simulations to help us model activities and interactions.
  8. 8. What is Sandbox Game? It is open-ended – Does not have a specific, predefined ending, or set of endings. It is a mode of game play within a game that is more often played in a goal-directed manner. Users are free to explore. Users can play in whichever way they like. Features of Sandbox Game: Never Ending game play. Freedom to experiment. Non-linear or nonexistence plot.
  9. 9. Some Examples of Sandbox games • The Sims • SimCity • Sleeping Dogs • Civilization series • Grand Theft Auto series
  10. 10. Why people play game? • Enjoyable, stimulating and provides decent entertainment • Games are powerful with their stories, action, graphical features, sound effects and originality • Escape from stress and gruesome reality • Do the impossible • Do things beyond their imagination • New level of excitement when people compete with each other
  11. 11. Why are games addictive? • Games are not addictive, it’s the gamers who gets addicted (just like drugs) • People play too much, therefore they get addicted • People cannot get out of the need to play • People cannot control themselves, incontrollable craving
  12. 12. Symptoms of Addiction • • • • • • Depression Nervousness Fear Panic Agitation Unwillingness to interact
  13. 13. Real Case Scenario : • Benjamin Toh – active in school until addiction to “Maple Story”. • Spent hours playing, neglected studies, had to stay back in Sec 3. • Rushed home from school to lock himself in room to play until midnight. • Over 10 hrs a day, taking only toilet or food breaks
  14. 14. disadvantages: - Withdrawal from social activity Not doing homework / worsening grades Restlessness when away from computer Irritability & annoyance when unable to play - Errant behavior (e.g. Lying, truancy) - Playing longer than intended (>30 hours/week)
  15. 15. Health Consequences: • • • • • • • • • • • Auditory hallucinations Wrist pain Neck pain Elbow pain Obesity (due to lack of exercise) Photo-sensitive epilepsy Increased risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia Enuresis Encopresis Tenosynovitis Peripheral neuropathy
  16. 16. But instead of those draw backs WE LOVE GAMES and always will . Thank you