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Development of gaming


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Development of gaming

  1. 1. Development of gaming Edward Ions
  2. 2. 1960s1961-1962: Space War. It was developed at MIT using Vector graphicson a PDP1. Sega Release the first arcade game called Perisope.
  3. 3. 1970s 1972:Bushnell starts Atari. Odyssey by Magnavox was launched and was the first home TVgame. It was analog not digital and it could play twelve differentgames. It sold 100,000 copies. The console cost £100. 1977: In 1975 Atari started secretly designing a new gaming machine that used cartridges and in 1977 they released the Atari VCS. It had the first home console joysticks.
  4. 4. 1980sElectronics Arts is formed.1985: Nintendo introduces the Nintendo Entertainment System.61.9 million were sold. It used rom game cartridges and had twocontroller ports. Nintendo stopped making it in 2003.Nintendo Release the Gameboy. 118.69 million were sold and isthe biggest selling hand game console. It was finally discontinuedin 2003. despite other more superior hand held consoles thatcame into being during the gameboys life, it still sold massively.
  5. 5. 1990’s1995: Sony release the PlayStation. Sony sold 100 million consolesin the first nine years of it coming out. The PlayStation gameconsole has become one of the best selling series of gamesconsoles to date.1996: Nintendo release the Ultra 64. 32.9 millions were sold. Itwas discontinued in 2003. It had a strange shaped controller. Itwas a 5th generation game console.
  6. 6. 2000’s2000: the PlayStation 2 is released. By 2011 over 150 million PS2’had been sold. It is the best selling console to date with over150million sold by 2011. It was a 6th generation game console.There were two versions of this game console, the original and aslim version. Even now new games are still being made for thePS2.2005: The Xbox 360 is released. Between 2005 and 2012 70million have been sold. It is a 7th generation game console.Over the years the xbox 360 has been brought out in variousspecial edition designs like halo and R2D2
  7. 7. 2010’s to the Future 2010: The Xbox 360S released. The 360 Slim is a smaller andmore compact version of the Xbox 360. The 360s starts up fasterand runs smoother and quieter. There are two versions of the360s, the 250GB and the 4GB. The hard drive for it is muchsmaller so it takes up less space. There are also more usb portsfor it which makes it easier to attach more devices such as theKinect sensor.2012: The Nintendo wii u is released.The Future: ??????